Characterization of a phosphotyrosyl phosphatase activator homologue of the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus and its immunomodulatory effect on goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells in vitro.


:Suppression and modulation of the host immune response to parasitic nematodes have been extensively studied. In the present study, we cloned and produced recombinant phosphotyrosyl phosphatase activator protein from Haemonchus contortus (rHCPTPA), a parasitic nematode of small ruminants, and studied the effect of this protein on modulating the immune response of goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Enzymatic assays revealed that rHCPTPA enhanced the p-nitrophenylphosphate phosphatase activity of bovine PP2A1. Immunohistochemical tests verified that the HCPTPA protein was localised mainly in the bowel wall and on the body surface of worms. It was also shown that serum produced by goats artificially infected with H. contortus successfully recognised rHCPTPA, which conjugated with goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The rHCPTPA was then co-incubated with goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells to assess its immunomodulatory effects on proliferation, apoptosis, cytokine secretion, migration and nitric oxide production. Our results showed that rHCPTPA suppressed the proliferation of goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated by concanavalin A and induced apoptosis in goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells. After rHCPTPA exposure, IFN-γ and IL-2 expression was markedly reduced, whereas secretion of IL-10 and IL-4 was significantly elevated, in goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Moreover, rHCPTPA down-regulated nitric oxide production and migration of goat peripheral blood mononuclear cells in a dose-dependent manner. These results illuminate the interaction between parasites and hosts at the molecular level, suggest a possible immunomodulatory target and contribute to the search for innovative proteins that might be candidate targets for drugs and vaccines.


Int J Parasitol


Wang Y,Wang W,Ehsan M,Zhang Y,Yan R,Song X,Xu L,Zhang X,Li X




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  • Multiple origins of European populations of the giant liver fluke Fascioloides magna (Trematoda: Fasciolidae), a liver parasite of ruminants.

    abstract::The giant liver fluke, Fascioloides magna, a liver parasite of free-living and domestic ruminants of Europe and North America, was analysed in order to determine the origin of European populations and to reveal the biogeography of this originally North American parasite on the European continent. The variable fragment...

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  • Structure and diversity of cestode epithelia.

    abstract::Eucestodes have a simple aceolomate body structure and are conservative in terms of the numbers and nature of their cell types. Nevertheless, the cestodes form a diverse group with many strikingly different forms distinguished by the structure of their holdfasts, sexual tissues and embryos. These morphological adaptat...

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    abstract::cAMP-dependent protein kinases (PKAs) are the main transducers of cAMP signalling in eukaryotic cells. Recently we reported the identification and characterisation of a PKA catalytic subunit (SmPKA-C) in Schistosoma mansoni that is required for adult schistosome viability in vitro. To gain further insights into the ro...

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