Bradyrhizobium uaiense sp. nov., a new highly efficient cowpea symbiont.


:This study describes two Bradyrhizobium strains, UFLA03-164T and UFLA03-153, which share more than 99% sequence similarity of the 16S rRNA with the type strains of 15 species in this genus. The concatenation of three housekeeping genes (recA, gyrB, and dnaK) indicated that both strains formed a single clade separate from known Bradyrhizobium species. B. viridifuturi, represented by SEMIA 690T, is the closest neighboring species (96.2%). Low (< 92%) average nucleotide identity (ANI) was observed between strain UFLA03-164T and any of the closest species on the phylogenetic trees based on concatenated housekeeping genes. The DNA G+C content of UFLA03-164T is 63.25%. Phenotypic characteristics were determined for both UFLA strains. Based on the data, the two strains represent a new species for which the name Bradyrhizobium uaiense is proposed, with UFLA03-164T (= LMG 31509T) as type strain.


Arch Microbiol


Archives of microbiology


Cabral Michel D,Azarias Guimarães A,Martins da Costa E,Soares de Carvalho T,Balsanelli E,Willems A,Maltempi de Souza E,de Souza Moreira FM




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  • Pseudomonas fluorescens can induce and divert the human β-defensin-2 secretion in intestinal epithelial cells to enhance its virulence.

    abstract::The effect of intestinal molecules produced by the host on the virulence of Pseudomonas fluorescens is poorly documented. In the present work, we evaluated the secretion of human β-defensin-2 (hBD-2) by enterocytes after infection with P. fluorescens (a species previously suggested to be involved in inflammatory bowel...

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  • Natural genetic transformation of Pseudomonas stutzeri by sand-adsorbed DNA.

    abstract::In a soil/sediment model system we have shown recently that a gram-positive bacterium with natural competence (Bacillus subtilis) can take up transforming DNA adsorbed to sand minerals. Here we examined whether also a naturally transformable soil bacterium of the gram-negative pseudomonad (Pseudomonas stutzeri) can be...

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