Hydroperoxide-induced nucleotide degradation and adenosine formation in isolated rat cardiomyocytes.


:The effect of tert-butyl hydroperoxide (tBH) on the nucleotide level in isolated cardiomyocytes from adult rats was examined. Incubation of myocytes with the hydroperoxide resulted in loss of both ATP and NAD from mitochondria and cytosol. In contrast, only the cytosolic level of NADP was increased. The effect on myocyte content of ADP and AMP was less pronounced. A significant increase in formation and release of adenosine also occurred in tBH-exposed cells. Treatment of cardiomyocytes with tBH resulted in a progressive decline of rod-shaped and viable cells, which was accompanied by an increase in numbers of hypercontracted and round myocytes in the incubation mixture. Electron microscopic examination showed an intense contraction of the cells. In summary our results demonstrate that plasma membrane damage and hypercontraction are early manifestations of tBH-induced injury to isolated cardiomyocytes. The depletion of ATP and formation of adenosine also suggest that degradation of adenine nucleotides may contribute to the cytotoxicity caused by tBH. Possible mechanisms involved in the ATP depletion are discussed.






Andersson BS,Vidal RF,Sundberg M,Rajs J,Sótonyi P




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1996-01-08 00:00:00














  • Cytokine assays in human sera and tissues.

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  • Role of aromatase activation on sodium arsenite-induced proliferation, migration, and invasion of MDA-MB-231 and MDA-MB-453 breast cancer cell lines.

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  • Evaluation of lethality estimates for combustion gases in military scenarios.

    abstract::To meet the military objective of determining criteria for incapacitation and lethality from toxic gas exposures, a series of small animal tests and data analyses were conducted. Carbon monoxide (CO), a narcotic gas and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), an irritant gas, along with carbon dioxide (CO2) were tested individually a...


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  • Exposure-response functions in Air Force toxic risk modeling.

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  • Application of support vector machine (SVM) for prediction toxic activity of different data sets.

    abstract::As a new method, support vector machine (SVM) were applied for prediction of toxicity of different data sets compared with other two common methods, multiple linear regression (MLR) and RBFNN. Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) models based on calculated molecular descriptors have been clearly establ...


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  • Regional brain distribution of metallothionein, zinc and copper in toxic milk mutant and transgenic mice.

    abstract::The regional distribution of metallothionein (MT), zinc and copper was measured in brains of transgenic MT-I overexpressor (MT-I*) mice, MT-I/MT-II gene knockout (MT-I/MT-II null) mice, and in brains of control C57BL/6J mice with normal MT expression. Toxic milk (tx) mutant mice with abnormally high MT and copper accu...


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  • Effect of manganese (II) bis(glycinate)dichloride on Ca2+ channel function in cultured chick atrial cells.

    abstract::Manganese (II) bis(glycinate)dichloride (Mn(glycinate)2) is a coordination complex of manganese with application as a contrast enhancement agent for magnetic resonance imaging in the heart. To determine the cardioactivity of the manganese ion in this chelation cage, the effects of Mn(glycinate)2 on Ca channel function...


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  • Comparison of reporter gene assay and immature rat uterotrophic assay of twenty-three chemicals.

    abstract::We performed a reporter gene assay for ERalpha-mediated transcriptional activation and an immature rat uterotrophic assay of 23 chemicals, to study the relationship between these two assays and to examine the usefulness of the reporter gene assay. The chemicals analyzed in the study were as follows: benzophenone, bisp...


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  • Concurrent inflammation as a determinant of susceptibility to toxicity from xenobiotic agents.

    abstract::Sensitivity to the toxic effects of xenobiotic agents is influenced by a number of factors. Recent evidence derived from studies using experimental animals suggests that inflammation is one of these factors. For example, induction of inflammation by coexposure to bacterial endotoxin, vitamin A or Corynebacterium parvu...


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  • Susceptibility of mitochondrial superoxide dismutase to aluminium induced oxidative damage.

    abstract::Aluminium has been implicated in various neurodegenerative diseases but exact mechanism of action is still not known. Mitochondria being a major site of reactive oxygen species production are considered to be target of oxidative stress and it seems that the oxidative damage to mitochondrial proteins may underlie the p...


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  • Use of primary blood cells for the assessment of exposure to occupational genotoxicants in human biomonitoring studies.

    abstract::The Comet assay is an often used approach for the assessment of genetic damage in primary cells of exposed populations. In the majority of these studies lymphocytes are used. Therefore, we reviewed human biomonitoring studies of occupational exposure using the Comet assay with lymphocytes. We also tried to elucidate t...


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  • A cytosolic oxygenase activity involved in the bioactivation of 2-aminofluorene.

    abstract::The contributions of the hepatic microsomal and cytosolic fractions in the metabolic activation of the promutagen 2-aminofluorene into mutagenic intermediates in the Ames test were investigated. Rat hepatic postmitochondrial, microsomal and cytosolic preparations could convert 2-aminofluorene to mutagens, the postmito...


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  • Cytotoxicity of unsaturated metabolites of valproic acid and protection by vitamins C and E in glutathione-depleted rat hepatocytes.

    abstract::Valproic acid (VPA) and the unsaturated metabolites, 2-ene VPA and (E)-2,(Z)-3'-diene VPA, demonstrated dose-dependent cytotoxicity in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes, as evaluated by lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) leakage. Cellular glutathione (GSH) was depleted by adding buthionine sulfoximine (BSO) to the culture ...


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  • Dose-dependent reversal of acute murine colchicine poisoning by goat colchicine-specific Fab fragments.

    abstract::The use of colchicine-specific Fab fragments is of interest in human poisoning. In the present study, we show the efficacy of Fab fragments in reversing colchicine toxicity in mice. High affinity antibodies (Ka = 2 x 10(10) M-1) against colchicine were raised in goats; Fab fragments were purified by DEAE chromatograph...


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  • In vitro genotoxic effects of the insecticide deltamethrin in human peripheral blood leukocytes: DNA damage ('comet' assay) in relation to the induction of sister-chromatid exchanges and micronuclei.

    abstract::Deltamethrin, a synthetic dibromo-pyrethroid insecticide, is extensively used in agriculture, forestry and in household products because of its high activity against a broad spectrum of insect pests (both adults and larvae), its low animal toxicity and its lack of persistence in the environment. Data on the genotoxici...


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  • Lactational exposure to low levels of the six indicator non-dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls induces DNA damage and repression of neuronal activity, in juvenile male mice.

    abstract::Previously, we evaluated the effects of lactational exposure to a representative mixture of the six indicator non-dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (∑6 NDL-PCBs) at low levels on the neurobiological changes and developmental/behavioral performances in mice. In this study, we analyzed the global gene expression pro...


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  • The role of thiols, dithiols, nutritional factors and interacting ligands in the toxicology of mercury.

    abstract::Mercury has been a known as a toxic substance for centuries. Whilst the clinical features of acute mercury poisoning have been well described, chronic low dose exposure to mercury remains poorly characterised and its potential role in various chronic disease states remains controversial. Low molecular weight thiols, i...


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  • Relationship between thallium(I)-mediated plasma membrane fluidification and cell oxidants production in Jurkat T cells.

    abstract::The effects of thallous cation (Tl(+)) on: (a) the production of oxidant species and (b) membrane fluidity were evaluated in human leukemia T cells (Jurkat). After 72 h of incubation in the presence of Tl(+) (5-100 microM), no significant changes in cell viability were observed, although the average cell size was decr...


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  • Does methamphetamine affect bone metabolism?

    abstract::There is a close relationship between the central nervous system activity and bone metabolism. Therefore, methamphetamine (METH), which stimulates the central nervous system, is expected to affect bone turnover. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of METH in bone metabolism. Mice were divided into 3 grou...


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  • Renal tolerance of digoxin-specific Fab fragments in the rat.

    abstract::Renal markers were investigated over 96 h in male Sprague-Dawley rats after i.v. administration of 10.7 mg kg(-1) of digoxin-specific Fab fragments (DSFab). The dose was calculated by an allometric equation as equivalent to a high clinical dose. DSFab both alone and pre-incubated with digoxin were tested. None of the ...


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  • Mixtures of benomyl, pirimiphos-methyl, dimethoate, diazinon and azinphos-methyl affect protein synthesis in HL-60 cells differently.

    abstract::Dimethoate, azinphos-methyl, diazinon and pirimiphos-methyl, widely used organophosphorous insecticides, and benomyl, a benzimidazole fungicide, induce different cytotoxic effects on the human leukemia cell line HL-60. Among the insecticides tested, only azinphos and diazinon induced a dose-related inhibition of prote...


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  • Astroglial reaction during the early phase of acute lead toxicity in the adult rat brain.

    abstract::The developing nervous system is susceptible to lead (Pb) exposure but less is known about the effect of this toxic agent in adult rat brain. Since astrocytes serve as a cellular Pb deposition site, it is of importance to investigate the response of astroglial cells in the adult rat brain in a model of acute lead expo...


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  • In vitro activation assays with hepatic S9 preparation from wild and laboratory reared woodchucks in the Salmonella mutagenicity test.

    abstract::The Salmonella mutagenicity assay was utilized to compare hepatic S9 fractions derived from wild and laboratory reared woodchucks (Marmota monax). Two promutagens, 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracence (DMBA) and 2-amino-fluorene (AF) were tested at 5 concentrations with the tester strains TA98 and TA100, against 2 levels o...


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  • Toxicology databases in the metadatabank of online databases.

    abstract::Databases in science and technology dealing with toxicology subjects are of great and increasing interest to the scientific community. International hosts pay their tribute in creating toxicology clusters as a user-aid. Toxicology clusters of DataStar, DIALOG, DIMDI and STN are listed and compared. At the German Natio...


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  • Response of alveolar macrophages to amiodarone and desethylamiodarone, in vitro.

    abstract::Administration of the antiarrhythmic drug amiodarone to humans or animals may result in lung damage. Amiodarone is metabolized to desethylamiodarone and other minor metabolites. Because amiodarone and the metabolites accumulate in the lungs, it is not possible to ascertain the role of each of these compounds in the in...


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    authors: Ogle CL,Reasor MJ

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  • Kinetics of amyl nitrite-induced hemoglobin oxidation in cord and adult blood.

    abstract::The effect of amyl nitrite on the erythrocytes of adult and cord hemoglobin was examined in vitro. This study revealed that amyl nitrite caused oxyhemoglobin to become oxidized to methemoglobin wherein a rectangular hyperbolic curve was generated as the reaction progressed. This curve consisted of a reactionary log ph...


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