Benzene: a case study in parent chemical and metabolite interactions.


:Benzene, an important industrial solvent, is also present in unleaded gasoline and cigarette smoke. The hematotoxic effects of benzene in humans are well documented and include aplastic anemia and pancytopenia, and acute myelogenous leukemia. A combination of metabolites (hydroquinone and phenol for example) is apparently necessary to duplicate the hematotoxic effect of benzene, perhaps due in part to the synergistic effect of phenol on myeloperoxidase-mediated oxidation of hydroquinone to the reactive metabolite benzoquinone. Since benzene and its hydroxylated metabolites (phenol, hydroquinone and catechol) are substrates for the same cytochrome P450 enzymes, competitive interactions among the metabolites are possible. In vivo data on metabolite formation by mice exposed to various benzene concentrations are consistent with competitive inhibition of phenol oxidation by benzene. In vitro studies of the metabolic oxidation of benzene, phenol and hydroquinone are consistent with the mechanism of competitive interaction among the metabolites. The dosimetry of benzene and its metabolites in the target tissue, bone marrow, depends on the balance of activation processes such as enzymatic oxidation and deactivation processes such as conjugation and excretion. Phenol, the primary benzene metabolite, can undergo both oxidation and conjugation. Thus, the potential exists for competition among various enzymes for phenol. However, zonal localization of Phase I and Phase II enzymes in various regions of the liver acinus regulates this competition. Biologically-based dosimetry models that incorporate the important determinants of benzene flux, including interactions with other chemicals, will enable prediction of target tissue doses of benzene and metabolites at low exposure concentrations relevant for humans.






Medinsky MA,Kenyon EM,Schlosser PM




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1995-12-28 00:00:00














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  • Expression of MRP1 and related transporters in human lung cells in culture.

    abstract::Multidrug resistance type 1 P-glycoproteins (P-gp) and multidrug resistance associated proteins (MRP) were studied in differentiated primary human lung cells in culture, in comparison with permanent human lung cell lines and primary alveolar type II cells from rat lung. AII cells exhibited low basal levels of mdr1b mR...


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  • Acute cardiovascular toxicity of trazodone, etoperidone and imipramine in rats.

    abstract::The cardiovascular effects of trazodone, a broad-spectrum antidepressant and its analogue etoperidone, were compared with imipramine, following intravenous infusion in rats. Their effects on electrocardiogram and blood pressure were simultaneously recorded until cardiac arrest. Hypotension was the primary effect of tr...


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  • Lead-induced inclusion bodies in rat kidney after perinatal treatment with lead and disulfiram.

    abstract::The presence of inclusion bodies in renal proximal tubules was studied in rats exposed to lead and/or disulfiram (tetraethylthiuram disulfide). Pregnant rats were treated with only lead acetate (0.25% Pb in the drinking water), only disulfiram (0.1 mmol/kg p.o. twice a week) or with both lead acetate and disulfiram fr...


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