Morphological changes during ontogeny of the canine proximal colon.


:The development of the canine proximal colon from the completion of organogenesis through 43 days after birth was studied using light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. During this period the tunica muscularis increased in thickness from 42+/-6 microm in animals midway through the gestation period to 317+/-29 microm in animals 25-30 days old. This increase in thickness resulted from an increase in the number and size of smooth muscle cells in the circular and longitudinal muscle layers. The cross-sectional thickness of the circular muscle layer increased from 10+/-2 smooth muscle cells midway through the gestation period to 92+/-7 cells in animals 25-30 days old. The longitudinal layer increased in thickness from 1.5+/-1 cells in animals midway through the gestation period to 44+/-2 cells in animals 25-30 days old. Smooth muscle cells from both layers also increased in diameter and length. Ultrastructural and immunohistochemical studies suggested that many of the smooth muscle cells were undergoing development throughout the fetal period. Midway through the gestation period, the circular layer was positive for desmin-like immunoreactivity (D-LI), while both the circular and longitudinal layers were positive for vimentin-like immunoreactivity (V-LI). By birth, V-LI was suppressed in the circular and longitudinal layers, and both layers expressed D-LI. The enteric nervous system was already established midway through the gestation period, and submucosal and myenteric ganglia could be identified, although the chemical coding and mature morphology of neurons were incomplete. NADPH-diaphorase-positive neurons, indicating the expression of nitric oxide synthase, developed by the time of birth. Interstitial cells of Cajal (IC) could not clearly be identified midway through gestation, however, potential precursors to ICs were observed. Several classes of ICs were identifiable at birth.


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Ward SM,Torihashi S




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    abstract::We have developed a simple and reliable method of preserving antigen immunoreactivity with concomitant excellent retention of the cell ultrastructure. Using this method, we have been able to follow the origin and developmental stages of nuage accumulations within the nurse cell/oocyte syncytium in the ovary of the fru...

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  • Ultrastructure of the main excretory duct epithelium of the female mouse submandibular gland with special reference to sexual dimorphism.

    abstract::The fine structure of the main excretory duct epithelium (MEDE) of female mouse submandibular gland was investigated by scanning and transmission electron microscopy and the results compared with the previously established structure of male mouse MEDE. A comparative analysis of the subepithelial capillaries of both se...

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  • Redifferentiation of dedifferentiated human chondrocytes in high-density cultures.

    abstract::High-density cultures are widely used as an in vitro model for studies of embryonic cartilage formation. In the present study we investigated the suitability of high-density cultures for the redifferentiation of dedifferentiated chondrocytes. When primary human chondrocytes were cultured in alginate beads, some cells ...

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  • Projection of ventrolateral medullary (A1) catecholamine neurons toward nucleus tractus solitarii.

    abstract::The distribution and interconnections of brainstem catecholamine cell groups thought to be important in cardiovascular control were studied using histochemical and ultrastructural techniques in the rabbit. Lesions and microinjections of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) were made in the nucleus tractus solitarii in the dor...

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