The Joint Emergency Medicine Exercise: A Capstone Training Evolution of a Military Unique Curriculum for Emergency Medicine Residents.


INTRODUCTION:The role of the Emergency Medicine (EM) physician in the U.S. military continues to expand, and current Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education general training requirements do not optimally prepare military EM graduates to be successful in postresidency operational assignments. To address this gap, the Naval Medical Center San Diego EM residency program introduced a Military Unique Curriculum (MUC) culminating in a capstone event, the Joint Emergency Medicine Exercise (JEMX). METHODS:Part of an approved Quality Improvement project, annual survey results from 2012 to 2017 evaluated graduate opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the MUC. We describe a pilot project conceived by tri-service EM physicians to evaluate the feasibility of the JEMX. RESULTS:Forty-eight graduate residents responded to surveys, 18 of which were administered pre-MUC implementation. With a 100% response rate from graduate residents, overall trends showed greater perceived readiness for postresidency operational assignments after MUC implementation. Written comments received cited the MUC as areas where the Naval Medical Center San Diego EM program excelled and the successful JEMX evolutions as the most valuable curricular component of the MUC. CONCLUSION:An integrated MUC with a capstone exercise, such as our JEMX, provides a feasible and effective educational experience that improves operational readiness of graduating EM residents.


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Engelbert LPR,Deaton TG,Walrath BD,Rudinsky SL




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  • Relations Between Cognitive Functioning and Alcohol Use, Craving, and Post-Traumatic Stress: An Examination Among Trauma-Exposed Military Veterans With Alcohol Use Disorder.

    abstract::Cognitive dysfunction is commonly observed among individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) and trauma exposure and is, in turn, associated with worse clinical outcomes. Accordingly, disruptions in cognitive functioning may be conceptualized as a trans-disease phenomenon representing a potential high-yield target for...

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  • Intubating laryngeal mask airway versus laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation in the nuclear, biological, and chemical environment.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Intubation is a difficult skill under normal circumstances and more so with a limited visual field such as wearing a protective mask in a chemical or biological incident. This study sought to determine whether successful intubation using the intubating laryngeal mask airway (ILMA) under protective mask condit...

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  • Comparison of the Effects of Motion and Environment Conditions on Accuracy of Handheld and Finger-Based Pulse Oximeters.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The most common cause of preventable death on the battlefield is significant blood loss, eventually causing decrease in tissue oxygen delivery. Pulse oximeters (POs) are widely used by the Israeli Defense Forces to obtain fast and noninvasive information about peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2). However, ...

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