McArdle's disease: biochemical and molecular genetic studies.


:We have analyzed muscle biopsy specimens from 48 patients with biochemically proven phosphorylase deficiency (McArdle's disease) by sodium dodecylsulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), immunoblotting, and immunotitration (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay [ELISA]). Thirty-five of the 42 patients studied by SDS-PAGE and immunoblot, and 41 of the 48 patients studied by ELISA had no detectable enzyme protein. Six patients had markedly decreased phosphorylase protein by all three assays, and only 1 patient had a normal amount of protein. No apparent correlation existed between the presence or absence of enzyme protein and the clinical presentation or muscle glycogen concentration. Northern analysis was performed on muscle RNA in 4 patients: messenger RNA was normal in 2, abnormally short in 1, and absent in the fourth, indicating heterogeneity of the molecular lesion in McArdle's disease.


Ann Neurol


Annals of neurology


Servidei S,Shanske S,Zeviani M,Lebo R,Fletterick R,DiMauro S




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1988-12-01 00:00:00












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  • Unusual presentation of traumatic extracranial internal carotid artery aneurysm.

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  • Polyclonal IgM anti-GM1 ganglioside antibody in patients with motor neuron disease and variants.

    abstract::Recent studies reported the presence of anti-ganglioside antibodies in occasional patients with motor neuron disease. We found polyclonal serum IgM anti-GM1 antibodies by an anti-GM1 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in 9 (19%) of 48 patients with motor neuron disease. A comparable frequency of IgM anti-GM1 an...

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  • Mesenchymal stem cells effectively modulate pathogenic immune response in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

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  • Lack of association of very low density lipoprotein receptor gene polymorphism with Caucasian Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::To determine whether the association of the very low density lipoprotein receptor (VLDL-R) gene with Alzheimer's disease (AD), which has recently been identified in Japanese AD patients, is commonly observed in AD patients of other ethnic backgrounds, we have investigated the allele frequency of the polymorphic CGG re...

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  • Subacute motor neuronopathy: a remote effect of lymphoma.

    abstract::Ten patients developed a subacute lower motor neuron syndrome as a remote effect of Hodgkin's disease or other lymphoma. The illness usually followed a benign course independent of the activity of the underlying neoplasm. Seven of the patients improved spontaneously, and 3 became neurologically normal. Two patients di...

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  • Platelet-derived growth factor-alpha receptor-positive oligodendroglia are frequent in multiple sclerosis lesions.

    abstract::Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) ligand is a potent glial cell mitogen. When its cognate receptor (PDGF-alphaR) is expressed on oligodendroglial lineage cells, such cells are considered capable of division, and the receptor thus serves as a phenotypic marker for oligodendrocyte precursor cells. Here we identify u...

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  • Glutamate receptor-mediated ischemic injury of premyelinated central axons.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Ischemic injury of axons is a feature of periventricular leukomalacia, a pathological correlate of cerebral palsy. Recent evidence suggests that axons are damaged before they receive the first layer of compact myelin. Here we examine the cellular mechanisms underlying ischemic-type injury of premyelinated cen...

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