ACEP: improving antimicrobial peptides recognition through automatic feature fusion and amino acid embedding.


BACKGROUND:Antimicrobial resistance is one of our most serious health threats. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), effecter molecules of innate immune system, can defend host organisms against microbes and most have shown a lowered likelihood for bacteria to form resistance compared to many conventional drugs. Thus, AMPs are gaining popularity as better substitute to antibiotics. To aid researchers in novel AMPs discovery, we design computational approaches to screen promising candidates. RESULTS:In this work, we design a deep learning model that can learn amino acid embedding patterns, automatically extract sequence features, and fuse heterogeneous information. Results show that the proposed model outperforms state-of-the-art methods on recognition of AMPs. By visualizing data in some layers of the model, we overcome the black-box nature of deep learning, explain the working mechanism of the model, and find some import motifs in sequences. CONCLUSIONS:ACEP model can capture similarity between amino acids, calculate attention scores for different parts of a peptide sequence in order to spot important parts that significantly contribute to final predictions, and automatically fuse a variety of heterogeneous information or features. For high-throughput AMPs recognition, open source software and datasets are made freely available at .


BMC Genomics


BMC genomics


Fu H,Cao Z,Li M,Wang S




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Circular chromosome conformation capture (4C) has provided important insights into three dimensional (3D) genome organization and its critical impact on the regulation of gene expression. We developed a new quantitative framework based on polymer physics for the analysis of paired-end sequencing 4C (PE-4Cseq...

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  • Systemic treatment of xenografts with vaccinia virus GLV-1h68 reveals the immunologic facet of oncolytic therapy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:GLV-1h68 is an attenuated recombinant vaccinia virus (VACV) that selectively colonizes established human xenografts inducing their complete regression. RESULTS:Here, we explored xenograft/VACV/host interactions in vivo adopting organism-specific expression arrays and tumor cell/VACV in vitro comparing VACV ...

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  • Biosynthesis of the active compounds of Isatis indigotica based on transcriptome sequencing and metabolites profiling.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Isatis indigotica is a widely used herb for the clinical treatment of colds, fever, and influenza in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Various structural classes of compounds have been identified as effective ingredients. However, little is known at genetics level about these active metabolites. In the pre...

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  • A comprehensive study on cellular RNA editing activity in response to infections with different subtypes of influenza a viruses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:RNA editing is an important mechanism that expands the diversity and complexity of genetic codes. The conversions of adenosine (A) to inosine (I) and cytosine (C) to uridine (U) are two prominent types of RNA editing in animals. The roles of RNA editing events have been implicated in important biological pat...

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