Long-term deaths from melanoma according to tumor thickness at diagnosis.


:There is little long-term follow-up information about how the number of melanoma deaths and case fatality vary over time according to the measured thickness of melanoma at diagnosis. This population-based longitudinal cohort study examines patterns and trends in case fatality among 44,531 people in Queensland (Australia) diagnosed with a single invasive melanoma (International Classification of Diseases for Oncology, third revision [ICD-O-3], C44, Morphology 872-879) between 1987 and 2011, including 11,883 diagnosed between 1987 and 1996, with up to 20 years follow-up (to December 2016). The 20-year case fatality increased by thickness, with the percentage of melanoma deaths within 20 years of diagnosis being up to 4.8% for melanomas with measured thickness <0.80 mm, 10.6% for tumors 0.8 to <1.0 mm and generally more than 30% for melanomas measuring 3 mm and more. For melanomas <1.0 mm, most deaths occurred between 5 and 20 years after diagnosis, whereas for thicker melanomas the reverse was true with most deaths occurring within the first 5 years. Five-year case fatality decreased over successive calendar time periods for melanomas <1.0 mm, but not for melanomas ≥1.0 mm. These findings demonstrate that the time course for fatal melanomas varies markedly according to tumor thickness at diagnosis. Improved understanding of the patient factors and characteristics of melanomas, in addition to tumor thickness, which increase the likelihood of progression, is needed to guide clinical diagnosis, communication with patients and ongoing surveillance pathways of patients with potentially fatal lesions.


Int J Cancer


Baade PD,Whiteman DC,Janda M,Cust AE,Neale RE,Smithers BM,Green AC,Khosrotehrani K,Mar V,Soyer HP,Aitken JF




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  • Circulating enterolactone and risk of endometrial cancer.

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  • Melanoma progression-associated glycoprotein MUC18/MCAM mediates homotypic cell adhesion through interaction with a heterophilic ligand.

    abstract::MUC18/MCAM is a cell-surface glycoprotein that is strongly expressed on advanced human melanomas. Transfection of 3 MCAM-negative melanoma cell lines with MCAM cDNA led to cell-surface expression and to a MCAM-dependent homotypic adhesion. This adhesion was independent of divalent cations and was inhibited at 4 degree...

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  • Oncogenic PIK3CA mutations in colorectal cancers and polyps.

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  • Antigen shedding vs. development of natural suppressor cells as mechanism of tumor escape in mice bearing Ehrlich tumor.

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