The significance of membrane lipids in exocytosis: control of liposome-evoked amylase release from secretory granules isolated from the rat parotid gland.


:We investigated the significance of the plasma membrane lipid composition in exocytosis in an in vitro interaction system using an intact secretory granular fraction (SG) isolated from the rat parotid gland. When various liposomes (as a model of plasma membranes) were added to this assay system, rapid and transient amylase release from the SG was evoked and increased by Ca2+ in a concentration-dependent manner. The extent depended upon not only the amount of liposomes but also their lipid composition. The addition of 1,2-diacylglycerol and phosphatidic acid to egg yolk phosphatidylcholine-liposomes remarkably facilitated the release. On the other hand, that of various free fatty acids had different effects depending upon their molecular species. Furthermore, a fluorescence de-quenching study demonstrated that membrane fusion actually occurred in this interaction system, and appeared to correlate with the amylase release. These results suggest that the transient alteration of the membrane lipid composition upon cell activation is a modulator of the exocytotic membrane interaction.


J Biochem


Journal of biochemistry


Mizuno-Kamiya M,Inokuchi H,Kameyama Y,Yashiro K,Shin SO,Fujita A




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1995-10-01 00:00:00












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