CT of staphylococcal anterior mediastinal abscess in an infant.


:A 6-week-old girl presented with bronchiolitis secondary to respiratory syncytial virus. Eight days after admission she developed a Staphylococcus aureus infection at a previous intravenous cannula site. Despite antibiotic therapy this led to an anterior mediastinal staphylococcal abscess, which was drained surgically and the patient recovered. Mediastinal abscesses are rare in children: haematogenous spread of infection is an unusual aetiological factor and we believe this to be the first case reported due to an infected cannula site.


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Pediatric radiology


Bungay HK,Shefler AG,McHugh K


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  • Outpacing movement - ultrafast volume coverage in neuropediatric magnetic resonance imaging.

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  • Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in paediatric Hodgkin lymphoma - evaluation of quantitative magnetic resonance metrics for nodal staging.

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  • Sonographic findings of testicular teratoma with pathologic correlation.

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  • Developmental stenosis of the cervical spine in children.

    abstract::Developmental stenosis of the cervical spine results in a reduction of the caliber of the cervical spinal canal that is greatest in the anteroposterior dimensions. This usually becomes symptomatic in adults when a myelopathy may result from compression of the cervical cord by small osteophytes or by hyperextension inj...

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  • Osteogenesis imperfecta with joint contractures: bruck syndrome.

    abstract::We describe an Egyptian boy with osteogenesis imperfecta who was born with thumb contractures and bilateral antecubital pterygia. He was seen at 16 months of age with femur and tibial fractures, thoracic vertebral compression fractures, scoliosis and Wormian bones. The findings are consistent with a diagnosis of Bruck...

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  • Anterior intervertebral disc herniations in children. Report of four cases.

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  • The spleen in the sickling disorders: an update.

    abstract::In early life, patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) can have acute, life-threatening emergencies related to splenic hypofunction (overwhelming bacterial sepsis), as well as anemic crises from acute splenic sequestration because of sudden pooling of blood in the spleen. The landmark penicillin prophylaxis study in 1...

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  • MRI of perinatal brain injury.

    abstract::MRI is invaluable in assessing the neonatal brain following suspected perinatal injury. Good quality imaging requires adaptations to both the hardware and the sequences used for adults or older children. The perinatal and postnatal details often predict the pattern of lesions sustained and should be available to aid i...

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  • Imaging of total colonic Hirschsprung disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hirschsprung disease (HD) is a functional obstruction of the bowel caused by the absence of intrinsic enteric ganglion cells. The diagnosis of total colonic HD (TCHD) based on contrast enemas is difficult in newborns because radiological findings vary. OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the radiographic and contrast ene...

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