Evaluation of DNA fingerprinting by PFGE as an epidemiologic tool for Salmonella infections.


:To evaluate DNA fingerprinting as an epidemiologic tool, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) was performed on isolates of Salmonella, including S. typhimurium, S. thompson, and S. enteritidis. Chromosomal DNA was digested with the restriction endonucleases Bln I and Xba I. The patterns of S. thompson and S. typhimurium isolates from various sources were different from one another. There was no correlation between the phage type and the digestion pattern of S. enteritidis isolates. Some strains belonging to one phage type were distinguished by their PFGE pattern in this study. These results suggest that the Bln I and Xba I digestion patterns of chromosomal DNA are useful for epidemiological analysis of an outbreak of Salmonella infection or food poisoning.


Microbiol Immunol


Murase T,Okitsu T,Suzuki R,Morozumi H,Matsushima A,Nakamura A,Yamai S




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1995-01-01 00:00:00












  • Small ruminant lentiviral Vif proteins commonly utilize cyclophilin A, an evolutionarily and structurally conserved protein, to degrade ovine and caprine APOBEC3 proteins.

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  • Characterization of mechanisms of fluconazole resistance in a Candida albicans isolate from a Japanese patient with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis.

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  • Cluster analysis of human and animal pathogenic Microsporum species and their teleomorphic states, Arthroderma species, based on the DNA sequences of nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer 1.

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  • Properties of Hg- and Cd-spores of Bacillus megaterium QM B1551.

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  • A latex agglutination test for the detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in respiratory exudates: a comparative study with a commercially available DNA-probe test.

    abstract::We prepared polyclonal antibody specific to Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Using this antibody, we developed a latex agglutination test (LAT) for detecting the organism in respiratory exudates as rapid diagnosis of M. pneumoniae infection. Further, LAT was compared with DNA-probe test (DP) which was the only commercially avai...

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  • Formation of a hexagonal lattice structure by an R-form lipopolysaccharide of Klebsiella: comparative study of preparations extracted by the phenol-water and the phenol-chloroform-petroleum ether methods.

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  • Deletion polymorphisms in the promoter region of Fcgamma receptor IIB is not associated with antigen-specific IgG2a and IgG2b antibody responses in NC/Nga mice.

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  • Activation of Toll‐like receptor 9 inhibits lipopolysaccharide‐induced receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa‐ B ligand expression in rat B lymphocytes.

    abstract::B lymphocytes express multiple TLRs that regulate their cytokine production.We investigated the effect of TLR4 and TLR9 activation on receptor activator of NF‐kB ligand (RANKL) expression by rat spleen B cells. Splenocytes or purified spleen B cells from Rowett rats were cultured with TLR4 ligand Escherichia coli LPS ...

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  • Genetic control of immune response to a synthetic fimbrial antigen of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans.

    abstract::The incidence of infection by Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, one of the important pathogens in human periodontal diseases, has been reported to be associated with racial background and genetic factors. We attempted to determine the genetic regulation of immune responses to A. actinomycetemcomitans fimbriae, an ...

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  • Molecular determination of infection source of a sporadic Legionella pneumonia case associated with a hot spring bath.

    abstract::To determine the infection source of a sporadic Legionella pneumonia case associated with a hot spring bath, we used five molecular methods, including repetitive element polymerase chain reaction (rep-PCR), arbitrarily primed PCR (AP-PCR), ribotyping, restriction endonuclease analysis (REA), and macrorestriction endon...

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  • Human T-lymphoblastoid cell lines with high and low abilities to produce interferon-gamma constitutively and their susceptibilities to interferon.

    abstract::A human T-lymphoblastoid cell line, TCL-Fuj, produces large amounts of interferon (IFN)-gamma constitutively. A variant cell line, 2M, was derived from it. Both cell lines express similar surface antigen markers, but differ in surface morphology. Compared with the parent TCL-Fuj cell line, 2M produced less IFN-gamma c...

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  • Induction of acute arthritis in mice by peptidoglycan derived from gram-positive bacteria and its possible role in cytokine production.

    abstract::The activities of a water-soluble peptidoglycan fragment derived from Staphylococcus epidermidis (SEPS) were examined as to their role in proliferation of spleen mononuclear cells (SMNC) from various strains of mice, the production of cytokines in vitro, and the induction of an inflammatory reaction in vivo. The proli...

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  • Genus Enhydrobacter Staley et al. 1987 should be recognized as a member of the family Rhodospirillaceae within the class Alphaproteobacteria.

    abstract::The genus Enhydrobacter, first reported as a member of the family Vibrionaceae, has been placed in the family Moraxellaceae, but as a genus incertae sedis in Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd edition. During our taxonomic investigation of Enhydrobacter-like organisms, we observed that the 16S rRNA sequenc...

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  • Comparative characterization of inducible and virulent Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteriophages having unique head projections.

    abstract::Phage TP1, induced from Vibrio parahaemolyticus K-20 pilot strain by mitomycin C, exhibited a unique hexagonal head with knob-like projections which covered the whole capsid and a noncontractile tail. The appearance of this phage was very similar to those of phages VP3 and VP6, isolated from seawater. The host range o...

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