Bone scintigraphy findings in Lisfranc joint injury.


:Three-phase bone scintigraphy diagnosis of Lisfranc injury in a patient after foot trauma is discussed. Early diagnosis of Lisfranc joint injury is frequently missed and radionuclide bone scintigraphy may show a specific pattern where the x-rays are inconclusive.


Foot Ankle Int


Groshar D,Alperson M,Mendes DG,Barsky V,Liberson A




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  • Arthroscopic removal of an osteoid osteoma of the talus: a case report.

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  • First metatarsal bone: an anatomic study.

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  • Tarsal coalition.

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  • Contribution of the flexor hallucis longus to loading of the first metatarsal and first metatarsophalangeal joint.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A recent clinical study suggested that restrictive tenosynovitis of the flexor hallucis longus (FHL) may play an important causative role in hallux rigidus. The goals of this research were to assess normal function of the FHL and the effect of restricted FHL gliding on the loading of the hallux metatarsophal...

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  • Mini-invasive mitchell-kramer method in the operative treatment of hallux valgus deformity.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The mini-invasive Mitchell-Kramer procedure is a new method of operative correction of mild to moderate hallux valgus deformity. The aim of this study was to describe the technique and evaluate the results of the procedure. METHODS:We evaluated 54 patients who underwent mini-invasive distal metatarsal osteo...

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  • Lambrinudi arthrodesis with posterior tibialis transfer in adult drop-foot.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The adult drop-foot is one of the most disabling disorders that affects gait and quality of life. Despite orthoses and orthopaedic shoes, the disability often progresses. We have used the Lambrinudi arthrodesis to correct the bony component of drop-foot in association with a posterior tibial tendon transfer ...

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  • Preliminary experience with perforator flaps in reconstruction of soft-tissue defects of the foot and ankle.

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  • Finite element analysis of nonanatomic tenodesis reconstruction methods of combined anterior talofibular ligament and calcaneofibular ligament deficiency.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nonanatomic tenodesis reconstruction procedures have been used for lateral ankle ligament reconstruction. However, there has been no comparison of Watson-Jones, Evans, and Chrisman-Snook procedures with respect to biomechanical characteristics such as kinematics, ligaments and grafts stresses using finite el...

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  • Interdigital neuroma: intermuscular neuroma transposition compared with resection.

    abstract::This prospective, randomized study compares the treatment of an interdigital neuroma (IDN) by the standard resection operation with a technique in which the IDN is transposed into the inter-muscular space between the adductor hallucis and the interossei muscles after division of the digital nerves distal to the IDN. T...

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  • Clawtoe deformity following vascularized fibula graft.

    abstract::The free vascularized fibula graft has been an increasingly useful tool in orthopaedic surgery. In addition to its many applications, the reported low donor site morbidity has helped make this a popular treatment modality. Isolated flexor hallucis longus flexion contracture has been reported in the literature; however...

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  • Initial hospital-related cost comparison of total ankle replacement and ankle fusion with hip and knee joint replacement.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Total hip and knee arthroplasty (THA and TKA) are accessible to patients with end-stage hip and knee arthritis in most health care systems. The availability of total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) to patients with end-stage ankle arthritis is often restricted because of prosthesis cost. Ankle fusion (AF) is often ...

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    abstract::Sixty-three patients (118 toes) were evaluated at an average 61 month follow-up following PIP resection arthroplasty for a fixed hammertoe deformity. The deformity involved the second toe in 35%, the third toe in 21%, the fourth toe in 24%, and the fifth toe in 20%. The involved toe averaged 2 mm. greater length than ...

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  • Proximal Interphalangeal Arthrodesis of Lesser Toes Utilizing K-Wires Versus Expanding Implants: Comparative Biomechanical Cadaveric Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND::Lesser toe proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint arthrodesis is one of the most common foot and ankle elective procedures often using K-wires for fixation. K-wire associated complications led to development of intramedullary fixation devices. We hypothesized that X Fuse (Stryker) and Smart Toe (Stryker) woul...

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  • The Orthopaedic Research Institute-Ankle Strength Testing System: inter-rater and intra-rater reliability testing.

    abstract::Achilles tendinosis is a degenerative overuse tendinopathy involving the primary ankle plantarflexors, namely the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles forming the tendo Achilles. The Orthopaedic Research Institute-Ankle Strength Testing System (ORI-ASTS) was designed to record objective measurements of force generated wit...

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  • Correlation of 3D Joint Space Width From Weightbearing CT With Outcomes After Intra-articular Calcaneal Fracture.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Posttraumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) of the subtalar joint is a serious, disabling, and frequent complication following intra-articular calcaneal fractures (IACFs). Using plain radiographs to assess the subtalar joint for PTOA is imprecise and insensitive, hindering progress toward improving treatment and ass...

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  • Functional outcome and gait analysis after triple or double arthrodesis.

    abstract::Thirteen patients who had undergone unilateral triple or double arthrodesis were studied an average of 5.2 years after surgery. Patients with a neuromuscular disorder; inflammatory arthritis; or any other focus of lower extremity arthritis, deformity, or joint dysfunction were excluded from the study. Clinical and rad...

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  • Percutaneous vs. open repair of the ruptured Achilles tendon--a prospective randomized controlled study.

    abstract::A prospective randomized controlled trial comparing open and percutaneous repair of closed ruptured Achilles tendons was performed over a period of 30 months. Sixty-six patients from seven district general hospitals were entered into the study with 33 patients randomized into each group. A modification of the techniqu...

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  • Effect of Patient Demographics on Minimally Important Difference of Ankle Osteoarthritis Scale Among End-Stage Ankle Arthritis Patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Ankle replacement and ankle arthrodesis are standard treatments for treating end-stage ankle arthritis when conservative treatment fails. Comparing patient-reported outcome scores to the instrument's minimal important difference (MID) helps physicians and researchers infer whether a meaningful change in heal...

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  • Functional evaluation of the Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to evaluate the function of the ankle joint during walking before and after Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR). Nine patients (six males and three females) with an average age of 65 years, scheduled for unilateral total ankle replacement for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthriti...

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  • Control of the residual tibia in transtibial amputation.

    abstract::Eight transtibial amputees had localized unremitting discomfort and pain in the distal anterior residual limb during prosthetic wear while weightbearing. Modification of the prosthetic socket did not change this pain. It was not consistent with "phantom limb" or causalgia/reflex sympathetic dystrophy-type etiologies. ...

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  • Tibiotalocalcaneal Fusion With Antibiotic Cement-Coated Nails for Refractory Deep Infection After Ankle ORIF.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Deep infection after open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) of ankle fractures represents a challenge to the orthopaedic surgeon, particularly in patients in whom conventional surgical treatments have failed. The aim of this study was to assess the results of a modified technique of tibiotalocalcaneal fusio...

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  • Extrinsic muscle activity, foot motion and ankle joint moments during the stance phase of walking.

    abstract::This study examined stance phase foot kinematics, kinetics and electromyographic (EMG) activity of extrinsic muscles of 18 healthy males. Three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic data were obtained via video analysis of surface markers and a force plate. Ankle joint moments are described about orthogonal axes in a segm...

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  • J.Leonard Goldner Award 2008. Effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on cultured tenocytes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Little has been reported about the biologic effect of shock waves on human normal or pathologic tendon tissue. We hypothesized that inflammatory cytokine and MMP production would be down-regulated by shock wave stimulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Diseased Achilles tendon tissue and healthy flexor hallucis lo...

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    authors: Han SH,Lee JW,Guyton GP,Parks BG,Courneya JP,Schon LC

    更新日期:2009-02-01 00:00:00

  • Tendon arthroplasty for basal fourth and fifth metatarsal arthritis.

    abstract::Arthritis of the fourth and fifth tarsometatarsal joints, recalcitrant to nonoperative treatment, presents a difficult clinical situation. As part of the lateral rays, these joints have considerable motion, making fusion a very disabling operation. Between 1990 and 1998, 12 patients, who had failed nonoperative treatm...

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    authors: Berlet GC,Hodges Davis W,Anderson RB

    更新日期:2002-05-01 00:00:00

  • Achilles tendon tenodesis to prevent heel pad migration in the Syme's amputation.

    abstract::In an attempt to prevent migration of the heel pad, 11 patients underwent a combined Syme's amputation and Achilles tendon tenodesis between December 1989 and April 1992. Ten patients healed the Syme's amputation, and one patient failed to heal the surgical wounds and required a below-knee amputation. In all 10 succes...

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    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Smith DG,Sangeorzan BJ,Hansen ST Jr,Burgess EM

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