Toll-like Receptor 2 Facilitates Oxidative Damage-Induced Retinal Degeneration.


:Retinal degeneration is a form of neurodegenerative disease and is the leading cause of vision loss globally. The Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are primary components of the innate immune system involved in signal transduction. Here we show that TLR2 induces complement factors C3 and CFB, the common and rate-limiting factors of the alternative pathway in both retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells and mononuclear phagocytes. Neutralization of TLR2 reduces opsonizing fragments of C3 in the outer retina and protects photoreceptor neurons from oxidative stress-induced degeneration. TLR2 deficiency also preserves tight junction expression and promotes RPE resistance to fragmentation. Finally, oxidative stress-induced formation of the terminal complement membrane attack complex and Iba1+ cell infiltration are strikingly inhibited in the TLR2-deficient retina. Our data directly implicate TLR2 as a mediator of retinal degeneration in response to oxidative stress and present TLR2 as a bridge between oxidative damage and complement-mediated retinal pathology.


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Mulfaul K,Ozaki E,Fernando N,Brennan K,Chirco KR,Connolly E,Greene C,Maminishkis A,Salomon RG,Linetsky M,Natoli R,Mullins RF,Campbell M,Doyle SL




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  • BMP4 Gene Therapy in Mature Mice Reduces BAT Activation but Protects from Obesity by Browning Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue.

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  • Origin of Gamma Frequency Power during Hippocampal Sharp-Wave Ripples.

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  • Sensory Neuroblast Quiescence Depends on Vascular Cytoneme Contacts and Sensory Neuronal Differentiation Requires Initiation of Blood Flow.

    abstract::In many organs, stem cell function depends on communication with their niche partners. Cranial sensory neurons develop in close proximity to blood vessels; however, whether vasculature is an integral component of their niches is yet unknown. Here, two separate roles for vasculature in cranial sensory neurogenesis in z...

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  • PlexinA2 Forward Signaling through Rap1 GTPases Regulates Dentate Gyrus Development and Schizophrenia-like Behaviors.

    abstract::Dentate gyrus (DG) development requires specification of granule cell (GC) progenitors in the hippocampal neuroepithelium, as well as their proliferation and migration into the primordial DG. We identify the Plexin family members Plxna2 and Plxna4 as important regulators of DG development. Distribution of immature GCs...

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    更新日期:2018-01-09 00:00:00

  • CLIP and Massively Parallel Functional Analysis of CELF6 Reveal a Role in Destabilizing Synaptic Gene mRNAs through Interaction with 3' UTR Elements.

    abstract::CELF6 is a CELF-RNA-binding protein, and thus part of a protein family with roles in human disease; however, its mRNA targets in the brain are largely unknown. Using cross-linking immunoprecipitation and sequencing (CLIP-seq), we define its CNS targets, which are enriched for 3' UTRs in synaptic protein-coding genes. ...

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  • Roles of H3K27me2 and H3K27me3 Examined during Fate Specification of Embryonic Stem Cells.

    abstract::The polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2) methylates lysine 27 of histone H3 (H3K27) through its catalytic subunit Ezh2. PRC2-mediated di- and tri-methylation (H3K27me2/H3K27me3) have been interchangeably associated with gene repression. However, it remains unclear whether these two degrees of H3K27 methylation have di...

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  • Hunger Potentiates the Habenular Winner Pathway for Social Conflict by Orexin-Promoted Biased Alternative Splicing of the AMPA Receptor Gene.

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  • An Endoplasmic Reticulum ATPase Safeguards Endoplasmic Reticulum Identity by Removing Ectopically Localized Mitochondrial Proteins.

    abstract::Stringent targeting of membrane proteins to corresponding organelles is essential for organelle identity and functions. In addition to molecular pathways that target proteins to appropriate organelles, surveillance mechanisms clear mistargeted proteins from undesired destinations. Although Msp1 functions on the mitoch...

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  • TGF-β Signaling Is Necessary and Sufficient for Pharyngeal Arch Artery Angioblast Formation.

    abstract::The pharyngeal arch arteries (PAAs) are transient embryonic blood vessels that mature into critical segments of the aortic arch and its branches. Although defects in PAA development cause life-threating congenital cardiovascular defects, the molecular mechanisms that orchestrate PAA morphogenesis remain unclear. Throu...

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  • Accessibility to Peptidoglycan Is Important for the Recognition of Gram-Positive Bacteria in Drosophila.

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  • Clarifying the Translational Pausing Landscape in Bacteria by Ribosome Profiling.

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  • Metabolic Control of Gametophore Shoot Formation through Arginine in the Moss Physcomitrium patens.

    abstract::Shoot formation is accompanied by active cell proliferation and expansion, requiring that metabolic state adapts to developmental control. Despite the importance of such metabolic reprogramming, it remains unclear how development and metabolism are integrated. Here, we show that disruption of ANGUSTIFOLIA3 orthologs (...

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  • Telomere Recognition and Assembly Mechanism of Mammalian Shelterin.

    abstract::Shelterin is a six-subunit protein complex that plays crucial roles in telomere length regulation, protection, and maintenance. Although several shelterin subunits have been studied in vitro, the biochemical properties of the fully assembled shelterin complex are not well defined. Here, we characterize shelterin using...

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  • A LIN28B Tumor-Specific Transcript in Cancer.

    abstract::The diversity and complexity of the cancer transcriptome may contain transcripts unique to the tumor environment. Here, we report a LIN28B variant, LIN28B-TST, which is specifically expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and many other cancer types. Expression of LIN28B-TST is associated with significantly poor p...

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  • Pericytes Stimulate Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell Differentiation during CNS Remyelination.

    abstract::The role of the neurovascular niche in CNS myelin regeneration is incompletely understood. Here, we show that, upon demyelination, CNS-resident pericytes (PCs) proliferate, and parenchymal non-vessel-associated PC-like cells (PLCs) rapidly develop. During remyelination, mature oligodendrocytes were found in close prox...

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  • Identification of a Genetic Variation in ERAP1 Aminopeptidase that Prevents Human Cytomegalovirus miR-UL112-5p-Mediated Immunoevasion.

    abstract::Herein, we demonstrate that HCMV miR-UL112-5p targets ERAP1, thereby inhibiting the processing and presentation of the HCMV pp65495-503 peptide to specific CTLs. In addition, we show that the rs17481334 G variant, naturally occurring in the ERAP1 3' UTR, preserves ERAP1 from miR-UL112-5p-mediated degradation. Specific...

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  • Secreted Phospholipase PLA2G2D Contributes to Metabolic Health by Mobilizing ω3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in WAT.

    abstract::Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) confer health benefits by preventing inflammation and obesity and by increasing thermogenesis in brown and beige adipocytes. As well as being supplied exogenously as nutrients, PUFAs are largely stored in membrane glycerophospholipids and released by phospholipase A2s (PLA2s). Howev...

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  • A Late Phase of Long-Term Synaptic Depression in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells Requires Activation of MEF2.

    abstract::The MEF2 family of transcription factors restricts excitatory synapse number in an activity-dependent fashion during development, yet MEF2 has not been implicated in long-term synaptic depression (LTD), which is thought to initiate synapse elimination. Mutations in MEF2 pathways are implicated in autism spectrum disor...

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  • Symmetry Breaking in an Edgeless Epithelium by Fat2-Regulated Microtubule Polarity.

    abstract::Planar cell polarity (PCP) information is a critical determinant of organ morphogenesis. While PCP in bounded epithelial sheets is increasingly well understood, how PCP is organized in tubular and acinar tissues is not. Drosophila egg chambers (follicles) are an acinus-like "edgeless epithelium" and exhibit a continuo...

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  • Three-Dimensional Architecture of the Human BRCA1-A Histone Deubiquitinase Core Complex.

    abstract::BRCA1 is a tumor suppressor found to be mutated in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and plays key roles in the maintenance of genomic stability by homologous recombination repair. It is recruited to damaged chromatin as a component of the BRCA1-A deubiquitinase, which cleaves K63-linked ubiquitin chains attached t...

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    authors: Kyrieleis OJP,McIntosh PB,Webb SR,Calder LJ,Lloyd J,Patel NA,Martin SR,Robinson CV,Rosenthal PB,Smerdon SJ

    更新日期:2016-12-20 00:00:00

  • FMRP Control of Ribosome Translocation Promotes Chromatin Modifications and Alternative Splicing of Neuronal Genes Linked to Autism.

    abstract::Silencing of FMR1 and loss of its gene product, FMRP, results in fragile X syndrome (FXS). FMRP binds brain mRNAs and inhibits polypeptide elongation. Using ribosome profiling of the hippocampus, we find that ribosome footprint levels in Fmr1-deficient tissue mostly reflect changes in RNA abundance. Profiling over a t...

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    authors: Shah S,Molinaro G,Liu B,Wang R,Huber KM,Richter JD

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  • DNA copy-number control through inhibition of replication fork progression.

    abstract::Proper control of DNA replication is essential to ensure faithful transmission of genetic material and prevent chromosomal aberrations that can drive cancer progression and developmental disorders. DNA replication is regulated primarily at the level of initiation and is under strict cell-cycle regulation. Importantly,...

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    authors: Nordman JT,Kozhevnikova EN,Verrijzer CP,Pindyurin AV,Andreyeva EN,Shloma VV,Zhimulev IF,Orr-Weaver TL

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  • ELKS1 Captures Rab6-Marked Vesicular Cargo in Presynaptic Nerve Terminals.

    abstract::Neurons face unique transport challenges. They need to deliver cargo over long axonal distances and to many presynaptic nerve terminals. Rab GTPases are master regulators of vesicular traffic, but essential presynaptic Rabs have not been identified. Here, we find that Rab6, a Golgi-derived GTPase for constitutive secr...

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  • Nontargeted Metabolomics Reveals the Multilevel Response to Antibiotic Perturbations.

    abstract::Microbes have shown a remarkable ability in evading the killing actions of antimicrobial agents, such that treatment of bacterial infections represents once more an urgent global challenge. Understanding the initial bacterial response to antimicrobials may reveal intrinsic tolerance mechanisms to antibiotics and sugge...

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  • LIN28 Zinc Knuckle Domain Is Required and Sufficient to Induce let-7 Oligouridylation.

    abstract::LIN28 is an RNA binding protein that plays crucial roles in pluripotency, glucose metabolism, tissue regeneration, and tumorigenesis. LIN28 binds to the let-7 primary and precursor microRNAs through bipartite recognition and induces degradation of let-7 precursors (pre-let-7) by promoting oligouridylation by terminal ...

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