Sonographically guided cannula positioning for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.


:Drainage problems due to catheter malpositioning are acutely life-threatening in patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. In order to reduce these complications we introduced sonographically guided catheter positioning. We compare the outcome in a group of patients with blind cannula positioning to that in a group with sonographically guided catheter positioning. Our results show that neonates and young infants especially are at high risk of drainage problems due to catheter malposition and that their outcome could be markedly improved by introducing sonographically guided cannula insertion.


Pediatr Radiol


Pediatric radiology


Riccabona M,Dacar D,Zobel G,Kuttnig-Haim M,Maurer U,Urlesberger B,Reiterer F




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  • Sonographic findings in bacterial meningitis in neonates and young infants.

    abstract::Cranial sonography plays an important role in the initial evaluation of infants with suspected bacterial meningitis and in monitoring for complications of the disease. Echogenic widening of the brain sulci, meningeal thickening and hyperemia suggest the diagnosis in an at-risk population. Sonography can identify the p...

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  • Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome and pulmonary embolism in a 3-year-old child.

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  • Lesions of the accessory parotid gland in children.

    abstract::The accessory parotid gland, a little-known and seldom-mentioned anatomical variant, is a nodule of normal salivary tissue separate from the main parotid gland, located on the masseter muscle and connected to the Stensen duct at that level. It can be the site of both congenital and acquired lesions. ...

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  • Imaging of muscle disorders in children.

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  • Intraoperative contrast-enhanced urosonography during endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in children.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There are many controversies surrounding the effectiveness of endoscopic treatment of vesicouretheral reflux (VUR) in children, thus it is of highest priority to analyze factors influencing the outcome of therapy and to search for new methods that would increase the success rate and reduce the number of rein...

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  • Utility of ultrasound in noninvasive preoperative workup of neonatal brachial plexus palsy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Ultrasound has been utilized in the evaluation of compressive and traumatic peripheral nerve pathology. OBJECTIVE:To determine whether US can provide comprehensive evaluation of the post-ganglionic brachial plexus in the setting of neonatal brachial plexus palsy and whether this information can be used to g...

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  • Common and uncommon vascular rings and slings: a multi-modality review.

    abstract::Vascular rings and pulmonary slings are congenital anomalies of the aortic arch/great vessels and pulmonary arteries, respectively, that commonly present early during infancy and childhood with respiratory and/or feeding difficulties. The diagnosis of these conditions frequently utilizes a multi-modality radiological ...

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  • Unusual sonographic appearance of a perforated appendiceal abscess.

    abstract::In this report, the clinical and unusual sonographic manifestations of a perforated appendiceal abscess is described. ...

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  • Liver and spleen MRI findings in virus-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in a patient with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

    abstract::Virus-associated hemophagocytic syndrome is characterized by the phagocytosis of erthythrocytes and other blood elements in multiple organ systems, especially the liver and spleen. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can suggest this diagnosis in the proper clinical setting by demonstrating multiple, rounded signal voids...

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  • Moyamoya disease in a child with previous acute necrotizing encephalopathy.

    abstract::A previously healthy 24-day-old boy presented with a 2-day history of fever and had a convulsion on the day of admission. MRI showed abnormal signal in the thalami, caudate nuclei and central white matter. Acute necrotising encephalopathy was diagnosed, other causes having been excluded after biochemical and haematolo...

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  • Sonographic diagnosis of lissencephaly.

    abstract::Lissencephaly, a developmental malformation characterized by absence of sulci, may be suggested in dysmorphic or epileptic infants. Real time ultrasonographic findings correlated with typical electroencephalographic abnormalities establish the diagnosis. ...

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  • Hydranencephaly associated with cerebellar involvement and bilateral microphthalmia and colobomas.

    abstract::Hydranencephaly is an encephaloclastic central nervous system disorder characterised by severe destruction of the cerebral hemispheres with preservation of posterior fossa structures. We present MRI and neurosonography features of a unique case of hydranencephaly involving cerebellum (in the form of complete liquefact...

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  • MRI anatomy of anteriorly displaced anus: what obstructs defecation?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Anteriorly displaced anus is an anomaly that is debated with regard to its nomenclature, diagnosis and management. OBJECTIVE:To describe MRI anatomy of the anal canal in children with anteriorly displaced anus and its impact on the process of defecation. MATERIALS AND METHODS:We prospectively examined ten ...

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  • Screening for vesicoureteral reflux in children using real-time sonography.

    abstract::One hundred and ten children, ages 6 days to 14 years, were investigated for vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) using ultrasound before voiding cystourethrography (VCU). Sonographically a VUR was assumed if a retrovesical dilated ureter and/or an increase of the separation of the central renal echo complex (CRC) could be det...

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    authors: Schneider K,Jablonski C,Wiessner M,Kohn M,Fendel H

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  • Structural linear measurements in the newborn brain: accuracy of cranial ultrasound compared to MRI.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Structural size in the neonatal brain is of clinical importance. Cranial ultrasonography (cUS) is the primary method used for evaluating the neonatal brain and it is important to know whether linear measurements made using this technique are accurate. OBJECTIVE:To compare linear measurements of different ce...

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  • Unusual gallbladder findings in two brothers with metachromatic leukodystrophy.

    abstract::Characteristic biliary tree abnormalities in metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) include gallbladder polyposis and haemobilia. We report two brothers with MLD, who presented with uncommon biliary complications. One presented with gastric outlet obstruction secondary to gallbladder enlargement, which was treated by perc...

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  • Transitory spinal cord swelling in a 6-year-old boy with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

    abstract::A 6-year-old boy developed progressive motor weakness and areflexia. The clinical picture, combined with electrophysiological findings, indicated a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). MRI on admission revealed spinal cord swelling and increased signal intensity within the cord. It is concluded that, since a de...

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  • Neonatal cholelithiasis.

    abstract::Cholelithiasis is very rare in the newborn infant and is usually not recognized until surgery or autopsy following perforation of the biliary tree. Two premature infants had calcified gallstones on abdominal radiographs. In one patient portal vein thrombosis was also present. The other had been treated with total pare...

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  • Thymic ultrasound. II. Diagnosis of aberrant cervical thymus.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aberrant cervical thymus is an uncommon entity to be considered in the differential diagnosis of neck masses in children, so a preoperative diagnosis has rarely been made. OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was to assess the ultrasound features of aberrant cervical thymus and determine if recognition o...

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  • Comparison of CT and MRI in the evaluation of therapeutic response in thoracic Hodgkin disease.

    abstract::Current imaging modalities are accurate in establishing the diagnosis and extent of thoracic Hodgkin disease. After treatment, however, it is extremely difficult to differentiate potential residual active neoplastic disease from scar tissue, or identify early recurrence. We evaluated the contribution of MRI in the ass...

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    authors: Elkowitz SS,Leonidas JC,Lopez M,Cherick I,Schiff RG,Karayalcin G,Lanzkowsky P

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  • Lower genitourinary tract anomalies in a male with Down syndrome.

    abstract::A patient with Down syndrome is presented who had hypospadias, a large low implanted prostatic utricle, and refluxing ejaculatory ducts entering the utricle. ...

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    authors: Crowley JJ,McAlister WH

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  • Diaphyseal medullary stenosis (sclerosis) with bone malignancy (malignant fibrous histiocytoma): Hardcastle syndrome.

    abstract::Hardcastle syndrome is a rare, autosomally dominant inherited skeletal dysplasia, characterized by diaphyseal sclerosis, medullary stenosis, pathological fractures, bony infarction, and malignant transformation. A 19-year-old proband is presented and discussed, adding a fourth family to the world literature. Radiograp...

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  • Relative distribution of pertinent findings on portable neonatal abdominal radiographs: can we shield the gonads?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Shielding of the gonads is a dose-saving strategy in pediatric radiography and its use is the law in New York and the majority of other states. However, routine use of gonadal shields is controversial because of concerns that important diagnostic information can be obscured. OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this st...

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  • Cystic dysplasia of the testis: sonographic diagnosis and differentiation from testicular microlithiasis.

    abstract::Cystic dysplasia of the testis is an uncommon benign cause of an intratesticular mass in children. It is often associated with renal abnormalities, which reflects the close developmental association between the kidneys and testes. The diagnosis is usually suspected based on sonographic findings. We present a case of c...

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  • Unusual cone shaped epiphyses in spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. Case report.

    abstract::The radiological manifestations of an unusual spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia have been observed in a girl. A peculiar epi-metaphyseal involvement that is "cone shaped epiphyses" appears to be the major feature. ...

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  • Unusual manifestations of Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the head and neck. Case report with pseudoaneurysm of external carotid artery, tracheal, mandibular, and sphenoid involvement.

    abstract::Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the head and neck is an uncommon histiocytic proliferative disorder that often clinically resembles an inflammatory process. A pseudoaneurysm of the external carotid artery was found by contrast-enhanced CT and confirmed by Doppler ultrasonography and angiography in a 9 year old girl w...

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  • The yield of high-detail radiographic skeletal surveys in suspected infant abuse.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Skeletal surveys are routinely performed in cases of suspected child abuse, but there are limited data regarding the yield of high-detail skeletal surveys in infants. OBJECTIVE:To determine the diagnostic yield of high-detail radiographic skeletal surveys in suspected infant abuse. MATERIAL AND METHODS:We ...

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  • Transumbilical intravascular retrieval of an umbilical artery catheter.

    abstract::We present a rare case of a broken umbilical artery catheter retrieved via a transumbilical approach with biopsy forceps. ...

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    authors: Murphy KD,Le VA,Encarnacion CE,Palmaz JC

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  • Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn.

    abstract::We present the MRI findings in a case of subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn. To our knowledge, the MRI findings of this entity have not been reported. Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn is an uncommon, benign process in full-term infants. Hypercalcemia may be a potentially life-threatening complication of ...

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    authors: Anderson DR,Narla LD,Dunn NL

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  • Juvenile granulosa cell tumor of an intraabdominal testis.

    abstract::Juvenile granulosa cell tumor of the testis is a distinct form of sex cord-stromal tumor of neonates and infants [1]. This tumor comprises a significant percentage of testicular tumors in baby boys. We present a patient who had preoperative imaging studies. ...

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    authors: May D,Shamberger R,Newbury R,Teele RL

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