A questionnaire survey on the efficacy of various treatments for dyskinetic cerebral palsy due to preterm bilirubin encephalopathy.


OBJECTIVES:Preterm children with severe dyskinetic cerebral palsy due to bilirubin encephalopathy often suffer from marked generalised hypertonus as they age. We performed a questionnaire survey to investigate patient-reported outcomes of treatments for improving their activities of daily life. METHODS:A mail questionnaire was administered to the caregivers of 67 children with preterm bilirubin encephalopathy aged >4 years. We asked about the type of treatments they received and their efficacy using a five-point subjective scale for the following five domains: motor function, postural stability, sleep, pain, and care burden. The names of oral drugs and their efficacies were also explored. RESULTS:The response rate of the questionnaires was 62.7% (42/67), and we analysed the results from 41 validated cases. All children underwent rehabilitation. A total of 30 children received oral drugs, 22 botulinum toxin, 12 orthopaedic surgery, and 3 intrathecal baclofen. Each of these treatments was subjectively reported to be effective in more than half of the recipients for each of the five domains, whereas 23 (56%) required more than two types of treatments other than rehabilitation. Chlordiazepoxide was the most commonly used oral drug, by 28 children (68%), and was discontinued in 7 patients (25%) only. In the sleep domain, the rate of a positive effect was significantly higher for oral drugs (92.7%) than the other treatments (p < 0.01). CONCLUSION:All treatments were partially effective, but their appropriate combination based on a multidisciplinary approach is essential for muscle tone management in children with preterm bilirubin encephalopathy.


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Kitai Y,Hirai S,Okuyama N,Hirotsune M,Nishimoto S,Mizutani S,Okumura A,Kumada S,Arai H




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    abstract::We evaluated the usefulness of intravenous lidocaine therapy for managing of status epilepticus (SE) during childhood in a retrospective multi-institutional study. Questionnaires were sent to 28 hospitals concerning patients admitted for SE who were managed with lidocaine, assessing patient characteristics, treatment ...

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