Platelet activation and interaction with leucocytes in patients with sepsis or multiple organ failure.


:This study focuses on the role of platelet membrane glycoproteins and platelet-leucocyte adhesion in patients with sepsis and multiple organ failure (MOF). Specifically, the study raises the following issues: (1) the influence of sepsis and MOF on platelet activation as assessed by surface expression of platelet membrane glycoproteins GPIIb-IIIa and thrombospondin; and (2) the effect of sepsis and MOF on platelet adhesion to circulating leucocytes. In addition, platelet activation and platelet-leucocyte adhesion are evaluated according to clinical outcome. Forty-five patients with suspected sepsis or MOF were evaluated by intensive care scoring systems (APACHE II and Elebute) to assess severity of disease. Flow cytometric techniques were used to examine platelet membrane expression of various adhesion molecules on circulating platelets and the appearance of platelet specific antigen (CD41) on leucocytes as an index of platelet-leucocyte adhesion. The results were compared with severity of disease and according to outcome in patients. Twenty-eight patients of the total study population were septic and 17 were non-septic. Twenty-two of the 28 septic patients suffered from severe MOF (APACHE II > or = 20) whereas in six septic patients MOF was absent. Eleven of the non-septic group suffered from moderate MOF whereas in six, severe MOF was present. In septic patients fibrinogen receptor activity on platelets was significantly above normal values (P < 0.001). When MOF was present, thrombospondin surface expression on circulating platelets also increased significantly (P < 0.05). Concomitantly, platelet-leucocyte adhesion was increased in sepsis (P < 0.05) and decreased in patients with MOF (P < 0.05). Significant lower levels of circulating platelet-leucocyte aggregates occurred in non-survivors (P < 0.05). We conclude that sepsis is associated with increased surface expression of platelet adhesion molecules and an increased occurrence of circulating platelet-leucocyte aggregates. The decrease in circulating platelet-leucocyte peripheral sequestration. An increased platelet-leucocyte adhesion and sequestration might account for development of MOF in the course of sepsis.


Eur J Clin Invest


Gawaz M,Fateh-Moghadam S,Pilz G,Gurland HJ,Werdan K




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1995-11-01 00:00:00












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