Anti-tumor effect of local injectable hydrogel-loaded endostatin alone and in combination with radiotherapy for lung cancer.


:Endostatin (ES) can effectively inhibit neovascularization in most solid tumors and has the potential to make oxygen delivery more efficient and increase the efficacy of radiotherapy (RT). With a short half-life, ES is mainly administered systemically, which leads to low intake in tumor tissue and often toxic systemic side effects. In this study, we used hyaluronic acid-tyramine as a carrier to synthesize an ES-loaded hydrogel drug (ES/HA-Tyr) that can be injected locally. ES/HA-Tyr has a longer half-life and fewer systemic toxic side effects, and it exerts a better anti-angiogenic effect and anti-tumor effect with RT. In vitro, ES/HA-Tyr showed sustained release in the release assay and a stronger ability to inhibit the proliferation of human umbilical vascular endothelial cells (HUVECs) in the MTT assay; it exhibited a more potent effect against HUVEC invasion and a stronger anti-angiogenic effect on HUVECs in tube formation. In vivo, ES/HA-Tyr increased local drug concentration, decreased blood drug concentration, and caused less systemic toxicity. Further, ES/HA-Tyr effectively reduced tumor microvessel density, increased tumor pericyte coverage, decreased tumor hypoxia, and increased RT response. ES/HA-Tyr + RT also had increased anti-tumor and anti-angiogenic effects in Lewis lung cancer (LLC) xenograft models. In conclusion, ES/HA-Tyr showed sustained release, lower systemic toxicity, and better anti-tumor effects than ES. In addition, ES/HA-Tyr + RT enhanced anti-angiogenic effects, reduced tumor hypoxia, and increased the efficacy of RT in LLC-bearing mice.


Drug Deliv


Drug delivery


Wang N,Gao Q,Tang J,Jiang Y,Yang L,Shi X,Chen Y,Zhang Y,Fu S,Lin S




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2021-12-01 00:00:00












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