The Effectiveness of the DoD/VA Mobile Device Outcomes-Based Rehabilitation Program for High Functioning Service Members and Veterans with Lower Limb Amputation.


INTRODUCTION:The objective was to determine if the Mobile Device Outcomes-based Rehabilitation Program (MDORP) improved strength, mobility, and gait quality in service members (SMs) and Veterans with lower limb amputation (LLA). METHODS:Seven SMs and 10 Veterans with LLA enrolled and were trained to use a mobile sensor system, called Rehabilitative Lower Limb Orthopedic Analysis Device (ReLOAD). ReLOAD provided participants with real-time assessment of gait deviations, subsequent corrective audio feedback, and exercise prescription for normalizing gait at home and in the community. After baseline testing, prosthetic gait and exercise training, participants took ReLOAD home and completed an 8-week walking and home exercise program. Home visits were conducted every 2 weeks to review gait training and home exercises. RESULTS:Significant improvements in hip extensor strength, basic and high-level mobility, musculoskeletal endurance, and gait quality (P < 0.05) were found at the completion of the 8-week intervention. CONCLUSION:Preliminary MDORP results are promising in its ability to improve basic and high-level mobility, lower limb strength, and gait quality in a group of SMs and Veterans with LLA. In addition, "booster" prosthetic training may be justified in an effort helps maintain an active lifestyle, promotes prosthetic use, and mitigates secondary health effects.


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Gaunaurd I,Gailey R,Springer B,Symsack A,Clemens S,Lucarevic J,Kristal A,Bennett C,Isaacson B,Agrawal V,Applegate B,Pasquina P




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