Couples coping with cancer together: Successful implementation of a caregiver program as standard of care.


OBJECTIVE:The couples coping with cancer together program (CCCT) is used to illustrate practical strategies to implement, evaluate, and grow a successful couples-based program in an NCI-designated CCC. CCCT is multimodal program utilizing psychoeducational, strategic, strengths-based, and problem-solving theoretical frameworks. CCCT integrates multiple intervention modalities, as the standard of care: patients/partners biopsychosocial screening, a standardized psychoeducational session, group intervention, and short-term couples counseling. METHODS:Implementation strategies included: (a) identifying Values-Benefits-Outcomes for key stakeholders, (b) recruiting an interdisciplinary team, (c) utilizing a concurrent development model (implementing program components in small iterations), (d) integrating program into existing institutional processes, and (e) collecting data and credibility. RESULTS:CCCT prospectively screened 1995 patients/partners simultaneously for biopsychosocial distress and 913 patient/partner completed program evaluations. Program satisfaction was extremely high: "I recommend this program, for other patients/partners (Patients 95.4% Partners 96.4%)." Ten of the 11 participating physicians anonymously surveyed responded and indicated 100% likely/very likely "to recommend the program to other physicians." CONCLUSIONS:Couples-based programs are underutilized and have been shown to be important for adjustment and increased longevity. Despite barriers in the healthcare environment, implementing couples-based programs into standard of care are feasible. These strategies may be applicable to develop supportive care programs in various health-care settings.






Bitz C,Kent EE,Clark K,Loscalzo M




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    abstract::Childhood cancer can have a substantial emotional impact on the siblings of the sick child. In order to help these siblings adjust to the illness, supportive groups were started in 1994 at our medical center. The program is based on a model of psychosocial support; the aim of the group is to enhance control strategies...


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  • How doctors communicate the initial diagnosis of cancer matters: cancer disclosure and its relationship with Patients' hope and trust.

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Although the implementation of routine screening for distress is desirable, doing so is difficult in today's busy clinical oncology practice. We developed the 'Distress Screening Program in Ambulatory Care' (DISPAC program) as a practical means of screening for and facilitating the treatment of major depressi...


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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The Revised-Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQ-R) assesses illness perceptions according to Leventhal's self-regulatory model. The aim of this paper is to present findings on the reliability and validity of the IPQ-R in a population of Greek cancer patients. METHODS:A total of 206 patients completed a Gre...


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    abstract::This investigation is a Greek validation of the Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer (Mini-MAC) scale, an instrument derived from the MAC and designed to measure styles of coping with cancer. A sample of 225 women diagnosed with breast cancer completed this questionnaire. Statistical analyses using structural equation mod...


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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:There is a growing need to assess the long-term quality of life (QOL) of pediatric oncology patients since many children now survive their disease. This paper highlights the subjective perspectives of pediatric cancer patients and specifically explores how experiencing cancer at a young age impacts adolescent...


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  • Improving the health and well-being of cancer survivors: past as prologue.

    abstract::During the past two decades, there have been a number of unsuccessful replication attempts of our finding that group psychotherapy improves cancer survival. One explanation for this failure is that the wrong phenomenon has been studied. Rather than focusing on the effects of the psychotherapeutic relationship, perhaps...




    authors: Bloom JR

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