Influenza Vaccination, Self-reported Illness, and Obstacles for Vaccination Among the 2010 ROTC Warrior Forge Cadet Cohort.


INTRODUCTION:This study evaluates a large cohort of college students after the 2009-2010 pandemic H1N1 influenza season. The objective was to assess influenza vaccination status, influenzalike illnesses (ILIs), and other characteristics associated with attaining immunizations. METHODS:This study was conducted during the summer 2010 the Reserve Officer Training Corps Leadership Development and Assessment Course involving 6272 college students. A voluntary, anonymous questionnaire was administered to assess study objectives. RESULTS:Vaccination rates were 39.9% for pandemic H1N1, 40.6% for seasonal influenza, and 32.6% for receiving both vaccinations. Age less than 25 and having a Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship were associated with lower odds of receiving vaccinations, whereas entering the nursing field and simultaneous membership in the Army reserve forces were associated with higher odds of vaccination. There are 11.2% of respondents reported having an ILI, including 4.3% with severe ILI. There were 4184 reasons indicated for not attaining influenza vaccinations, which are listed in categorical groupings. CONCLUSIONS:A historical anchor for vaccination rates and ILI is provided in a large cohort of college students following the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. Influenza immunization locations were determined, as was self-reported obstacles to receiving vaccinations. These are important results for public health leaders seeking to increase vaccination rates during future influenza seasons.


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