Characterisation of melatonin binding sites in the eye of the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica).


:Melatonin binding sites were examined in the quail eye using 2-[125]iodomelatonin. Radioreceptor assays indicated similar binding sites in membrane preparations of neural retina (NR) and choroid-retinal pigment epithelium (C-RPE) eye components. In both tissues binding of the radioligand was specific, saturable, and of high affinity [Kd values NR 50.8 +/- 19.5 pM, C-RPE 98.2 +/- 35.4 pM, mean +/- SEM (n = 4)] and low capacity (Bmax values NR 12.4 +/- 2.7 fmol/mg protein, C-RPE 21.5 +/- 3.2 fmol/mg protein). Kinetic studies demonstrated that association of 2-[125I]iodomelatonin was rapid and further that this binding was reversible upon the addition of 1 microM melatonin. The order of pharmacological potencies of various indoles tested in 2-[125I]iodomelatonin displacement studies was melatonin > 6-chloromelatonin > 6-hydroxymelatonin > N-acetylserotonin > 5-methoxytryptophol > 5-hydroxytryptamine > 5-methoxytryptamine (5-hydroxytryptamine > 5-methoxytryptophol for C-RPE). Studies with guanine nucleotides indicated that the signal transduction mechanism of the binding site may involve a G-protein linkage. This melatonin binding site displays several pharmacological similarities with those investigated in the retina of other species and with those previously characterised in the quail brain.


Gen Comp Endocrinol


James K,Skene DJ,Lucini V,Stankov B,Arendt J




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1995-11-01 00:00:00














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    abstract::The steroid hormone 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the most physiologically important androgens in male vertebrates, with the exception of teleost fish, in which it is generally assumed that DHT does not play any major physiological role. However, this assumption is challenged by the fact that all the componen...

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  • Involvement of Gαs-proteins in the action of relaxin-like gonad-stimulating substance on starfish ovarian follicle cells.

    abstract::Gonad-stimulating substance (GSS) in starfish is the only known invertebrate peptide hormone responsible for final gamete maturation, rendering it functionally analogous to gonadotropins in vertebrates. In breeding season (stage V), GSS stimulates oocyte maturation to induce 1-methyladenine (1-MeAde) by ovarian follic...

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  • Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against recombinant tethered follicle-stimulating hormone from Japanese eel Anguilla japonica.

    abstract::We prepared monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against a recombinant tethered follicle-stimulating hormone (rec-FSH) from Japanese eel Anguilla japonica that was produced in Escherichia coli. Positive hybridomas (clones eFA-C5, eFA-C10, eFA-C11, eFA-C12, eFA-C13, and eFB-C14) were selected by using the eel FSH antigen in EL...

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