Health Literacy, Drug Knowledge, and Drug Misuse Behaviors Among North Korean Refugees.


PURPOSE:This study measured levels of health literacy, drug knowledge, and drug misuse behavior and analyzed the relationship among major variables related to 137 North Korean refugees who could only receive limited medical benefits owing to cultural and linguistic barriers. METHOD:The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t test, and the Pearson correlation coefficient using SPSS. RESULTS:The subjects' health literacy and drug knowledge levels were low; however, drug misuse behavior was not high. The drug dosage was significant considering the health literacy of the subjects; notably, the functional health literacy of women was high. However, many drug misuse cases were identified among women in their 40s. Health literacy and drug knowledge levels showed a significant relationship. CONCLUSION:It is necessary to provide community-based information to vulnerable groups to ensure safe use of medications and to develop a level-based and tailored educational program considering North Korean refugees' literacy levels and cultural characteristics.


J Forensic Nurs


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