Identification of the tailspike protein from the Salmonella newington phage epsilon 34 and partial characterization of its phage-associated properties.


:The lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of the Salmonella cell surface serves as the receptor for a very large number of bacterial viruses. The tailspike protein from these viruses recognizes the LPS as its initial receptor. It is proposed that the study of the P22 and epsilon 34 tailspike proteins could serve as a model for the study of the interaction of proteins with LPS. Toward this end, the tailspike protein of the epsilon 34 phage has been identified. The data suggest similarities between the epsilon 34 tailspike protein and the P22 tailspike protein. Some properties related to the interaction of the phage tailspike with its receptor are reported.


J Struct Biol


Greenberg M,Dunlap J,Villafane R




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1995-11-01 00:00:00














  • Three-dimensional reconstruction with contrast transfer function correction from energy-filtered cryoelectron micrographs: procedure and application to the 70S Escherichia coli ribosome.

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  • Charge contrast imaging of biomaterials in a variable pressure scanning electron microscope.

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  • IRIS explorer software for radial-depth cueing reovirus particles and other macromolecular structures determined by cryoelectron microscopy and image reconstruction.

    abstract::Structures of biological macromolecules determined by transmission cryoelectron microscopy (cryo-TEM) and three-dimensional image reconstruction are often displayed as surface-shaded representations with depth cueing along the viewed direction (Z cueing). Depth cueing to indicate distance from the center of virus part...

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  • How does osteocalcin lacking γ-glutamic groups affect biomimetic apatite formation and what can we say about its structure in mineral-bound form?

    abstract::Non-collagenous proteins such as osteocalcin function as regulators of the mineralization process in bone. Osteocalcin undergoes post-translational modification adding an extra carboxylate group on three of its glutamate residues to enhance interaction with bone mineral. In this work, we examine regulation of biomimet...

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  • Sequence analyses of Type I and Type II chains in human hair and epithelial keratin intermediate filaments: promiscuous obligate heterodimers, Type II template for molecule formation and a rationale for heterodimer formation.

    abstract::Sequence comparisons have been undertaken for all hair and epithelial keratin IF chains from a single species--human. The results lead to several new proposals. First, it is clear that not only is the chain structure of the molecule an obligate heterodimer but promiscuous association of Type I and Type II chains must ...

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  • Novel structural features of the human histocompatibility molecules HLA-DQ as revealed by modeling based on the published structure of the related molecule HLA-DR.

    abstract::Structural modeling of the HLA-DQ molecules, a group of human histocompatibility antigens linked to autoimmune diseases and immunosuppression-based on the structure of the homologous molecule DR1, has revealed an overall shape typical of the class II histocompatibility molecules, yet with several novel features. These...

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  • Multiphase method for automatic alignment of transmission electron microscope images using markers.

    abstract::In order to successfully perform the 3D reconstruction in electron tomography, transmission electron microscope images must be accurately aligned or registered. So far, the problem is solved by either manually showing the corresponding fiducial markers from the set of images or automatically using simple correlation b...

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  • Structural ensemble and biological activity of DciA intrinsically disordered region.

    abstract::DciA is a newly discovered bacterial protein involved in loading the replicative helicase DnaB onto DNA at the initiation step of chromosome replication. Its three-dimensional structure is composed of a folded N-terminal domain (residues 1-111) resembling K Homology domains and a long disordered C-terminal tail (resid...

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  • Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of truncated fragments and analogs of citropin 1.1: The solution structure of the SDS micelle-bound citropin-like peptides.

    abstract::Citropin 1.1 is a basic, highly hydrophobic, 16-amino acid peptide (GLFDVIKKVASVIGGL-NH(2)), displaying wide-spectrum antimicrobial activities. In this paper we describe the synthesis and antimicrobial properties of citropin 1.1 and its 18 analogs constituting mostly truncated fragments of citropin 1.1. Moreover, we e...

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  • Crystal structure of chagasin, the endogenous cysteine-protease inhibitor from Trypanosoma cruzi.

    abstract::Trypanosoma cruzi chagasin belongs to a recently discovered family of cysteine protease inhibitors found in lower eukaryotes and prokaryotes but not in mammals. Chagasin binds tightly to cruzain, the major lysosomal T. cruzi cysteine protease, involved with infectivity and survival of the parasite in mammalian host ce...

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  • Automatic alignment of transmission electron microscope tilt series without fiducial markers.

    abstract::Accurate image alignment is needed for computing three-dimensional reconstructions from transmission electron microscope tilt series. So far, the best results have been obtained by using colloidal gold beads as fiducial markers. If their use has not been possible for some reason, the only option has been the automatic...

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  • Crystallographic Characterization of the DNA-Binding Domain of Interferon Regulatory Factor-2 Complexed with DNA.

    abstract::Interferon regulatory factors (IRFs) are transcription factors for interferon-related genes, which manifest both antiviral and tumor-suppressor activities and regulate cell growth in response to DNA damage. For the transcription initiation of the interferon-beta gene, IRFs form a macromolecular assembly bound to the p...

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  • Utility of Butvar support film and methylamine tungstate stain in three-dimensional electron microscopy: agreement between stain and frozen-hydrated reconstructions.

    abstract::A random conical tilt reconstruction of negatively stained Saccharomyces cerevisiae fatty acid synthase was used as a model to compute a three-dimensional reconstruction from untilted stain specimens of the molecules in multiple orientations using a three-dimensional projection alignment method. The resulting structur...

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  • Conical Fourier shell correlation applied to electron tomograms.

    abstract::The resolution of electron tomograms is anisotropic due to geometrical constraints during data collection, such as the limited tilt range and single axis tilt series acquisition. Acquisition of dual axis tilt series can decrease these effects. However, in cryo-electron tomography, to limit the electron radiation damag...

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  • Normal mode based flexible fitting of high-resolution structure into low-resolution experimental data from cryo-EM.

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  • Measuring the conformational space of square four-helical bundles with the program samCC.

    abstract::Four-helical bundles are the most abundant topological motif among helical folds. Their constituent helices show crossing angles that mainly cluster around +20 degrees (aligned) or -50 degrees (orthogonal). Bundles with all helices aligned are called 'square' and comprise four-helical coiled coils as their structurall...

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  • Crystal structure of thebaine 6-O-demethylase from the morphine biosynthesis pathway.

    abstract::Thebaine 6-O-demethylase (T6ODM) from Papaver somniferum (opium poppy), which belongs to the non-heme 2-oxoglutarate/Fe(II)-dependent dioxygenases (ODD) family, is a key enzyme in the morphine biosynthesis pathway. Initially, T6ODM was characterized as an enzyme catalyzing O-demethylation of thebaine to neopinone and ...

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  • Density functional theory analysis and spectral studies on amyloid peptide Abeta(28-35) and its mutants A30G and A30I.

    abstract::Folding and self-assembly of amyloid beta (Abeta) peptide are linked to Alzheimer's disease. To understand the initial stage of amyloid-beta peptide aggregation, conformational characteristics of monomers of wild-type (WT) Abeta(28-35) and its mutant peptides A30G and A30I were investigated using density functional th...

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  • The canine baculum: the structure and mechanical properties of an unusual bone.

    abstract::The baculum is an extraskeletal bone located in the penis of a few species in several orders of mammals such as carnivores, insectivores, rodents, bats and primates. This study aims to describe the structure, architecture and mechanical properties of the canine baculum. To this end canine bacula from castrated and unc...

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  • Tooth movements are guided by specific contact areas between the tooth root and the jaw bone: A dynamic 3D microCT study of the rat molar.

    abstract::Teeth sustain high loads over a lifetime and yet intact tooth failure is rare. The different structures of the tooth, jaw bone and the intervening soft periodontal ligament enable the tooth to endure repeated loading during mastication. Although mechanical and functional properties of the different components are thor...

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  • De novo main-chain modeling with MAINMAST in 2015/2016 EM Model Challenge.

    abstract::Protein tertiary structure modeling is a critical step for the interpretation of three dimensional (3D) election microscopy density. Our group participated the 2015/2016 EM Model Challenge using the MAINMAST software for a de novo main chain modeling. The software generates local dense points using the mean shifting a...

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  • Looking into live cells with in-cell NMR spectroscopy.

    abstract::In-cell NMR spectroscopy has gained recent popularity since it provides means to analyze the conformational and functional properties of proteins inside living cells and at atomic resolution. High-resolution in-cell NMR spectroscopy was originally established in bacterial cells and based on a rationale that relies on ...

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  • Radial averages of astigmatic TEM images.

    abstract::The Contrast Transfer Function (CTF) of an image, which modulates images taken from a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), is usually determined from the radial average of the power spectrum of the image (Frank, J., Three-dimensional Electron Microscopy of Macromolecular Assemblies, Oxford University Press, Oxford,...

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  • Modeling the lateral organization of collagen molecules in fibrils using the paracrystal concept.

    abstract::A characteristic feature of the dense phases formed by fiber-shaped molecules is their organization into parallel rods packed in a hexagonal or pseudo-hexagonal lateral network. This is typically the case for the collagen triple helices inside fibrils, as confirmed by recent X-ray diffraction experiments carried out o...

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  • Bacillus licheniformis Anti-TRAP can assemble into two types of dodecameric particles with the same symmetry but inverted orientation of trimers.

    abstract::Anti-TRAP (AT) protein regulates expression of tryptophan biosynthetic genes by binding to the trp RNA-binding attenuation protein (TRAP) and preventing its interaction with RNA. Bacillus subtilis AT forms trimers that can either interact with TRAP or can further assemble into dodecameric particles. To determine which...

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  • Symmetry: A guide to its application in 2D electron crystallography.

    abstract::A defining property of a crystal is its symmetry. This mini-review sets out to summarize all aspects that define 2D crystallographic symmetry as applied to the study of macromolecular structure. It begins by defining molecular point symmetries, before covering crystallographic symmetry operations in 2D, common notatio...

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    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Landsberg MJ,Hankamer B

    更新日期:2007-12-01 00:00:00

  • Analysis of the interaction between the eukaryotic chaperonin CCT and its substrates actin and tubulin.

    abstract::Two mechanisms have thus far been characterized for the assistance by chaperonins of the folding of other proteins. The first and best described is that of the prokaryotic chaperonin GroEL, which interacts with a large spectrum of proteins. GroEL uses a nonspecific mechanism by which any conformation of practically an...

    journal_title:Journal of structural biology

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    authors: Llorca O,Martín-Benito J,Gómez-Puertas P,Ritco-Vonsovici M,Willison KR,Carrascosa JL,Valpuesta JM

    更新日期:2001-08-01 00:00:00

  • plusTipTracker: Quantitative image analysis software for the measurement of microtubule dynamics.

    abstract::Here we introduce plusTipTracker, a Matlab-based open source software package that combines automated tracking, data analysis, and visualization tools for movies of fluorescently-labeled microtubule (MT) plus end binding proteins (+TIPs). Although +TIPs mark only phases of MT growth, the plusTipTracker software allows...

    journal_title:Journal of structural biology

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    authors: Applegate KT,Besson S,Matov A,Bagonis MH,Jaqaman K,Danuser G

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