Imaging of cerebral complications of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in infants with congenital heart disease - ultrasound with multimodality correlation.


:Cranial ultrasound on neonatal intensive care units is generally performed by intensive care physicians, but radiologists often provide this crucial bedside test to children on specialist paediatric cardiac intensive care units. On a paediatric cardiac intensive care unit, complex congenital cardiac conditions are commonly encountered in both pre- and postoperative scenarios, often with the use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), which both increases the risks of a number of neurologic complications and results in significant changes in vascular physiology. The aim of this pictorial essay is to discuss cranial ultrasound technique, demonstrate the changes in Doppler flow profiles resulting from veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and congenital cardiac conditions, and illustrate commonly encountered intracranial complications of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support in congenital cardiac care.


Pediatr Radiol


Pediatric radiology


Svrckova P,Meshaka R,Holtrup M,Aramburo A,Mankad K,Kazmi F,Owens CM,Gala-Peralta S,Semple T




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  • The current status of non-radiologist-performed abdominal ultrasonography in paediatrics - a scoping literature review protocol.

    abstract::In recent years as a result of decreasing prices and the increasing availability of portable systems, ultrasonography (US), which historically has primarily been the domain of radiologists, has become more widely available to non-radiologists as well. This has increased the use of point-of-care paediatric US performed...

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  • Cardiac tumor in Gorlin syndrome. Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome.

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  • Assessment of pediatric near-drowning victims: is there a role for cranial CT?

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  • The impact of pediatric-specific dose modulation curves on radiation dose and image quality in head computed tomography.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The volume of CT examinations has increased with resultant increases in collective dose values over the last decade. OBJECTIVE:To analyze the impact of the tube current and voltage modulation for dose values and image quality of pediatric head CT examinations. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Head CT examinations wer...

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