Distribution and potential toxicity of benthic harmful dinoflagellates in waters of Florida Bay and the Florida Keys.


:Few studies have been carried out on benthic dinoflagellates along the Florida Keys, and little is known about their distribution or toxicity in Florida Bay. Here, the distribution and abundance of benthic dinoflagellates was explored in northern and eastern Florida Bay and along the bay and ocean sides of the Florida Keys. Isolates were brought into culture and their toxicity was tested with oyster larvae bioassays. Seven genera were detected, including Prorocentrum, Coolia, Ostreopsis, Amphidinium, Gambierdiscus, Fukuyoa (all included potentially toxic species) and Sinophysis. In general, distribution increased with water temperature and nutrient availability, especially that of phosphate. This study documented the first record of Coolia santacroce in the Florida Keys. Potential toxic effects of Gambierdiscus caribaeus, the abundance of which exceeded 1000 cells g-1 fw at some sites, were established using oyster larvae as a bioassay organism. These findings suggest a potential risk of ciguatera fish poisoning in this area.


Mar Environ Res


Accoroni S,Totti C,Romagnoli T,Giulietti S,Glibert PM




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  • The Quality of Rocky Bottoms index (CFR): a validated method for the assessment of macroalgae according to the European Water Framework Directive.

    abstract::The Quality of Rocky Bottoms index (CFR by its Spanish acronym) is a multimetric method used for the assessment of macroalgae communities in accordance to the European Water Framework Directive. In order to improve the precision and accuracy of the assessments, the index was adjusted using a continuous scoring system....

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    abstract::The modulations of reproductive biomarker responses, such as vitellogenin (Vtg) and zona radiata protein (Zr-protein) by xenoestrogens are mediated through the estrogen receptors (ERs). The ERalpha and ERbeta belong to the nuclear receptor (NR) superfamily of ligand activated transcription factors that modulate specif...

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  • Routes of TBT uptake in the clam Ruditapes decussatus. I. Water and sediments as vectors of TBT uptake.

    abstract::This study assesses the relative importance of water and sediments as vectors of TBT uptake in the sediment-dwelling suspension feeder, Ruditapes decussatus. Accumulation of TBT was determined in R. decussatus exposed for 60 days to moderately high but environmentally realistic levels of TBT in water (100 ng Snl(-1)) ...

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  • The effects of shoreface nourishments on Spisula and scoters in The Netherlands.

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  • Metal accumulation in mussels of the Kuril Islands, north-west Pacific Ocean.

    abstract::Concentrations of cadmium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, nickel and zinc were investigated in two species of mussel from the Kuril Islands in the north-western Pacific Ocean: the short-lived mussel Mytilus trossulus and the much larger and longer-lived Crenomytilus grayanus. The concentrations of most elements were l...

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  • Chronic exposure of Leptocheirus plumulosus to Baltimore Harbor sediment: bioenergetic and population-level effects.

    abstract::We investigated the long-term effects of contaminants in sediment from Baltimore Harbor, MD, USA, on a burrowing amphipod (Leptocheirus plumulosus) via a full life-cycle laboratory exposure. Contaminants in the Baltimore Harbor sediment included PAHs (10,800 ng/g), PCBs (152 ng/g), and heavy metals (including As, Cd, ...

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  • Measurement of the activity of multixenobiotic resistance mechanism in the common carp Cyprinus carpio.

    abstract::The multixenobiotic resistance (MXR) mechanism, mediated by activity of the transmembrane P-glycoprotein, represents a basic biological defence system in aquatic organisms. Here we investigate the MXR transport activity in an aquatic vertebrate, the common carp (Cyprinus carpio). We measured the accumulation rate of a...

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  • In vivo and in vitro effects of benzothiazole on sheepshead minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus).

    abstract::Benzothiazole, a common chemical associated with tire manufacturing and industrial wastewater, is a principal component of both fresh water and estuarine tire leachate, a neurotoxicant to larval sheepshead minnows (Cyprinodon variegatus) in in vivo estuarine studies. The neurotoxic potential of benzothiazole was inves...

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