Environmental enrichment ameliorates perinatal brain injury and promotes functional white matter recovery.


:Hypoxic damage to the developing brain due to preterm birth causes many anatomical changes, including damage to the periventricular white matter. This results in the loss of glial cells, significant disruptions in myelination, and thereby cognitive and behavioral disabilities seen throughout life. Encouragingly, these neurological morbidities can be improved by environmental factors; however, the underlying cellular mechanisms remain unknown. We found that early and continuous environmental enrichment selectively enhances endogenous repair of the developing white matter by promoting oligodendroglial maturation, myelination, and functional recovery after perinatal brain injury. These effects require increased exposure to socialization, physical activity, and cognitive enhancement of surroundings-a complete enriched environment. Using RNA-sequencing, we identified oligodendroglial-specific responses to hypoxic brain injury, and uncovered molecular mechanisms involved in enrichment-induced recovery. Together, these results indicate that myelin plasticity induced by modulation of the neonatal environment can be targeted as a therapeutic strategy for preterm birth.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Forbes TA,Goldstein EZ,Dupree JL,Jablonska B,Scafidi J,Adams KL,Imamura Y,Hashimoto-Torii K,Gallo V




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  • PRKAA1/AMPKα1-driven glycolysis in endothelial cells exposed to disturbed flow protects against atherosclerosis.

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  • Proteostasis by STUB1/HSP70 complex controls sensitivity to androgen receptor targeted therapy in advanced prostate cancer.

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  • Multiplexed imaging of nucleome architectures in single cells of mammalian tissue.

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  • Transient auditory nerve demyelination as a new mechanism for hidden hearing loss.

    abstract::Hidden hearing loss (HHL) is a recently described auditory neuropathy believed to contribute to speech discrimination and intelligibility deficits in people with normal audiological tests. Animals and humans with HHL have normal auditory thresholds but defective cochlear neurotransmission, that is, reduced suprathresh...

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  • SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and neutralizing activity in donor and patient blood.

    abstract::Given the limited availability of serological testing to date, the seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in different populations has remained unclear. Here, we report very low SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in two San Francisco Bay Area populations. Seroreactivity was 0.26% in 387 hospitalized patients admitted...

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  • MPIase is a glycolipozyme essential for membrane protein integration.

    abstract::Protein integration into biological membranes is a vital cellular event for all organisms. We previously reported an integration factor in the inner membrane of Escherichia coli, named MPIase (membrane protein integrase). Here we show that in contrast to previously identified integration factors that are proteins, MPI...

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  • Activity enhancement of cobalt catalysts by tuning metal-support interactions.

    abstract::Interactions between metal nanoparticles and support materials can strongly influence the performance of catalysts. In particular, reducible oxidic supports can form suboxides that can decorate metal nanoparticles and enhance catalytic performance or block active sites. Therefore, tuning this metal-support interaction...

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  • Two-dimensional metallic tantalum disulfide as a hydrogen evolution catalyst.

    abstract::Two-dimensional metallic transition metal dichalcogenides are emerging as prototypes for uncovering fundamental physical phenomena, such as superconductivity and charge-density waves, as well as for engineering-related applications. However, the batch production of such envisioned transition metal dichalcogenides rema...

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  • Cancer-associated mutations in DICER1 RNase IIIa and IIIb domains exert similar effects on miRNA biogenesis.

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  • Telomere damage induces internal loops that generate telomeric circles.

    abstract::Extrachromosomal telomeric circles are commonly invoked as important players in telomere maintenance, but their origin has remained elusive. Using electron microscopy analysis on purified telomeres we show that, apart from known structures, telomeric repeats accumulate internal loops (i-loops) that occur in the proxim...

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