Assessing the ecophysiological response of a mountain grassland community to ski slope management through isotopic composition.


:A scarce natural snow cover forces an increasing use of artificial snow on ski slopes and returns a small amount of snowmelt water available to plants outside the pistes at the beginning of the growing season. We tested if the use of artificial snow on the ski slopes and the decreased natural snow cover outside the ski slopes lead to changes in the leaf ecophysiology of dominant species in a ski area located in Northern Italy. Using carbon (13C/12C) and oxygen (18O/16O) stable isotope ratios in plant leaves, we estimated the intrinsic water use efficiency (iWUE) and we speculated about changes in photosynthesis and stomatal conductance. Furthermore, carbon and nitrogen concentration, pigments and dry matter content, and the specific area of leaves were measured. We found a higher iWUE of the plants on the ski slopes than outside, probably because the plants on the ski piste are exposed to a condition close to waterlogging that can lead them to regulate their stomata differently than the plants outside the pistes. This behaviour was observed particularly in Ranunculus acris and in Tussilago farfara, for these species the water surplus on the piste may have affected the plants' gas exchanges.


Casagrande Bacchiocchi S,Scandellari F,Wellstein C,Cavieres LA,Zerbe S




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    abstract::Stable sulphur isotope determinations were performed on 18 moss samples collected at nine sites in forested areas of the city of Kielce. The delta(34)S of Hylocomium splendens varied from 4.4 to 7.1 per thousand, whereas the delta(34)S of Pleurozium schreberi was in the range of 3.7-9.1 per thousand. The Holy Cross Mo...

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    abstract::River water samples were analysed for stable isotopes (deuterium and oxygen-18) collected from 46 sites during spring 2008, and from monthly samples at the outlets of seven sub-basins of the River Weser (46,200 km(2) basin area in total) over a five year period from 2003 to 2007, to characterise temporal and spatial i...

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  • The isotope altitude effect reflected in groundwater: a case study from Slovenia.

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  • Boron isotope determinations in waters and other geological materials: analytical techniques and inter-calibration of measurements.

    abstract::The (11)B/(10)B ratio exhibits wide variations in nature; thus, boron isotopes have found numerous applications in geochemistry, hydrology, and environmental studies. The main analytical techniques used are as follows: positive thermal ionisation mass spectrometry is the most precise (about 0.2 per thousand of the bor...

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  • Radiological mapping of Kelantan, Malaysia, using terrestrial radiation dose rate.

    abstract::Measurements of the environmental terrestrial gamma radiation dose rate (TGRD) in each district of Kelantan state, Malaysia, were carried out using a portable hand-held radiation survey meter and global positioning system. The measurements were done based on geology and soil types of the area. The mean TGRD was found ...

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  • (238)U and total radioactivity in drinking waters in Van province, Turkey.

    abstract::As part of the national survey to evaluate natural radioactivity in the environment, concentration levels of total radioactivity and natural uranium have been analysed in drinking water samples. A survey to study natural radioactivity in drinking waters was carried out in the Van province, East Turkey. Twenty-three sa...

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