Circadian gene Clock participates in mitochondrial apoptosis pathways by regulating mitochondrial membrane potential, mitochondria out membrane permeablization and apoptosis factors in AML12 hepatocytes.


:Circadian rhythms help organisms adapt to changes of external environment by regulating energy metabolism and remaining the balance of homeostasis. Numerous researches have proved that the physiological function of liver was precisely controlled by circadian rhythms. Clock, one of core circadian genes, has been demonstrated to regulate the oxidative phosphorylation process of mitochondrial, which provides energy for living cells and acts as one of the hub for apoptosis. However, whether Clock gene regulates mitochondrial apoptosis pathways in liver cells remains less explored. In the present study, we used lentiviral vector to establish a stable AML12 cell lines which were capable of expressing specific shRNA to interfere the expression of Clock gene and investigated the effect of Clock on mitochondrial apoptosis pathways. Herein, we found that the interference of Clock gene could significantly suppress mitochondrial apoptosis pathways by stabilizing mitochondrial membrane potential and inhibiting mitochondria out membrane permeablization, which might be a result of lower expression of BAD and BIM proteins. Moreover, the interference of Clock gene could downregulate the expression of mitochondrial apoptosis factors, i.e. AIF, CYCS, APAF-1 and SMAC, which will suppress the formation of apoptosome and the process of DNA degradation to further inhibit apoptosis process. This work provides an insight on the important role of Clock gene participating in mitochondrial apoptosis pathways of hepatocytes and unveils a probable pathogenesis of how circadian rhythm regulates liver diseases.


Mol Cell Biochem


Yang S,Liu Y,Guo Y,Liu R,Qi F,Li X,Yu H,Cheng S,Wang Z




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2020-04-01 00:00:00














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