Application of optimized digital surgical guides in mandibular resection and reconstruction with vascularized fibula flaps: Two case reports.


RATIONALE:Currently, digital surgical techniques have been widely used in the precise treatment of mandibular resection and reconstruction with fibula flaps. Utilizing these innovative techniques in surgical planning and hardware fabrication before surgery has shown to provide great help. However, it is difficult for even experienced surgeons to place the preformed reconstruction plate in the same position as its preoperative design, causing surgical results to differ from preoperative planning. This study aims to solve these acknowledged challenges by creating newly designed equipment. PATIENT CONCERNS:Two patients suffering from long-term expansion of the mandible were admitted to our department. Case I was a 39-year-old female patient who was concerned about the disease in the middle of the mandible, Case II was a 45-year-old female patient who was concerned about the disease at the left mandibular angle and ramus region. DIAGNOSES:Two patients were diagnosed with the mandibular ameloblastoma based on computed tomography (CT) scan and pathological results. INTERVENTIONS:Personalized 3-dimensional (3D) surgical guides were applied to 2 patients with mandibular ameloblastoma who underwent mandibular resection and reconstruction with vascularized fibula flaps using a specially optimized and designed reconstruction guide plate. OUTCOMES:We achieved precise mandibular repair with such a guide in full accordance with the preoperative plan and ensured the restoration of patient facial symmetry. LESSONS:Optimized reconstruction guide template could accurately locate the preformed reconstruction plate. This component had the ability to ensure that the location of the actual reconstruction plates were highly consistent with preoperative designed models.


Medicine (Baltimore)




Han L,Zhang X,Guo Z,Long J




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2020-08-28 00:00:00
















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  • Increased APRIL Expression Induces IgA1 Aberrant Glycosylation in IgA Nephropathy.

    abstract::Aberrant glycosylated IgA1 molecules, mainly galactose-deficient IgA1 (Gd-IgA1), are important causal factors in IgA nephropathy; however, the underlying mechanism for the production of aberrantly glycosylated IgA1 is unknown. A recent genome-wide association study identified a novel IgAN susceptibility gene, TNFSF13,...


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  • Pulmonary edema following shoulder arthroscopy under general anesthesia with nerve block: An observational study.

    abstract:ABSTRACT:Shoulder arthroscopy requires a large of irrigation for a better surgical view, leading circulatory overload. This study was performed to prove whether pulmonary edema will be lead by a large of irrigation.General anesthesia with interscalene block was induced before operation. The primary outcome was ultrasou...


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  • Behavioral problems of Mandarin-speaking late-talking toddlers and preschool aged children: A prospective case-control study in Taiwan.

    abstract::This study aimed to examine whether Mandarin-speaking late-talking (LT) toddlers have a higher incidence of behavioral problems than typical language developing (TLD) children in toddlerhood and at preschool age from a community sample in Taiwan.This prospective case-control study comprised 32 LT and 32 TLD toddlers. ...


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