New aspects in cardiac L-type Ca2+ channel regulation.


:Cardiac excitation-contraction coupling is initiated with the influx of Ca2+ ions across the plasma membrane through voltage-gated L-type calcium channels. This process is tightly regulated by modulation of the channel open probability and channel localization. Protein kinase A (PKA) is found in close association with the channel and is one of the main regulators of its function. Whether this kinase is modulating the channel open probability by phosphorylation of key residues or via alternative mechanisms is unclear. This review summarizes recent findings regarding the PKA-mediated channel modulation and will highlight recently discovered regulatory mechanisms that are independent of PKA activity and involve protein-protein interactions and channel localization.


Biochem Soc Trans


Pallien T,Klussmann E




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  • Structural mass spectrometry comes of age: new insight into protein structure, function and interactions.

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  • Reversibility of functional deficits in experimental models of Rett syndrome.

    abstract::Mutations in the X-linked MECP2 gene are the primary cause of the severe autism spectrum disorder RTT (Rett syndrome). Deletion of Mecp2 in mice recapitulates many of the overt neurological features seen in humans, and the delayed onset of symptoms is accompanied by deficits in neuronal morphology and synaptic physiol...

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  • Characterizing diverse orthologues of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein for structural studies.

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  • Controlling embryonic stem cell proliferation and pluripotency: the role of PI3K- and GSK-3-dependent signalling.

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  • Effects of intra-gene fitness interactions on the benefit of sexual recombination.

    abstract::Whereas spontaneous point mutation operates on nucleotides individually, sexual recombination manipulates the set of nucleotides within an allele as an essentially particulate unit. In principle, these two different scales of variation enable selection to follow fitness gradients in two different spaces: in nucleotide...

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  • Luminescent conjugated poly- and oligo-thiophenes: optical ligands for spectral assignment of a plethora of protein aggregates.

    abstract::The deposition of protein aggregates in various parts of our body gives rise to several devastating diseases, and the development of probes for the selective detection of aggregated proteins is crucial to advance our understanding of the pathogenesis underlying these diseases. LCPs (luminescent conjugated polythiophen...

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  • Hierarchical assembly of cell-matrix adhesion complexes.

    abstract::The adhesion of cells to the extracellular matrix is a dynamic process, mediated by a series of cell-surface and matrix-associated molecules that interact with each other in a spatially and temporally regulated manner. These interactions play a major role in tissue formation, cellular migration and the induction of ad...

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  • Protein conformational distortions induced by membrane interfacial interactions.

    abstract::It is clear that considerable conformational distortions may occur in peripheral proteins on interaction with anionic lipid bilayers. Specific lipid interactions do occur at least in the case of cytochrome c, and each perturbation and interaction may well take place before insertion into, or translocation across, a bi...

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  • A new approach for the investigation of reperfusion-related brain injury.

    abstract::Effective stroke therapies require recanalization of occluded cerebral blood vessels; however, early reperfusion can cause BBB (blood-brain barrier) injury, leading to cerebral oedema and/or devastating brain haemorrhage. These complications of early reperfusion, which result from excess production of ROS (reactive ox...

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  • Beta galactosidases in Arabidopsis and tomato - a mini review.

    abstract::Beta galactosidases (BGALs) are glycosyl hydrolases that remove terminal β-D-galactosyl residues from β-D-galactosides. There are 17 predicted BGAL genes in the genomes of both Arabidopsis (BGAL1-17) and tomato (TBG1-17). All tested BGALs have BGAL activity but their distinct expression profiles and ancient phylogenet...

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  • Functional mapping of Toll/interleukin-1 signalling networks by expression cloning.

    abstract::Multiple cellular proteins have been identified as participating in Toll/interleukin-1 receptor-mediated inflammatory gene expression. The continuing isolation of novel components, based on sequence similarities, protein-protein interactions and protein purification, suggests that many elements of this signalling netw...

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  • Properties and inhibition of the first two enzymes of the non-mevalonate pathway of isoprenoid biosynthesis.

    abstract::Enzymes of the 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate/2-C-methylerythritol 4-phosphate (DOXP/MEP) pathway are targets for new herbicides and antibacterial drugs. Until now, no inhibitors for the DOXP synthase have been known of. We show that one of the breakdown products of the herbicide clomazone affects the DOXP synthase. O...

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  • Polyamine dependence of normal cell-cycle progression.

    abstract::The driving force of the cell cycle is the activities of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs). Key steps in the regulation of the cell cycle therefore must impinge upon the activities of the CDKs. CDKs exert their functions when bound to cyclins that are expressed cyclically during the cell cycle. Polyamine biosynthesis va...

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  • Presenilins: how much more than γ-secretase?!

    abstract::AD (Alzheimer's disease) is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by a gradual loss of neurons and the accumulation of neurotoxic Aβ (amyloid β-peptide) and hyperphosphorylated tau. The discovery of mutations in three genes, PSEN1 (presenilin 1), PSEN2 (presenilin 2) and APP (amyloid precursor protein), in patient...

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  • Polyamine biosynthetic enzymes as drug targets in parasitic protozoa.

    abstract::Molecular, biochemical and genetic characterization of ornithine decarboxylase, S -adenosylmethionine decarboxylase and spermidine synthase establishes that these polyamine-biosynthetic enzymes are essential for growth and survival of the agents that cause African sleeping sickness, Chagas' disease, leishmaniasis and ...

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  • The polymorphic telomeres of the African Trypanosome trypanosoma brucei.

    abstract::African trypanosomes have plastic genomes with extensive variability at the chromosome ends. The genes encoding the expressed major surface protein of the infective bloodstream form stages of Trypanosoma brucei and are located at telomeres. These telomeric expression-site transcription units are turning out to be surp...

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  • Comparison of protein repeat classifications based on structure and sequence families.

    abstract::Tandem repeats (TR) in proteins are common in nature and have several unique functions. They come in various forms that are frequently difficult to recognize from a sequence. A previously proposed structural classification has been recently implemented in the RepeatsDB database. This defines five main classes, mainly ...

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  • Lymphocyte cell motility: the twisting, turning tale of phosphoinositide 3-kinase.

    abstract::The PI3K (phosphoinositide 3-kinase) family of lipid kinases regulate cell motility in diverse organisms and cell types. In mammals, the main PI3K enzyme activated by chemokine receptor signalling is the class IB isoform, p110gamma. Studies of p110gamma-knockout mice have shown an essential function for this isoform i...

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    authors: Oak JS,Matheu MP,Parker I,Cahalan MD,Fruman DA

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  • The use of in situ haemoglobin-free perfused liver in metabolic-control analysis.

    abstract::In this study the network of ATP-consuming and -producing reactions, interacting via the cytosolic ATP/ADP+P(i) system, was studied for the first time in an intact organ, the isolated perfused rat liver, using top-down metabolic-control analysis. Flux control in the metabolically resting state (only oxidative phosphor...

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  • The complex matter of DNA double-strand break detection.

    abstract::To maintain genomic stability, despite constant exposure to agents that damage DNA, eukaryotic cells have developed elaborate and highly conserved pathways of DNA damage sensing, signalling and repair. In this review, we concentrate mainly on what we know about DNA damage sensing with particular reference to Lcd1p, a ...

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  • Intermediates in serine recombinase-mediated site-specific recombination.

    abstract::Site-specific recombinases are enzymes that promote precise rearrangements of DNA sequences. They do this by cutting and rejoining the DNA strands at specific positions within a pair of target sites recognized and bound by the recombinase. One group of these enzymes, the serine recombinases, initiates strand exchange ...

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  • PINK1 activation-turning on a promiscuous kinase.

    abstract::PINK1 [phosphatase and tensin homologue (PTEN)-induced putative kinase 1] is a serine/threonine kinase targeted to mitochondria and implicated in early-onset recessive Parkinson's disease (PD). Through the phosphorylation of its downstream targets, PINK1 regulates multiple mitochondrial processes, including ATP produc...

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  • Mucins: the frontline defence of the lung.

    abstract::Mucus plays a vital role in protecting the lungs from environmental factors, but conversely, in muco-obstructive airway disease, mucus becomes pathologic. In its protective role, mucus entraps microbes and particles removing them from the lungs via the co-ordinated beating of motile cilia. This mechanism of lung defen...

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  • TPC: the NAADP discovery channel?

    abstract::The Ca2+-mobilizing second messenger, NAADP (nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate), has been with us for nearly 20 years and yet we still cannot fully agree on the identity of its target Ca2+-release channel. In spite of some recent robust challenges to the idea that two-pore channels (TPCs) represent the elu...

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  • Biogenesis of the signal recognition particle.

    abstract::Assembly of ribonucleoprotein complexes is a facilitated quality-controlled process that typically includes modification to the RNA component from precursor to mature form. The SRP (signal recognition particle) is a cytosolic ribonucleoprotein that catalyses protein targeting to the endoplasmic reticulum. Assembly of ...

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  • An additional glucose dehydrogenase from Sulfolobus solfataricus: fine-tuning of sugar degradation?

    abstract::Within the SulfoSYS (Sulfolobus Systems Biology) project, the effect of temperature on a metabolic network is investigated at the systems level. Sulfolobus solfataricus utilizes an unusual branched ED (Entner-Doudoroff) pathway for sugar degradation that is promiscuous for glucose and galactose. In the course of metab...

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  • The development of chromatography for the characterization of protein interactions: a personal perspective.

    abstract::This article reviews the progress of a personal endeavour to develop chromatography as a quantitative procedure for the determination of reaction stoichiometries and equilibrium constants governing protein interactions. As well as affording insight into an aspect of chromatography with which many protein chemists are ...

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