Loss of the penicillinase plasmid after treatment of Staphylococcus aureus with sodium dodecyl sulfate.


:Two strains of Staphylococcus aureus (PC1 and 196E), when grown in medium containing 0.002% sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), showed from 96.1 to 100% loss of the ability to produce penicillinase. Resistance to cadmium and zinc was lost concomitantly with the ability to produce penicillinase. A comparison of the rate of curing by SDS with the curing effects exerted by elevated temperature and ethidium bromide suggested that SDS is a more effective plasmid curing agent for susceptible strains of S. aureus than methods in use at present.


J Bacteriol


Journal of bacteriology


Sonstein SA,Baldwin JN




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  • KtrAB, a new type of bacterial K(+)-uptake system from Vibrio alginolyticus.

    abstract::Vibrio alginolyticus contained two adjacent genes, ktrA and ktrB, which encode a new type of bacterial K(+)-uptake system. KtrA and KtrB are peripheral and integral membrane proteins, respectively. Six of the nine sequenced bacterial genomes contain homologs to both ktrA and ktrB, suggesting that KtrAB is widespread. ...

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  • Relationships between fatty acid and polyketide synthases from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2): characterization of the fatty acid synthase acyl carrier protein.

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  • Comparative studies of lipoteichoic acids from several Bacillus strains.

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  • Importance of cis determinants and nitrogenase activity in regulated stability of the Klebsiella pneumoniae nitrogenase structural gene mRNA.

    abstract::The Klebsiella pneumoniae nitrogen fixation (nif) mRNAs are unusually stable, with half-lives of 20 to 30 min under conditions favorable to nitrogen fixation (limiting nitrogen, anaerobiosis, temperatures of 30 degrees C). Addition of O2 or fixed nitrogen or temperature increases to 37 degrees C or more result in the ...

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  • A mer-lux transcriptional fusion for real-time examination of in vivo gene expression kinetics and promoter response to altered superhelicity.

    abstract::We constructed mercury resistance operon-luciferase (mer-lux) transcriptional fusion plasmids to evaluate in vivo gene expression rates of the mer structural gene promoter (PTPCAD) of transposon Tn21. In vivo gene expression kinetics corresponded well with those previously determined in vitro, yielding an apparent K0....

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  • The frequency of persisters in Escherichia coli reflects the kinetics of awakening from dormancy.

    abstract::A genetically homogenous bacterial population may contain physiologically distinct subpopulations. In one such case, a minor part of an otherwise antibiotic-sensitive bacterial population maintains a nondividing state even in a growth-supporting environment and is therefore not killed by bactericidal antibiotics. This...

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  • Isolation and characterization of Escherichia coli phase variants and mutants deficient in type 1 pilus production.

    abstract::Type 1 pili of Escherichia coli are the prototype of the somatic class of pili found on many strains of bacteria. As a first step in the genetic analysis of type 1 piliation, an extensive series of nonpiliated derivatives of E. coli K-12 strain AW405, was characterized to produce attached or free pili when examined in...

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    abstract::Elder, Robert L. (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.), and Roland F. Beers, Jr. Nonphotoreactivating repair of ultraviolet light-damaged Micrococcus lysodeikticus cells. J. Bacteriol. 89:1225-1230. 1965.-Micrococcus lysodeikticus cells are highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The shape of the dose-survival...

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  • Transcription of the ileS operon in the archaeon Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum Marburg.

    abstract::In the thermophilic archaeon Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum Marburg, the structural gene for isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase (ileS) is flanked upstream by orf401 and downstream by purL. orf401 encodes a 43.5-kDa protein with an unknown function. Northern (RNA) hybridization and S1 nuclease protection experiments showe...

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  • Membrane association of the carbon monoxide oxidation system in Rhodopseudomonas gelatinosa.

    abstract::A comparison of the distribution of CO oxidation activity between soluble and particulate protein fractions obtained after disruption of CO-grown Rhodopseudomonas gelatinosa 1 by French pressure cell breakage and osmotic lysis of spheroplasts suggested that, in situ, the enzyme complex was associated with the cell mem...

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  • Homology of a plasmid from the spirochete Treponema denticola with the single-stranded DNA plasmids.

    abstract::The 2,647-bp nucleotide sequence of cryptic plasmid pTD1, isolated from the oral spirochete Treponema denticola, was determined. The sequence revealed two open reading frames, A and B, which encode polypeptides of 335 and 235 amino acids, respectively. Open reading frame A shows sequence similarity to genes that encod...

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  • Cell-free mercury(II)-reducing activity in a plasmid-bearing strain of Escherichia coli.

    abstract::The ability to reduce Hg(II) to Hg(0), which is determined by a plasmid-borne gene in Escherichia coli, is conferred by a Hg(II)-inducible activity which is located in the cytoplasm rather than in the periplasmic space of the cell. This Hg(II)-reducing activity can be isolated from the supernatant of a 160,000 x g cen...

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  • Sequence analysis of the hutH gene encoding histidine ammonia-lyase in Pseudomonas putida.

    abstract::The complete nucleotide sequence of the hutH gene, encoding histidine ammonia-lyase (histidase), in Pseudomonas putida ATCC 12633 has been determined from the appropriate portions of the hut region that had been cloned into Escherichia coli. The resulting DNA sequence revealed an open reading frame of 1,530 base pairs...

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  • Phospho-beta-glucosidases and beta-glucoside permeases in Streptococcus, Bacillus, and Staphylococcus.

    abstract::The presence of phospho-beta-glucosidases and beta-glucoside permeases was found in strains of Streptococcus, Bacillus, and Staphylococcus. In streptococci, the phospho-beta-glucosidase activity depends on the antigenic group. The highest activity was found in strains of group D. In group D strains, phospho-beta-gluco...

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  • Percent charging of transfer ribonucleic acid and levels of ppGpp and pppGpp in dormant and germinated spores of Bacillus megaterium.

    abstract::The levels of transfer ribonucleic acids (tRNAs) specific for 14 amino acids were almost identical in dormant spores and in spores germinated from 6 to 75 min. Germinated spore tRNAs specific for all amino acids tested were between 63 and 93% charged, and there was no significant change in this value from 6 to 75 min ...

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  • Escherichia coli cells with increased levels of DnaA and deficient in recombinational repair have decreased viability.

    abstract::The dnaA operon of Escherichia coli contains the genes dnaA, dnaN, and recF encoding DnaA, beta clamp of DNA polymerase III holoenzyme, and RecF. When the DnaA concentration is raised, an increase in the number of DNA replication initiation events but a reduction in replication fork velocity occurs. Because DnaA is au...

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  • Role of secondary transporters and phosphotransferase systems in glucose transport by Oenococcus oeni.

    abstract::Glucose uptake by the heterofermentative lactic acid bacterium Oenococcus oeni B1 was studied at the physiological and gene expression levels. Glucose- or fructose-grown bacteria catalyzed uptake of [(14)C]glucose over a pH range from pH 4 to 9, with maxima at pHs 5.5 and 7. Uptake occurred in two-step kinetics in a h...

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  • Location of sites that inhibit progression of replication forks in the terminus region of Escherichia coli.

    abstract::We used a Southern hybridization assay to locate precisely the sites at which DNA replication is arrested in the terminus region of the Escherichia coli chromosome. The assay was based on the properties of restriction fragments that contain stalled replication forks. Replication forks that entered the terminus from th...

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  • Cross-reactive antigen shared by Streptococcus agalactiae and certain bovine tissues.

    abstract::Rabbits immunized with mucopeptide derived from cell wall debris of Streptococcus agalactiae by use of the formamide extraction technique developed specific antibodies for bovine heart, skeletal muscle, lymph nodes, and blood buffy coat extracts. ...

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  • A new type of Alcaligenes eutrophus CH34 zinc resistance generated by mutations affecting regulation of the cnr cobalt-nickel resistance system.

    abstract::Spontaneous mutants that were resistant to zinc were isolated from Alcaligenes eutrophus CH34 containing either the native plasmid pMOL28 or a derivative derepressed for its self-transfer, pMOL50. With the cured plasmid-free derivative of CH34, strain AE104, such mutants were not detected. The mutations, which were sh...

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  • In vitro studies of peptidoglycan binding and hydrolysis by the Bacillus anthracis germination-specific lytic enzyme SleB.

    abstract::The Bacillus anthracis endospore loses resistance properties during germination when its cortex peptidoglycan is degraded by germination-specific lytic enzymes (GSLEs). Although this event normally employs several GSLEs for complete cortex removal, the SleB protein alone can facilitate enough cortex hydrolysis to prod...

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  • Repair and antirepair DNA helicases in Helicobacter pylori.

    abstract::Orthologs of RecG and RuvABC are highly conserved among prokaryotes; in Escherichia coli, they participate in independent pathways that branch migrate Holliday junctions during recombinational DNA repair. RecG also has been shown to directly convert stalled replication forks into Holliday junctions. The bacterium Heli...

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  • A DNA region recognized by the nitric oxide-responsive transcriptional activator NorR is conserved in beta- and gamma-proteobacteria.

    abstract::The sigma(54)-dependent regulator NorR activates transcription of target genes in response to nitric oxide (NO) or NO-generating agents. In Ralstonia eutropha H16, NorR activates transcription of the dicistronic norAB operon that encodes NorA, a protein of unknown function, and NorB, a nitric oxide reductase. A consti...

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  • The Escherichia coli K-12 F plasmid gene traX is required for acetylation of F pilin.

    abstract::The Escherichia coli F plasmid gene required for amino-terminal acetylation of F-pilin subunits was identified. Using Western blots (immunoblots), we assayed the reaction of monoclonal antibodies with F-pilin polypeptides in inner membrane preparations from various F mutant strains. It was known that JEL92 recognizes ...

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  • Functionally critical elements of CooA-related CO sensors.

    abstract::CooA is a heme-containing transcriptional activator that enables Rhodospirillum rubrum to sense and grow on CO as a sole energy source. We have identified a number of CooA homologs through database searches, expressed these heterologously in Escherichia coli, and monitored their ability to respond to CO in vivo. Furth...

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  • An ATP-dependent L-carnitine transporter in Listeria monocytogenes Scott A is involved in osmoprotection.

    abstract::Listeria monocytogenes is a gram-positive, psychotrophic, food-borne pathogen which is able to grow in osmotically stressful environments. Carnitine (beta-hydroxy-L-tau-N-trimethyl aminobutyrate) can contribute significantly to growth of L. monocytogenes at high osmolarity (R. R. Beumer, M. C. te Giffel, L. J. Cox, F....

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  • Effect of growth conditions on production of rhamnose-containing cell wall and capsular polysaccharides by strains of Lactobacillus casei subsp. rhamnosus.

    abstract::Strains of Lactobacillus casei subsp. rhamnosus possessing two cell wall polysaccharides, a hexosamine-containing H-polysaccharide and a rhamnose-containing R-polysaccharide, were examined for the effect of growth conditions on the production of these two components. In strain NCTC 6375, R- and H-polysaccharides accou...

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    authors: Wicken AJ,Ayres A,Campbell LK,Knox KW

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  • Cell division in Escherichia coli: role of FtsL domains in septal localization, function, and oligomerization.

    abstract::In Escherichia coli, nine essential cell division proteins are known to localize to the division septum. FtsL is a 13-kDa bitopic membrane protein with a short cytoplasmic N-terminal domain, a membrane-spanning segment, and a periplasmic domain that has a repeated heptad motif characteristic of leucine zippers. Here, ...

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    authors: Ghigo JM,Beckwith J

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  • Effects of starvation for potassium and other inorganic ions on protein degradation and ribonucleic acid synthesis in Escherichia coli.

    abstract::Starvation of Escherichia coli for potassium, phosphate, or magnesium ions leads to a reversible increase in the rate of protein degradation and an inhibition of ribonucleic acid (RNA) synthesis. In cells deprived of potassium, the breakdown of the more stable cell proteins increased two- to threefold, whereas the hyd...

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    authors: St John AC,Goldberg AL

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  • Alpha-l-arabinofuranosidase from Rhodotorula flava.

    abstract::An alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase (EC from the culture fluid of Rhodotorula flava IFO 0407 grown on beet arabinan as a carbon source has been highly purified. The purified enzyme has a pH optimum of 2.0. The enzyme is unusually acid stable, retaining 82% of its activity after being maintained for 24 h at pH 1.5...

    journal_title:Journal of bacteriology

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    authors: Uesaka E,Sato M,Raiju M,Kaji A

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