Recutting Blocks of Prostate Needle Biopsies: How Much Diagnostic Yield Is Gained?


:Objectives. The criteria for "active surveillance" depend in part on quantification of tumor extent and grade on prostate biopsies. It is known that false-negative biopsies may occur from incomplete sectioning of cores within the paraffin blocks. Methods. We retrospectively analyzed a prostate biopsy series, which were subjected to a second round of sections, in order to determine the rate of missed cancers. Results. Of 1324 sets of prostate biopsies, 4.5% (60) showed additional involved cores or higher grade tumor on recut sections. In 27 patients (2.0%), the changed diagnosis resulted in a potential mild increase in National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) risk, from negative to very low (12), very low to low (12), and low to favorable intermediate (3). In 3 patients (0.2%), the changed diagnosis resulted in a significant increase in NCCN risk. Comparison of the initial sets of slides to the recuts demonstrated areas of absent tissue in many of the cases in which tumor segments were missed. In 2/3 cases with the significant grade increase, gaps were present in one that should have alerted the pathologist to incomplete sections, and the tumor was fragmented at the edge of the core appearing incompletely sampled. Conclusions. A significant increase in risk was seen in this study in 0.2% of patients when blocks were recut for further sampling, with minor increases in 2%. While embedding issues only rarely resulted in clinically significant sampling error, the 3 significantly underdiagnosed cases underscore the need for pathologists to be alert to incomplete sections of prostate cores.


Int J Surg Pathol


Paulk AT,Sesterhenn IA,Burke AP




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  • High-grade neuroendocrine carcinoma arising in a gastric duplication cyst: a case report with literature review.

    abstract::Gastric duplication cysts are rare congenital anomalies that are mostly discovered in children but can remain asymptomatic and undetected into adulthood. Malignant transformation in gastric duplications is extremely rare, with most reported cases being adenocarcinomas. Herein, the authors report the first case of a hi...

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  • T-cell-rich B-cell lymphoma presenting in the spleen: a clinicopathologic analysis of 3 cases.

    abstract::We review the clinical, pathologic, and molecular genetic features of 3 splenic T-cell-rich B-cell lymphomas and discuss their differential diagnosis. All patients presented with symptomatic splenomegaly and underwent diagnostic/therapeutic splenectomy. Microscopically, the spleen in all cases showed a micronodular pr...

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  • Pediatric renal cell carcinoma associated with Xp11.2 translocation/TFE3 gene fusion.

    abstract::Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in children and young adults is rare and pathologically problematic. RCC can be either hereditary or sporadic and has a guarded prognosis because appropriate management has not been established. A case of RCC in an 11-year-old is reported. The clinical presentation was a right abdominal mass...

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  • Evanescence of Endometrial Carcinomas in Hysterectomy Specimens: Observations on the "Vanishing Cancer" Phenomenon.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The phenomenon of vanishing carcinomas, first described in context of prostatic carcinomas, has been documented in endometrial carcinomas as well. METHODS:The archives of the department were searched for case files of endometrial carcinoma diagnosed on endometrial curetting/biopsy but which did not reveal a...

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