NOTCH1 is critical for fibroblast-mediated induction of cardiomyocyte specialization into ventricular conduction system-like cells in vitro.


:Cardiac fibroblasts are present throughout the myocardium and are enriched in the microenvironment surrounding the ventricular conduction system (VCS). Several forms of arrhythmias are linked to VCS abnormalities, but it is still unclear whether VCS malformations are cardiomyocyte autonomous or could be linked to crosstalk between different cell types. We reasoned that fibroblasts influence cardiomyocyte specialization in VCS cells. We developed 2D and 3D culture models of neonatal rat cardiac cells to assess the influence of cardiac fibroblasts on cardiomyocytes. Cardiomyocytes adjacent to cardiac fibroblasts showed a two-fold increase in expression of VCS markers (NAV1.5 and CONTACTIN 2) and calcium transient duration, displaying a Purkinje-like profile. Fibroblast-conditioned media (fCM) was sufficient to activate VCS-related genes (Irx3, Scn5a, Connexin 40) and to induce action potential prolongation, a hallmark of Purkinge phenotype. fCM-mediated response seemed to be spatially-dependent as cardiomyocyte organoids treated with fCM had increased expression of connexin 40 and NAV1.5 primarily on its outer surface. Finally, NOTCH1 activation in both cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts was required for connexin 40 up-regulation (a proxy of VCS phenotype). Altogether, we provide evidence that cardiac fibroblasts influence cardiomyocyte specialization into VCS-like cells via NOTCH1 signaling in vitro.


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Ribeiro da Silva A,Neri EA,Turaça LT,Dariolli R,Fonseca-Alaniz MH,Santos-Miranda A,Roman-Campos D,Venturini G,Krieger JE




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