Survival of side grafts with scions from pure species Pinus engelmannii Carr. and the P. engelmannii × P. arizonica Engelm. var. arizonica hybrid.


:Grafting is one of the most widely used methods for vegetative propagation, particularly for multiplying trees considered important, but there has been little research done on the effect of hybridization on grafts from the genus Pinus. Sometimes hybrids show the ability to reproduce and adapt efficiently to the environment. However, they reduce the genetic gain of seed orchards. The objective in this research was to evaluate the effect of scion grafts from pure species donor Pinus engelmannii Carr. and from putative hybrid trees P. engelmannii × P. arizonica Engelm., grafted on rootstocks of pure species P. engelmannii, along with the effect of the position of the scion in the donor tree crown (upper third and middle third). The scions were collected from three trees of the pure species and three hybrids. In each tree, 20 scions were collected from each third of the crown evaluated. 120 side-veneer grafts were made at the beginning of spring (March) 2018. Variance analyses were performed to evaluate the treatments and adjustments of the Logit and Weibull models to obtain the probability of graft survival. Significant differences were found between the origins of scions (p < 0.0083, after Bonferroni correction), showing grafts with hybrid tree scions taking hold better. In addition, the probability of survival at 5 months after grafting with hybrid tree scions was greater (p < 0.0001) than in grafts with scions from trees of the pure species (Logit model), which coincides with the results of the Weibull model, which indicated that the probability of graft death with pure species donor tree scions is greater than for grafts with hybrid scions. There were no significant differences regarding the position of the scion in the donor tree crown.






Pérez-Luna A,Wehenkel C,Prieto-Ruíz JÁ,López-Upton J,Hernández-Díaz JC




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