FP/MIS: a management information system for a community family planning clinic.


:The management information system (FP/MIS) used by the Howard University Center for Family Planning Services, which operates community family planning clinics in Washington, D.C. is described. The system was developed to satisfy program objectives in patient management, program planning and evaluation, resource management, federal reporting systems and clinical, epidemiological and health services research. The data collection forms used in the system and the output from the four data display groups--patient profile, resource management, quality of care and epidemiology-are described along with examples of their use. :The Howard University Center for Family Planning Services (HUCFPS) was established in June 1970 with the stated goals of promoting maternal and child health and disseminating family planning information and supplies within the community target area in the District of Columbia. The management information system (FP/MIS) used by the Center was developed to facilitate program objectives, program planning and evaluation and to meet federal reporting requirements. Development of the FP/MIS is described. The input and encounter forms are described and pictured. Uses made of the collected data are outlined. Patient profiles, resource management, quality of care, and epidemiological assessments can be made from the data.


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Herson J,Crocker CL,Butts E,Phong LT,Haynes JA


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  • Mapping the SF-12 to preference-based instruments: convergent validity in a low-income, minority population.

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  • Does Offering Battlefield Acupuncture Lead to Subsequent Use of Traditional Acupuncture?

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  • Patient and bystander response to medical emergencies.

    abstract::This study of patient and bystander responses to medical emergencies revealed serious shortcomings in the public's ability to respond appropriately to such situations. Decision delays at least as long as ambulance response delays were found to be the result of confusion regarding the seriousness of the emergency, conf...

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  • Hospice home care cost savings to third-party insurers.

    abstract::A population-based, retrospective analysis of Medicare Part A and Blue Cross hospital insurance claims data was used to determine whether hospice home care cost savings to third-party insurers are substantial and result from the substitution of less expensive home care visits for more costly hospital inpatient days. T...

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  • Patterns of primary care utilization in a triethnic urban population of school children.

    abstract::Patterns of primary health care utilization for a random sample of urban elementary school children in three ethnic groups are described. Visit type, reasons for visit, and frequency of visits remained stable from year to year. More than 50 per cent of the children were non-visitors each year; 72 per cent of those not...

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  • Quality-adjusted Life Years (QALY) for 15 Chronic Conditions and Combinations of Conditions Among US Adults Aged 65 and Older.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although the life expectancy for the US population has increased, a high proportion of this population has lived with ≥1 chronic conditions. We have quantified the burden of disease associated with 15 chronic conditions and combinations of conditions by estimating quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) for olde...

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  • Satisfaction With Quality of Health Care Among Medicare Beneficiaries With Functional Hearing Loss.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:Nearly 38 million Americans have hearing loss. Understanding how sensory deficits such as hearing loss, which limit communication, impact satisfaction has implications for Medicare value-based reimbursement mechanisms. The aim of this study was to characterize the association of functional hearing...

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  • HIV testing of asymptomatic patients in U.S. hospitals.

    abstract::The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic and the prevalence of HIV-positive persons in the population has provoked marked anxiety among hospital staffs of acquiring nosocomially transmitted HIV infections. A national telephone survey of key staff in a sample of 561 acute-care hospitals was undertaken to describ...

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  • The rural health care workforce implications of practice guideline implementation.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Planned health insurance reform promises and has started to cut reimbursement to Medicare managed care (MMC) plans. If such plans provide better care, adjusting for possible better health of their enrollees, then such reimbursement changes may have unforeseen quality consequences. OBJECTIVES:To examine whet...

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  • A multivariate approach for classifying hospitals and computing blended payment rates.

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  • Comparative costs of a cooperative care program versus inpatient hospital care for obstetric patients.

    abstract::The cost of obstetric care delivered in a cooperative care unit was compared with the cost for similar patients treated in a traditional inpatient maternity unit. The study sample contained 1,683 consecutive patients representing 23 diagnosis categories. The analysis indicates that cooperative care patients had signif...

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  • Care of disabled children and women's time use.

    abstract::Previous research has estimated the effect of children's health care needs on women's market and nonmarket roles. This article reports the results of a study on the impact of health care for disabled children on women's nonmarket work. (Effects on women's market work are reported elsewhere.) Data from 369 families of ...

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  • Persistent Super-Utilization of Acute Care Services Among Subgroups of Veterans Experiencing Homelessness.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Acute health care utilization often occurs among persons experiencing homelessness. However, knowing which individuals will be persistent super-utilizers of acute care is less well understood. OBJECTIVE:The objective of the study was to identify those more likely to be persistent super-utilizers of acute ca...

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  • Treatment for older prostate cancer patients: disparities in a southern state.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Black prostate cancer patients are less likely to receive aggressive therapy (AT) than Whites: reported rates for patients ≥ 65 years old are about 55% versus 65%. Little is known about treatment rates in socioeconomically deprived states with large Black populations like Alabama. STUDY DESIGN:Medicare clai...

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  • Boston Working Group on Improving Health Care Outcomes Through Geriatric Rehabilitation.

    abstract::Geriatric rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary set of evaluative, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions whose purpose is to restore functional ability or enhance residual functional capability in elderly people with disabling impairments. The Boston Working Group on Improving Health Care Outcomes Through Geriatri...

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  • The relationship between utilization of mental health and somatic health services among low income enrolees in two provider plans.

    abstract::Mental health services were included in comprehensive benefits available with no out-of-pocket expenses to enrollees in the Seattle Prepaid Health Care Project. This study was designed to examine the characteristics of users as compared to nonusers of mental health services and to examine the possibility of lower use ...

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  • A Novel Stakeholder Engagement Approach for Patient-centered Outcomes Research.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION/OBJECTIVES:The engagement of patients and other stakeholders is a critical element in the design of patient-centered outcomes research studies. However, methodology for scalable engagement in research management particularly activities such as operationalization of principles and setting of priorities is n...

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  • Getting care to nursing-home patients: a problem and a proposal.

    abstract::Data abstracted from transportation company records showed that nursing home patients made an average of 3.6 trips per year for care out of the nursing home. The bulk of this care (55 per cent) was provided at University Hospital with over a quarter provided at private physicians' offices and community health centers....

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  • Reallocation of operating room capacity using the due-time model.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Demand for surgical treatment is rising while operating room (OR) resources are limited. Requests for more resources therefore can only be partly met by repartitioning the existing sparse resources. OBJECTIVE:Our goal is to define a method to allocate OR block times among surgical disciplines in such a way ...

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  • Waiting for care. Queuing and resource allocation.

    abstract::Queues arise in medical care and serve as allocators in the absence of an effective market and when resources become perceptibly constrained. This is essentially the case in all countries where money is not the means for gaining access to medical services. A study estimated that the total wait in England was 96 days f...

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  • Cost-related Nonadherence to Medication Treatment Plans: Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander National Health Interview Survey, 2014.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Adherence to medication treatment plans is important for chronic disease (CD) management. Cost-related nonadherence (CRN) puts patients at risk for complications. Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (NHPI) suffer from high rates of CD and socioeconomic disparities that could increase CRN behaviors. OBJEC...

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