Relationship Between Seated Single-Arm Shot Put and Isokinetic Shoulder Flexion and Elbow Extension Strength.


CONTEXT:A recent report demonstrated moderate to strong relationships between seated single-arm shot-put (SSASP) test performance and isokinetic pushing forces at varying velocities, directly supporting the SSASP test as a reflection of multijoint upper-extremity strength. Yet, no previous work appears to have assessed whether the SSASP test is more reflective of shoulder flexion or elbow extension strength. OBJECTIVE:To examine the relationship between isokinetic shoulder flexion and elbow extension strength and SSASP test performance and to compare limb symmetry indices (LSI) between the 2 tests. DESIGN:Correlational design. SETTING:Biomechanics laboratory. Patients (or Other Participants): A total of 30 healthy and physically active young adults. INTERVENTION(S):Participants completed the SSASP test and concentric isokinetic (60°/s and 180°/s) shoulder flexion and elbow extension using their dominant and nondominant arms. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES:SSASP test performance and isokinetic shoulder flexion and elbow extension peak torques as well as LSI between the 2 tests. RESULTS:Strong relationships were observed between SSASP ranges and isokinetic peak torques at each velocity for both shoulder and elbow (r ≥ .804, P < .001). While the Bland-Altman results on the LSI only demonstrated a significant bias for the shoulder (60°/s, P = .009), limits of agreement results demonstrated extremely wide intervals (32.5%-52.1%). CONCLUSIONS:The SSASP test is a multijoint upper-extremity functional performance test that is reflective of equal shoulder flexion and elbow extension contributions; however, there was large variability regarding the agreement between the SSASP LSI and isokinetic shoulder and elbow strength LSI.


J Sport Rehabil


Watson MD,Davies GJ,Riemann BL




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