The role of negative affect in the persistence of nicotine dependence among alternative high school students: A latent growth curve analysis.


BACKGROUND:Previous research has demonstrated how negative affect (i.e., depression, anxiety, stress) is often a correlate of and precursor to nicotine dependence. Although recent evidence shows a gradual decline in tobacco use in the United States, subgroups that report higher levels of negative affect may continue to be at risk of becoming dependent on nicotine. One high-risk subgroup is students who attend alternative high schools. The current longitudinal investigation examined the effect of negative affect on nicotine dependence in this youth population. METHODS:1060 students from 29 alternative high schools in Southern California completed a series of attitudinal and behavioral measures once per year over a three-year period. The main outcome was nicotine dependence i.e., feeling a strong urge to use nicotine products or experiencing withdrawal symptoms after a period of abstinence, measured using a version of the Fagerstrom Tolerance Questionnaire designed for adolescents. A latent growth curve model was utilized to examine the effect of negative affect on nicotine dependence during this timeframe. RESULTS:The analysis revealed that negative affect had both a concurrent and prospective relationship with nicotine dependence. Moreover, the association between negative affect and nicotine dependence in the present was not statistically significant once the influence of negative affect reported one year earlier was accounted for. CONCLUSIONS:Negative affect may play a critical role in the persistence of nicotine dependence among high-risk youth. Providing resources to help manage negative affect may be critical to curtailing nicotine dependence in this population.


Drug Alcohol Depend


Miller S,Pike J,Shono Y,Beleva Y,Xie B,Stacy AW




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  • Impaired time perception and motor timing in stimulant-dependent subjects.

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  • DRD2 genotypes and substance use in adolescent children of alcoholics.

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  • Understanding US addiction physicians' low rate of naltrexone prescription.

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  • Dronabinol and lofexidine for cannabis use disorder: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cannabis use disorder is associated with substantial morbidity and, after alcohol, is the most common drug bringing adolescents and adults into treatment. At present, there are no FDA-approved medications for cannabis use disorder. Combined pharmacologic interventions might be particularly useful in mitigati...

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  • Screening for current drug use disorders in alcoholics: an application of receiver operating characteristic analysis.

    abstract::The major objectives of the present study were 2-fold: (1) to demonstrate the superiority of receiver operating characteristic (ROC) methodology in the comparison of screening tests that yield continuous values; and (2) to identify the best screening indicator of current drug use disorders in alcoholics. We evaluated ...

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  • Neurochemical similarities between d,l-cathinone and d-amphetamine.

    abstract::Cathinone, the principal alkaloid of Khat, was compared to the psychomotor stimulant d-amphetamine on a number of neurochemical measures. Like d-amphetamine, d,l-cathinone released and blocked the uptake of tritiated dopamine (DA) in synaptosomal preparations. In addition, repeated high doses of d,l-cathinone produced...

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  • Sponsorship and service as mediators of the effects of Making Alcoholics Anonymous Easier (MAAEZ), a 12-step facilitation intervention.

    abstract::A recent trial (n=508) of "Making Alcoholics Anonymous Easier" (MAAEZ), a group-format 12-step facilitation program, showed that MAAEZ participants had increased odds of abstinence (OR=1.58; p=0.063). Effects were especially marked in several subgroups, including those with more prior AA/NA/CA exposure, and those with...

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