Toward a nanopaper-based and solid phase immunoassay using FRET for the rapid detection of bacteria.


:In this study, we propose a novel sensitive solid-based immunosensor developed on a plasmonic nanopaper platform for the detection of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria. This plasmonic nanopaper that comprises of carboxylated bacterial cellulose (CBC) impregnated with gold nanoparticles (AuNP-CBC), employed as a quencher and a sustainable functionalized platform to be conjugated with protein A. Thus, the conjugated protein A allows the aligned linkage of EAb-QD (anti-E. coli conjugated quantum dot) and EAb-AF (anti-E. coli conjugated Alexa Fluor 488). Interestingly, once E. coli was captured by the AuNP-CBC/EAb-QD or AuNP-CBC/EAb-AF, the energy transfer from the QD or Alexa Fluor fluorophores is triggered due to the conformational change in the antibody structure and this, in turn, causes a decrease in the distance between fluorophores and the quencher nanopaper and, therefore diminishing their photoluminescence. The immunosensors performed successfully to recognize E. coli at concentrations as low as 50 CFU mL-1 in the standard buffer. The examined functionality of the immunosensors in a real matrix such as chicken extract and lettuce juice demonstrated a highly efficient response while QD is the main fluorophore with a limit of detection around 100 CFU mL-1.


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  • Convergence behaviour and Control in Non-Linear Biological Networks.

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  • Population genetic analysis of the recently rediscovered Hula painted frog (Latonia nigriventer) reveals high genetic diversity and low inbreeding.

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  • Nano-sized Superlattice Clusters Created by Oxygen Ordering in Mechanically Alloyed Fe Alloys.

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  • Irregular and suppressed elastic deformation by a structural twist in cellulose nanofibre models.

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  • Circulating plant miRNAs can regulate human gene expression in vitro.

    abstract::While Brassica oleracea vegetables have been linked to cancer prevention, the exact mechanism remains unknown. Regulation of gene expression by cross-species microRNAs has been previously reported; however, its link to cancer suppression remains unexplored. In this study we address both issues. We confirm plant microR...

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  • Phylogenetic constrains on Polyporus umbellatus-Armillaria associations.

    abstract::It has been well established that some Armillaria species are symbionts of Polyporus umbellatus, However, little is known about the evolutionary history of P. umbellatus-Armillaria associations. In this research, we used an analysis based on the strength of the phylogenetic signal to investigate P. umbellatus-Armillar...

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  • Ecological interactions in Cloudina from the Ediacaran of Brazil: implications for the rise of animal biomineralization.

    abstract::At the Ediacaran/Cambrian boundary, ecosystems witnessed an unparalleled biological innovation: the appearance of shelled animals. Here, we report new paleoecological and paleobiological data on Cloudina, which was one of the most abundant shelled animals at the end of the Ediacaran. We report the close association of...

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  • A genetic variant of miR-148a binding site in the SCRN1 3'-UTR is associated with susceptibility and prognosis of gastric cancer.

    abstract::Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the 3'-untranslated regions targeted by putative mircoRNA can change its binding strength, affecting the susceptibility and prognosis of cancer. We aimed to investigate the associations between SNPs within miR-148a binding sites and gastric cancer (GC) risk and prognosis. Usin...

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  • Inverted optical intrinsic response accompanied by decreased cerebral blood flow are related to both neuronal inhibition and excitation.

    abstract::Negative hemodynamic response has been widely reported in blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) functional magnetic resonance imaging studies, however its origin is still controversial. Optical intrinsic signal (OIS) imaging can be used to study brain activity by simultaneously recording hemodynamic signals at diff...

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  • Expresser phenotype determines ABO(H) blood group antigen loading on platelets and von Willebrand factor.

    abstract::ABO blood group is associated with cardiovascular disease, with significantly lower risk in blood group O individuals. ABO(H) blood group determinants are expressed on different glycoproteins on platelet surfaces. In addition, ABO(H) structures are also present on VWF glycans. These ABO(H) carbohydrates influence both...

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  • The polymorphic variant rs1800734 influences methylation acquisition and allele-specific TFAP4 binding in the MLH1 promoter leading to differential mRNA expression.

    abstract::Expression of the mismatch repair gene MutL homolog 1 (MLH1) is silenced in a clinically important subgroup of sporadic colorectal cancers. These cancers exhibit hypermutability with microsatellite instability (MSI) and differ from microsatellite-stable (MSS) colorectal cancers in both prognosis and response to therap...

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    authors: Thomas R,Trapani D,Goodyer-Sait L,Tomkova M,Fernandez-Rozadilla C,Sahnane N,Woolley C,Davis H,Chegwidden L,Kriaucionis S,Maughan T,Leedham S,Palles C,Furlan D,Tomlinson I,Lewis A

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  • Transmission patterns of HIV-1 non-R5 strains in Poland.

    abstract::HIV-1 env sequencing enables predictions of viral coreceptor tropism and phylogenetic investigations of transmission events. The aim of the study was to estimate the contribution of non-R5 strains to the viral spread in Poland. Partial proviral env sequences were retrieved from baseline blood samples of patients with ...

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  • Improved Detection of Cytokines Produced by Invariant NKT Cells.

    abstract::Invariant Natural killer T (iNKT) cells rapidly produce copious amounts of multiple cytokines after in vivo activation, allowing for the direct detection of a number of cytokines directly ex vivo. However, for some cytokines this approach is suboptimal. Here, we report technical variations that allow the improved dete...

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  • Nanotip-assisted photoreduction of silver nanostructures on chemically patterned ferroelectric crystals for surface enhanced Raman scattering.

    abstract::Nanotips made of metal and semiconductor have been widely utilized in versatile applications to strengthen the electric field through lightning rod effect and localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) effect. Here, we present the utilization of ferroelectric nanotips to assist photoreduction of silver nanostructures ...

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  • The surface modification and characterization of SiO2 nanoparticles for higher foam stability.

    abstract::The surfactant and colloidal nanoparticles has been considered for various applications because of interaction of both complex mixtures. The hydrophilic SiO2 nanoparticle could not be surface active behavior at the liquid/air interface. In this study, the SiO2 nanoparticles have been modified with 3-isocyanatopropyltr...

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    authors: Choi M,Choi WK,Jung CH,Kim SB

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  • Mechanical Nano-Patterning: Toward Highly-Aligned Ge Self-Assembly on Low Lattice Mismatched GaAs Substrate.

    abstract::Low-dimensional semiconductor structurers formed on a substrate surface at pre-defined locations and with nano-precision placement is of vital interest. The potential of tailoring their electrical and optical properties will revolutionize the next generation of optoelectronic devices. Traditionally, highly aligned sel...

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  • A novel laser-collider used to produce monoenergetic 13.3 MeV (7)Li (d, n) neutrons.

    abstract::Neutron energy is directly correlated with the energy of the incident ions in experiments involving laser-driven nuclear reactions. Using high-energy incident ions reduces the energy concentration of the generated neutrons. A novel "laser-collider" method was used at the Shenguang II laser facility to produce monoener...

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    authors: Zhao JR,Zhang XP,Yuan DW,Li YT,Li DZ,Rhee YJ,Zhang Z,Li F,Zhu BJ,Li YF,Han B,Liu C,Ma Y,Li YF,Tao MZ,Li MH,Guo X,Huang XG,Fu SZ,Zhu JQ,Zhao G,Chen LM,Fu CB,Zhang J

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  • Physiological effects of short acute UVB treatments in Chenopodium quinoa Willd.

    abstract::Increased ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation due to global change can affect plant growth and metabolism. Here, we evaluated the capacity of quinoa to resist under short acute UVB irradiation. Quinoa was daily exposed for 30 or 60 min to 1.69 W m-2 UVB. The results showed that 30 min exposure in 9 d-course did not cause se...

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  • A missing color area extraction approach from high-resolution statue images for cultural heritage documentation.

    abstract::Ancient statues are usually fragile and have a tendency to deteriorate over time, developing cracks, corrosion, and losing color. Before any intervention on the object of art, a conservator must map degradation and take measurements. Deterioration mapping is an extremely long process, as the conservator or restorer mu...

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  • Effect of different levels of hydrolysable tannin intake on the reproductive hormones and serum biochemical indices in healthy female rats.

    abstract::The present work aimed to find out the effect of different levels of hydrolysable tannin (HT) on serum hormonal profile, biochemical indices, lipid profile, apparent digestibility of nutrients and body weight gain in healthy female rats. Forty five adult healthy female rats of 8 weeks old were randomly divided into fi...

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  • Insights into gold nanoparticles as a mucoadhesive system.

    abstract::A large number of drugs are administered on different mucosal surfaces. However, due to the poor mucoadhesion of the current formulations, their bioavailability is often very low. The development of efficient mucoadhesive drug delivery systems is thus crucial for improving the performance of these drugs. The mucoadhes...

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  • Prevalence and associated factors of glaucoma in the Russian Ural Eye and Medical Study.

    abstract::To assess the prevalence and associated factors of glaucoma in a Russian population. The population-based Ural Eye and Medical Study included 5899 (mean age 59.0 ± 10.7 years; range 40-94 years). Glaucomatous optic neuropathy was diagnosed using International Society of Geographical and Epidemiological Ophthalmology (...

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    authors: Bikbov MM,Gilmanshin TR,Zainullin RM,Kazakbaeva GM,Arslangareeva II,Panda-Jonas S,Khikmatullin RI,Aminev SK,Nuriev IF,Zaynetdinov AF,Uzianbaeva YV,Nikitin NA,Mukhamadieva SR,Yakupova DF,Rakhimova EM,Rusakova IA,Bolshakova

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  • Calibrating the tree of vipers under the fossilized birth-death model.

    abstract::Scaling evolutionary trees to time is essential for understanding the origins of clades. Recently developed methods allow including the entire fossil record known for the group of interest and eliminated the need for specifying prior distributions for node ages. Here we apply the fossilized birth-death (FBD) approach ...

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    authors: Šmíd J,Tolley KA

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  • 3D Synthetic Peptide-based Architectures for the Engineering of the Enteric Nervous System.

    abstract::Damage of enteric neurons and partial or total loss of selective neuronal populations are reported in intestinal disorders including inflammatory bowel diseases and necrotizing enterocolitis. To develop three-dimensional scaffolds for enteric neurons we propose the decoration of ionic-complementary self-assembling pep...

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    authors: Brun P,Zamuner A,Peretti A,Conti J,Messina GML,Marletta G,Dettin M

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  • Regulation of Airway Inflammation by G-protein Regulatory Motif Peptides of AGS3 protein.

    abstract::Respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung infections have critical consequences on mortality and morbidity in humans. The aims of the present study were to examine the mechanisms by which CXCL12 affects MUC1 transcription and airway inflammation, which depend on activa...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Choi IW,Ahn do W,Choi JK,Cha HJ,Ock MS,You E,Rhee S,Kim KC,Choi YH,Song KS

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  • EV-3, an endogenous human erythropoietin isoform with distinct functional relevance.

    abstract::Generation of multiple mRNAs by alternative splicing is well known in the group of cytokines and has recently been reported for the human erythropoietin (EPO) gene. Here, we focus on the alternatively spliced EPO transcript characterized by deletion of exon 3 (hEPOΔ3). We show co-regulation of EPO and hEPOΔ3 in human ...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Bonnas C,Wüstefeld L,Winkler D,Kronstein-Wiedemann R,Dere E,Specht K,Boxberg M,Tonn T,Ehrenreich H,Stadler H,Sillaber I

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  • Whole-genome sequencing of recurrent neuroblastoma reveals somatic mutations that affect key players in cancer progression and telomere maintenance.

    abstract::Neuroblastoma is the most common and deadly childhood tumor. Relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma has a very poor prognosis despite recent treatment advances. To investigate genomic alterations associated with relapse and therapy resistance, whole-genome sequencing was performed on diagnostic and relapsed lesions toge...

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