Role of Early PET/CT Imaging with 68Ga-PSMA in Staging and Restaging of Prostate Cancer.


:Ga-68 Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen PET/CT is a new tool for the assessment of prostate cancer. Standard imaging time is 60 minutes post injection of radiotracer. At 60 minutes, there is physiologic accumulation of radiotracer in the urinary bladder which may cause some lesions in its vicinity to be obscured. Our aim is to determine if early imaging at 3 minutes in addition to standard imaging at 60 minutes can improve the detection of PSMA-avid lesions. A retrospective review of 167 consecutive patients was conducted. Overall, 115 patients (68.9%) were ruled to have prostate cancer based on imaging as seen on early or standard PET/CT images. In 106/115 (64%), the lesions were detected on both early and standard imaging; in 8/115 (6.9%), the lesions were only detected on early imaging; in 1/115 (0.6%) the lesion was detected only on standard imaging. The addition of early imaging significantly improved the overall detection rate of PSMA-avid lesions (p = 0.039). The ratio of patients with lesions detected on early imaging but not on standard imaging in restaging group was 7/88 and was higher than that in staging group 1/79 (p = 0.043). We recommend early imaging in addition to the standard imaging in Ga-68 PSMA PET/CT, particularly in patients presenting for restaging of prostate cancer.


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Barakat A,Yacoub B,Homsi ME,Saad Aldine A,El Hajj A,Haidar MB




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2020-02-17 00:00:00












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