PDCD4 controls the G1/S-phase transition in a telomerase-immortalized epithelial cell line and affects the expression level and translation of multiple mRNAs.


:PDCD4, the protein encoded by the tumor suppressor gene PDCD4 (programmed cell death 4) has been implicated in the control of cellular transcription and translation by modulating the activity of specific transcription factors and suppressing the translation of mRNAs with structured 5'-UTRs. Most studies of human PDCD4 have employed tumor cell lines, possibly resulting in a biased picture of its role in normal cells. Here, we have studied the function of PDCD4 in a telomerase-immortalized human epithelial cell line. We show for the first time that PDCD4 is required for the G1/S-transition, demonstrating its crucial role in the cell cycle. Inhibition of p53-dependent activation of p21WAF1/CIP1 overrides the requirement for PDCD4 for the G1/S-transition, suggesting that PDCD4 counteracts basal p53 activity to prevent activation of the G1/S checkpoint by p53. Transcriptome and ribosome profiling data show that silencing of PDCD4 changes the expression levels and translation of many mRNAs, providing an unbiased view of the cellular processes that are affected by PDCD4 in an epithelial cell line. Our data identify PDCD4 as a key regulator of cell cycle- and DNA-related functions that are inhibited when it is silenced, suggesting that decreased expression of PDCD4 might contribute to tumor development by compromising genomic integrity.


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Scientific reports


Haas A,Nilges BS,Leidel SA,Klempnauer KH




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2020-02-17 00:00:00












  • Minocycline, a microglial inhibitor, reduces 'honey trap' risk in human economic exchange.

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  • Linking landscape-scale conservation to regional and continental outcomes for a migratory species.

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  • Basin stability measure of different steady states in coupled oscillators.

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  • Fast ion transport through ultrathin shells of metal sulfide hollow nanocolloids used for high-performance energy storage.

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  • Use of a Lymphatic Drug Delivery System and Sonoporation to Target Malignant Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells Proliferating in the Marginal Sinuses.

    abstract::Lymph node (LN) metastasis through the lymphatic network is a major route for cancer dissemination. Tumor cells reach the marginal sinuses of LNs via afferent lymphatic vessels (LVs) and form metastatic lesions that lead to distant metastasis. Thus, targeting of metastatic cells in the marginal sinuses could improve c...

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  • Association between secondary thrombocytosis and viral respiratory tract infections in children.

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  • Biotic soil-plant interaction processes explain most of hysteric soil CO2 efflux response to temperature in cross-factorial mesocosm experiment.

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  • CdS quantum dots modified CuO inverse opal electrodes for ultrasensitive electrochemical and photoelectrochemical biosensor.

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  • A Flexible Electret Membrane with Persistent Electrostatic Effect and Resistance to Harsh Environment for Energy Harvesting.

    abstract::A novel flexible electret membrane, exhibiting persistent electrostatic effect, distinctive temperature stability and outstanding capability of resistance to harsh environment and fatigue, is demonstrated by experiment. Its excellent electret performance is correlated to the synergy of three factors, which are space c...

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  • In vivo cross-sectional imaging of the phonating larynx using long-range Doppler optical coherence tomography.

    abstract::Diagnosis and treatment of vocal fold lesions has been a long-evolving science for the otolaryngologist. Contemporary practice requires biopsy of a glottal lesion in the operating room under general anesthesia for diagnosis. Current in-office technology is limited to visualizing the surface of the vocal folds with fib...

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  • Root canal configuration and root wall thickness of first maxillary premolars in an Israeli population. A Cone-beam computed tomography study.

    abstract::Anatomical features of first maxillary premolars may greatly affect endodontic and following restorative treatments. The aim of this study was to evaluate root canal configuration and root wall thickness of first maxillary premolars using a preexisting CBCT database. A CBCT database of 400 first maxillary premolar was...

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  • Effects of short-term heat shock and physiological responses to heat stress in two Bradysia adults, Bradysia odoriphaga and Bradysia difformis.

    abstract::Bradysia odoriphaga and Bradysia difformis are devastating pests of vegetable, ornamental crops and edible mushrooms causing significant losses. Temperature may be an important factor restricting their population abundance in the summer. To determine the effects of short-term heat shock on adults, their survival, long...

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  • SMRT sequencing of full-length transcriptome of seagrasses Zostera japonica.

    abstract::Seagrass meadows are among the four most productive marine ecosystems in the world. Zostera japonica (Z. japonica) is the most widely distributed species of seagrass in China. However, there is no reference genome or transcriptome available for Z. japonica, impeding progress in functional genomic and molecular ecology...

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