Flow cytometry evaluation of infection-related biomarkers in febrile subjects in the emergency department.


:Aim: In an Emergency Department (ED), the etiological identification of infected subjects is essential. 13 infection-related biomarkers were assessed using a new flow cytometry procedure. Materials & methods: If subjects presented with febrile symptoms at the ED, 13 biomarkers' levels, including CD64 on neutrophils (nCD64) and CD169 on monocytes (mCD169), were tested and compared with clinical records. Results: Among 50 subjects, 78% had bacterial infections and 8% had viral infections. nCD64 showed 82% sensitivity and 91% specificity for identifying subjects with bacterial infections. mCD169, HLA-ABC ratio and HLA-DR on monocytes had high values in subjects with viral infections. Conclusion: Biomarkers showed promising performances to improve the ED's infectious stratification.


Future Microbiol


Future microbiology


Bourgoin P,Lediagon G,Arnoux I,Bernot D,Morange PE,Michelet P,Malergue F,Markarian T




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