Pre- and post-natal development of lipoprotein lipase and hepatic triglyceride hydrolase activity in rat tissues.


:The ontogenic development of lipoprotein lipase and liver triglyceride hydrolase was studied in the rat. The enzyme activity measured in extrahepatic tissues fulfilled the criteria of lipoprotein lipase from the onset of measurable activity, i.e. it was inhibited by protamine and 1 M NaCl and showed requirement for serum and heparin for optimal activity. In the liver, measurable amounts of triglyceride hydrolase, active at pH 8.6 were detected 6 days prior to birth. However, till the fourth postnatal day about 50% of this activity was inhibited by NaCl and its sensitivity towards protamine was also higher than that of the enzyme in adult liver. Three patterns of development of enzymic activity were observed in extrahepatic tissues. In the lung, the lipoprotein activity reached the adult values one day prior to birth, while in the kidney only 30% of adult activity were found at birth. A linear increase of enzyme activity was observed in the heart; only 25% of adult activity were detected at birth and 100% were reached only 20 days after birth. The increase in lipoprotein lipase activity in the heart was accompanied by morphological differentiation of cardiocytes and by a progressive development of the capillary bed, which might be related to the pattern of development of enzyme activity in this organ. Adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase activity in inguinal fat fell from values 15 times than adult values between the 4th and 40th postnatal days. The enzyme activity in epididymal fat increased steeply between day 10 and 40, at which time it exceeded the adult values very considerably. These findings indicate that the regulation of the development of lipoprotein lipase activity in extrahepatic tissues is governed by local factors, which can differ even in the same type of tissue, as exemplified by the difference between inguinal and epididymal fat.






Chajek T,Stein O,Stein Y




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