Dynamics of the cell-free DNA methylome of metastatic prostate cancer during androgen-targeting treatment.


:Aim: We examined methylation changes in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) during treatment. Patients & methods: Genome-wide methylation analysis of sequentially collected cfDNA samples derived from mCRPC patients undergoing androgen-targeting therapy was performed. Results: Alterations in methylation states of genes previously implicated in prostate cancer progression were observed and patients that maintained methylation changes throughout therapy tended to have a longer time to clinical progression. Importantly, we also report that markers associated with a highly aggressive form of the disease, neuroendocrine-CRPC, were associated with a faster time to clinical progression. Conclusion: Our findings highlight the potential of monitoring the cfDNA methylome during therapy in mCRPC, which may serve as predictive markers of response to androgen-targeting agents.






Peter MR,Bilenky M,Isserlin R,Bader GD,Shen SY,De Carvalho DD,Hansen AR,Hu P,Fleshner NE,Joshua AM,Hirst M,Bapat B




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