Functions of proteins secreted by oviduct epithelial cells.


:Studies on embryonic development in vitro as well as observations in vivo, suggested that two aspects of oviduct physiology are important for early development. On one side has to be considered the oviduct "environment": temperature, pH, osmotic pressure, nutrients, oxygen tension, free radical scavengers, etc. On the other, the oviduct "active components": stimulatory and/or regulatory molecules, supposed to finely regulate the fertilisation process and the first differentiative steps. While the physical environment of the oviduct has been under investigation for some decades, studies on oviduct-specific molecules and their functions have only been developed much more recently. The amount of information on this topic, however, has rapidly reached the size that demands a summary. In this review the descriptive literature on oviduct specific proteins will be examined as a basis for illustrating the possible functions of these molecules. In particular their role in fertilisation and early embryonic cleavages will be analysed in some details. Finally a section is devoted to the presence and physiological significance of growth factors in oviduct fluid.


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  • S-100 proteins in the human peripheral nervous system.

    abstract::This article reviews the distribution of S100 proteins in the human peripheral nervous system. The expression of S100 by peripheral glial cells seems to be a distinctive fact of these cells, independently of their localization and their ability to myelinate or not. S100 proteins expressing cells include satellite cell...

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  • High-resolution X-ray CT for 3D petrography of ferruginous sandstone for an investigation of building stone decay.

    abstract::Diestian ferruginous sandstone has been used as the dominant building stone for monuments in the Hageland, a natural landscape in east-central Belgium. Like all rocks, this stone type is sensitive to weathering. Case hardening was observed in combination with blackening of the exterior parts of the dressed stones. To ...

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  • Histomorphological investigations on the lips of Rahmani sheep (Ovis aries): A scanning electron and light microscopic study.

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  • Mirror lenses in light microscopy--theoretical considerations and practical implications.

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  • Acute lung injury during bacterial or fungal sepsis.

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  • Relationships between the central spindle and the contractile ring during cytokinesis in animal cells.

    abstract::During late anaphase and telophase, animal cells develop a bundle of antiparallel, interdigitating microtubules between the two daughter nuclei. Recent data indicate that this structure, called the central spindle, plays an essential role during cytokinesis. Studies in Drosophila and on vertebrate cells strongly sugge...

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  • Image mean square displacement to study the lateral mobility of Angiotensin II type 1 and Endothelin 1 type A receptors on living cells.

    abstract::The lateral mobility of membrane receptors provides insights into the molecular interactions of protein binding and the complex dynamic plasma membrane. The image mean square displacement (iMSD) analysis is a method used to extract qualitative and quantitative information of the protein diffusion law and infers how di...

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  • Simultaneous two-photon fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and lifetime imaging of dye molecules in submicrometer fluidic structures.

    abstract::Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) is a very sensitive technique that can be used, e.g., for the measurement of low concentrations and for the investigation of transport of fluorescent molecules. Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) provides spatially resolved information about molecular fluorescence lifetime...

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  • The influences of different spatial resolutions on the characteristics of T2 relaxation times in articular cartilage: A coarse-graining study of the microscopic magnetic resonance imaging data.

    abstract::Microscopic magnetic resonance imaging (µMRI) T2 data from canine cartilage at different tibial locations were analyzed to investigate the influences of spatial resolution and pixel position on the T2 sensitivity to osteoarthritis (OA). Five experimental factors were investigated: inaccurate pixel position, different ...

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  • Light-triggered Janus nanomotor for targeting and photothermal lysis of pathogenic bacteria.

    abstract::The rapid photothermal lysis of Escherichia coli O157:H7 treated with light-triggered Janus nanomotors was visualized by Hilbert differential contrast transmission electron microscopy (HDC-TEM). The extraordinary advantage of this high-resolution microscopic technique was that it revealed the detailed ultrastructure a...

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  • An optimized sample preparation approach for atomic resolution in situ studies of thin films.

    abstract::This work provides the details of a simple and reliable method with less damage to prepare electron transparent samples for in situ studies in scanning/transmission electron microscopy. In this study, we use epitaxial VO2 thin films grown on c-Al2 O3 by pulsed laser deposition, which have a monoclinic-rutile transitio...

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  • Distribution and functional anatomy of amine-containing neurons in decapod crustaceans.

    abstract::One of the lessons learned from studying the nervous systems of phylogenetically distant species is that many features are conserved. Indeed, aminergic neurons in invertebrate and vertebrate systems share a multitude of common characteristics. In this review, the varied roles of serotonin, octopamine, dopamine, and hi...

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  • Immunocytochemistry of plant defense mechanisms induced upon microbial attack.

    abstract::During the past few years, cyto- and immunocytochemical techniques have been developed and widely used for locating and identifying various molecules in plant cell compartments. The last decade has witnessed tremendous improvements in molecular cytology, thus allowing an accurate in situ detection of various component...

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  • Morphogenesis and differentiation of the avian endocrine pancreas, with particular reference to experimental studies on the chick embryo.

    abstract::The avian pancreas has three or four lobes and develops from a dorsal and two ventral buds. The cells that will contribute to formation of the dorsal bud are at first located in the mid-dorsal endoderm, those of the ventral buds in the floor of the foregut. The determination of endoderm to form dorsal and ventral bud ...

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  • Modular regulation of the MLC1F/3F gene and striated muscle diversity.

    abstract::Isoform diversity in striated muscle is largely controlled at the level of transcription. In this review we will concentrate on studies concerning transcriptional regulation of the alkali myosin light chain 1F/3F gene. Uncoupled activity of the MLC1F and 3F promoters, together with complex patterns of transcription in...

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  • User-friendly semiautomated assembly of accurate image mosaics in microscopy.

    abstract::We present a semiautomated software solution to the problem of extending the lateral field of view of a classical microscope. The initial requirements are a set of overlapping images, along with their user-provided coarse mosaic. Our solution then refines this initial mosaic in a fully automatic fashion. We rely on a ...

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  • The cutting of ultrathin sections with the thickness less than 20 nm from biological specimens embedded in resin blocks.

    abstract::Low voltage electron microscopes working in transmission mode, like LVEM5 (Delong Instruments, Czech Republic) working at accelerating voltage 5 kV or scanning electron microscope working in transmission mode with accelerating voltage below 1 kV, require ultrathin sections with the thickness below 20 nm. Decreasing of...

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    authors: Nebesářová J,Hozák P,Frank L,Štěpan P,Vancová M

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  • Embedding of large specimens in glycol methacrylate: prerequisites for multi-signal detection and high-resolution imaging.

    abstract::Acrylic resin mixtures are commonly used to study microscopic sections of biological specimens, giving the advantage of good morphological preservation. Existing embedding protocols, however, are suitable for tissue blocks, not exceeding 1 mm in thickness. We have developed a protocol to embed larger specimens (up to ...

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  • Effect of Aloe vera application on the content and molecular arrangement of glycosaminoglycans during calcaneal tendon healing.

    abstract::Although several treatments for tendon lesions have been proposed, successful tendon repair remains a great challenge for orthopedics, especially considering the high incidence of re-rupture of injured tendons. Our aim was to evaluate the pharmacological potential of Aloe vera on the content and arrangement of glycosa...

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    authors: Aro AA,Esquisatto MA,Nishan U,Perez MO,Rodrigues RA,Foglio MA,Carvalho JE,Gomes L,Vidal Bde C,Pimentel ER

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  • Effect of ultrasonic excitation on the porosity of glass ionomer cement: a scanning electron microscope evaluation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Ultrasonic excitation (US) was applied to glass ionomer cement (GIC) during early set time to increase the advantageous properties of this material. PURPOSE:The aim of this in vitro study was to assess the inner porosity of GIC after US. STUDY DESIGN:A total of 16 specimens, for each material, were prepare...

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  • High-resolution X-ray refraction imaging of rat lung and histological correlations.

    abstract::This study was performed to observe microstructures of the rat lung, using a synchrotron radiation beam and to compare findings with histological observations. X-ray refraction images from ex-vivo ventilating rat lung were obtained with an 8 KeV monochromatic beam and 20-mum thick CsI(Tl) scintillation crystal. The vi...

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  • MRT letter: Micro- to nanoscale sample collection for high throughput microscopy.

    abstract::In high throughput microscopy, it is often assumed that the objects under investigation are fixed spatially. In addition, it is also presumed that the objects are sufficiently populated, otherwise there will be need to search through vast tracks of field of views before any recording can be done. The ability to collec...

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    authors: Cheong BH,Liew OW,Ng TW

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  • Observations on the ultrastructure of the anterior adhesive areas and other anterior gland cells in the monogenean Merizocotyle australensis (Monocotylidae) from the nasal fossae of Himantura fai (Dasyatididae).

    abstract::The anterior adhesive areas of a monocotylid monogenean, Merizocotyle australensis (Merizocotylinae), were investigated. They comprise 6 ventral apertures in 2 groups of 3 arranged at the anterolateral margins of the head. These regions are also well supplied with groups of cilia. Each aperture is 13.8 to 15.8 microm ...

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  • F463L increases the potential of dofetilide on human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) channels.

    abstract::Mutations in genes related to long QT syndrome (LQTS) is recognized as an independent risk of drug-induced LQTS. We previously screened a mutation F463L in a Chinese patient with LQT2, syncope, and epilepsy. Here, we planned to illustrate how F463L influences the action of dofetilide on hERG channels. F463L-hERG plasm...

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    authors: Cheng G,Wu J,Han W,Sun C

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  • Macroanatomic, light and scanning electron microscopic studies of the pecten oculi in the stork (Ciconia ciconia).

    abstract::This study was undertaken to investigate the pecten oculi of stork by using macroscopic, light and electron microscopic techniques. A total of 20 eyes that were obtained from 10 storks were used. The eyes were cleaned and isolated by dissection. After various procedures, four of the pecten oculi were examined by light...

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    authors: Onuk B,Tutuncu S,Alan A,Kabak M,Ince NG

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  • Scanning electron microscopy leads to identification of novel nonedible oil seeds as energy crops.

    abstract::Currently, exploration of alternative energy resources is hotly debated among the scientific community owing to rising energy crises and environmental issues. Biodiesel, as renewable energy source proves to be a better option and substitute to petro diesel. In this regard, nonedible seeds could be a better feedstock f...

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    authors: Munir M,Ahmad M,Waseem A,Zafar M,Saeed M,Wakeel A,Nazish M,Sultana S

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  • Environmental scanning electron microscope imaging examples related to particle analysis.

    abstract::This work provides examples of some of the imaging capabilities of environmental scanning electron microscopy applied to easily charged samples relevant to particle analysis. Environmental SEM (also referred to as high pressure or low vacuum SEM) can address uncoated samples that are known to be difficult to image. Mo...

    journal_title:Microscopy research and technique

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    authors: Wight SA,Zeissler CJ

    更新日期:1993-08-01 00:00:00

  • Inhibition of H2O2-induced apoptosis of lymphocytes by calorie restriction during aging.

    abstract::Calorie restriction (CR) is known to delay the aging process in rodents and is postulated to act by decreasing free radical generation and increasing antioxidant enzyme activity. The present study was designed to investigate the effect of CR and age on oxidative stress-induced apoptosis and associated changes in the l...

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