Brushed lubricant-impregnated surfaces (BLIS) for long-lasting high condensation heat transfer.


:Recently, lubricant-impregnated surfaces (LIS) have emerged as a promising condenser surface by facilitating the removal of condensates from the surface. However, LIS has the critical limitation in that lubricant oil is depleted along with the removal of condensates. Such oil depletion is significantly aggravated under high condensation heat transfer. Here we propose a brushed LIS (BLIS) that can allow the application of LIS under high condensation heat transfer indefinitely by overcoming the previous oil depletion limit. In BLIS, a brush replenishes the depleted oil via physical contact with the rotational tube, while oil is continuously supplied to the brush by capillarity. In addition, BLIS helps enhance heat transfer performance with additional route to droplet removal by brush sweeping. By applying BLIS, we maintain the stable dropwise condensation mode for > 48 hours under high supersaturation levels along with up to 61% heat transfer enhancement compared to hydrophobic surfaces.


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Seo D,Shim J,Lee C,Nam Y




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2020-02-19 00:00:00












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  • Study of the lithium diffusion properties and high rate performance of TiNb6O17 as an anode in lithium secondary battery.

    abstract::TiNb6O17 and TiNb2O7 were synthesized using a solid-state method. The techniques were used to assess the electrochemical performance and lithium diffusion kinetics of TiNb6O17 related to the unit cell volume with TiNb2O7. The charge-discharge curves and cyclic voltammetry revealed TiNb6O17 to have a similar redox pote...

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