Intestinal Transcriptome Analysis Highlights Key Differentially Expressed Genes Involved in Nutrient Metabolism and Digestion in Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) Fed Terrestrial Animal and Plant Proteins.


:This study investigated the effects of dietary terrestrial animal and plant proteins on the intestinal transcriptomes of yellowtail kingfish (YTK), Seriola lalandi, an ecologically and economically important marine species in Australia. Five diets containing fish meal (FM), poultry by-product meal (PBM), blood meal (BLM), faba bean meal (FBM) and corn gluten meal (CGM) were formulated and fed over a period of 4 weeks. The Illumina RNA-sequencing (RNA-Seq) results identified a suite of differentially expressed genes involved in nutrient metabolism and protein digestion pathways, reinforced by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) results. These findings provide molecular support to the notion that PBM and FBM are useful raw materials in commercial diets for YTK. Using the same evidence, we have demonstrated that BLM and CGM may be less useful and their incorporation into commercial aquafeeds for this species should be done cautiously. The differentially expressed genes showed a subtle difference and high correlation with apparent nutrient digestibility of raw materials. Further, our results indicate that transcriptome profiling provides a useful tool to evaluate alternative protein sources for use in aquaculture feeds.


Genes (Basel)




Dam CTM,Ventura T,Booth M,Pirozzi I,Salini M,Smullen R,Elizur A




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2020-06-05 00:00:00












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    abstract::We set out to assess the NIH/3T3 cell proliferation activity of Arabidopsis oil body-expressed recombinant oleosin-hEGF-hEGF protein. Normally, human epidermal growth factor (hEGF) is purified through complex process, however, oleosin fusion technology provides an inexpensive and scalable platform for its purification...


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  • Host-Induced Gene Silencing of Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae Pathogenicity Genes Mediated by the Brome Mosaic Virus.

    abstract::Magnaportheoryzae is a devastating plant pathogen, which has a detrimental impact on rice production worldwide. Despite its agronomical importance, some newly-emerging pathotypes often overcome race-specific disease resistance rapidly. It is thus desirable to develop a novel strategy for the long-lasting resistance of...


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  • Evolution of Tandem Repeat Satellite Sequences in Two Closely Related Caenorhabditis Species. Diminution of Satellites in Hermaphrodites.

    abstract::The availability of the genome sequence of the unisexual (male-female) Caenorhabditis nigoni offers an opportunity to compare its non-coding features with the related hermaphroditic species Caenorhabditis briggsae; to understand the evolutionary dynamics of their tandem repeat sequences (satellites), as a result of ev...


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  • K-mer Content, Correlation, and Position Analysis of Genome DNA Sequences for the Identification of Function and Evolutionary Features.

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