Randomized Clinical Trial on Sodium Fluoride with Tricalcium Phosphate.


:This 24-mo randomized controlled trial was based on a double-blind parallel design, and it compared the effectiveness of 2 fluoride application protocols in arresting dentine caries in primary teeth. Three-year-old children with active dentine caries were recruited and randomly allocated to 2 treatment groups. Children in group A received a semiannual application of a 25% silver nitrate (AgNO3) solution followed by a commercially available varnish with 5% sodium fluoride (NaF) on the carious tooth surfaces. Children in group B received a semiannual application of a 25% AgNO3 solution followed by another commercially available varnish with 5% NaF containing functionalized tricalcium phosphate (fTCP). Carious tooth surfaces that were hard when probing were classified as arrested. Intention-to-treat analysis and a hierarchical generalized linear model were undertaken. A total of 408 children with 1,831 tooth surfaces with active dentine caries were recruited at baseline, and 356 children (87%) with 1,607 tooth surfaces (88%) were assessed after 24 mo. At the 24-mo evaluation, the mean (SD) number of arrested carious tooth surfaces per child were 1.8 (2.2) and 2.6 (3.3) for group A (without fTCP) and group B (with fTCP), respectively (P = 0.003). The arrest rates at the tooth surface level were 42% for group A and 57% for group B (P < 0.001). Results of the hierarchical generalized linear model indicated that protocol B (with fTCP) had a higher predicted probability (PP = 0.656) in arresting dentine caries than protocol A (without fTCP; PP = 0.500) when the carious lesions were on buccal/lingual surfaces, were on anterior teeth, had dental plaque coverage, and were in children from low-income families (P = 0.046). In conclusion, protocol B, which applied a 25% AgNO3 solution followed by a commercially available 5% NaF varnish with fTCP semiannually, is more effective in arresting dentine caries in primary teeth as compared with protocol A, which applied a 25% AgNO3 solution followed by another commercially available 5% NaF varnish without fTCP semiannually (ClinicalTrials.gov NCT03423797).


J Dent Res


Chen KJ,Gao SS,Duangthip D,Lo ECM,Chu CH




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  • Inhibition and killing of oral bacteria by silver ions generated with low intensity direct current.

    abstract::Silver cations generated by passing low intensity direct current through pure silver electrodes were found to be sufficiently antibacterial to cause sterilization of samples of infected dentin. The optimal procedure involved a 5 microA current applied for 20 minutes with the anode then left in contact with the sample....

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