Passion and ability: Mentoring in a Doctorate of Nursing Practice programme.


:This basic qualitative study sought to understand the experiences of Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) graduates with mentorship during their DNP project completion. Fourteen participants were recruited for telephonic, semi-structured interviews. Accessibility and availability of the mentor represents the dominant theme. Additional themes represented aspects of the mentor role related to the work involved in executing the project and the mentor's personal and professional attributes that promoted the professional socialisation of the graduates to the DNP role.


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  • A comparison of breastfeeding women's, peer supporters' and student midwives' breastfeeding knowledge and attitudes.

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  • Nursing students' experiences of nurse teacher mentoring and beneficial digital technologies in a clinical practice setting.

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  • Transparency of assessment decision-making when students are not meeting required levels of proficiency in clinical practice.

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  • Thai nursing students' adaption to problem-based learning: a qualitative study.

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  • Implementation of the Clinical Facilitation Model within an Australian rural setting: the role of the Clinical Facilitator.

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  • Epilepsy health promotion - An educational journey.

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  • Preceptors' views of assessing nursing students using a competency based approach.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to evaluate clinical competence assessment in BSc nursing registration education programmes. This research was undertaken in two phases and incorporated both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. In the first phase, two focus groups were conducted with preceptors working in general,...

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  • Academic success of undergraduate nursing students.

    abstract::Defining students' academic success can be challenging when perceptions about the qualities that define it differ. Little is known about these perceptions when it comes to nursing students and particularly when English is a second language (ESL). Larger numbers of international and ESL students are gaining entrance in...

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  • Internationalizing nursing curricula in a rapidly globalizing world.

    abstract::Rapid transformations in our globalizing world means there is an urgency for nurse educators to revitalize curricula to prepare nurses better for practice and the emphasis on achieving global health for all has never been greater. Nurses are being urged to collaborate across borders to achieve the United Nations' Sust...

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  • Clinical expectations: what facilitators expect from ESL students on clinical placement.

    abstract::Many nursing students for whom English is a second language (ESL) face challenges related to communication on clinical placement and although clinical facilitators are not usually trained language assessors, they are often in a position of needing to assess ESL students' clinical language performance. Little is known,...

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  • The development of a model of education for casual academic staff who support nursing students in practice.

    abstract::Nursing is predominantly a practice based profession where clinical placement for pre-registration nursing students is a significant component of their programme, as this is pivotal in achieving work readiness of the graduate registered nurse. It is therefore important to ensure nursing students have high quality clin...

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  • Development, implementation and evaluation of a disaster training programme for nurses: a Switching Replications randomized controlled trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Training efforts in disaster education need to provide updated knowledge, skills and expertise to nurses through evidence-based interventions. AIM:The purpose of the study was the development, implementation and evaluation of an educational programme for nurses regarding the provision of health care during ...

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  • FIRST-YEAR nursing students' experiences of simulation involving care of older patients. A descriptive and exploratory study.

    abstract::Mastering geriatric nursing skills takes time and its acquisition should start early in undergraduate nursing training. The purpose of this study is to synthesise and evaluate the learning experiences that first-year nursing students had following geriatric patient simulation and practice of clinical patient handover....

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  • Evaluation study to ascertain the impact of the clinical academic coaching role for enhancing student learning experience within a clinical masters education programme.

    abstract:AIM:To explore the appropriateness of clinical academic coaching role as a tool for enhancing student learning and the development of advanced academic and clinical practice skills for nurses. BACKGROUND:Coaching involves a relationship between individuals characterised by analyzing and communicating mutually understo...

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  • (W)riting across and within: Providing a vehicle for sharing local nursing and midwifery projects and innovation.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:This paper describes the development and outcomes of a locally-based journal that is contributed to and managed by nurses, midwives and academics within an area health service (AHS) in NSW, Australia. BACKGROUND:Nurses and midwives are often engaged in scholarly and rigorous activities aimed at improving ...

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  • An understanding of nurse educators' leadership behaviors in implementing mandatory continuing nursing education in China.

    abstract::Mandatory continuing nursing education is viewed as one way to develop registered nurses' continuing competencies. However, as has been argued internationally, it can also create a paradox in terms of learning to meet study requirements. Such paradox has been discussing in China since the implementation of mandatory c...

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  • Reflecting on reflection: students' evaluation of their moving and handling education.

    abstract::This paper discusses the value of introducing the component of reflection into a nursing programme for the teaching and learning of moving and handling. Twenty-five students who had just completed a Common Foundation Programme, of a Diploma in Higher Education (Nursing) course, were asked to evaluate the usefulness of...

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  • The lived experiences of general student nurses on their first clinical placement: A phenomenological study.

    abstract::This phenomenological study explores and describes the 'lived' experiences of general student nurses on their first clinical placement in an Irish School of Nursing. The research question: 'What are the experiences of general student nurses on their first clinical placement?' provided the focus for the study. In-depth...

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  • Development of evidence based practice in academic service partnerships: Experiences of working life representatives from social and health care sectors.

    abstract::Learning about how to develop and lead the implementation of evidence based practice (EBP) in services is an important part of the education of developers and managers for the social and health care sectors. In order to develop this teaching and to support the development of EBP in services, a Teaching Development Eff...

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  • Educational games developed for students in perioperative nursing: A systematic review and appraisal of the evidence.

    abstract::A systematic review was conducted on electronic databases of MEDLINE/PubMed, Scopus, ISI Web of Science, CINAHL, and Embase until December 2017, using relevant keywords for educational games developed for nursing students in perioperative field. To evaluate the level of strength and quality of the evidence, the Associ...

    journal_title:Nurse education in practice

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  • An exploratory evaluation of an action learning set within a mental health service.

    abstract::Collaborative processes which enable problem solving and decision making are reported as being essential to professional practice within contemporary health care. Action learning is a process reported on as a systematic approach to effective problem solving, whilst action learning sets are increasingly being reported ...

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    authors: Lamont S,Brunero S,Russell R

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  • Patients as teachers? An evaluative study of patients' involvement in classroom teaching.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to evaluate the participation of patients in classroom-based teaching within a pre-registration programme. The rationale for the research was based on the view that utilizing patients as active participants in teaching and learn ing experiences allows nurses to gain valuable insight into the ...

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  • A theory to guide nursing students caring for patients with suicidal tendencies on psychiatric clinical practicum.

    abstract::Research concerning this issue demonstrates that nursing students initially feared interacting with and caring for patients with suicidal tendencies. However, there is a lack of research, which examines the care that is provided to patients that are suicidal, by nursing students. The aim of this study was to develop a...

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  • The catcher in the why: developing an evidence-based approach to the organization, delivery and evaluation of pre-registration nurse educational programmes.

    abstract::Changes to the pedagogy of pre-registration nurse education and training have become a global phenomenon. However, the evidence base to inform responses to these changes and the impact on nursing practice is limited. This paper explores the outcomes of an innovative approach aimed at ensuring responses to these driver...

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  • Incivility in the practice environment: a perspective from clinical nursing teachers.

    abstract::This paper advances a notion of incivility as a precursor to a continuum of antisocial acts culminating in bullying behaviour. Clinical teachers (CTs), working with undergraduate nursing students in a variety of clinical settings from a large urban centre, were studied. Using a mixed method design, CTs were asked to d...

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  • Interprofessional education in practice: Evaluation of a work integrated aged care program.

    abstract::Health professional clinical education is commonly conducted in single discipline modes, thus limiting student collaboration skills. Aged care residential facilities, due to the chronic and complex health care needs of residents, provide an ideal placement to provide a collaborative experience. Interprofessional educa...

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  • Rethinking the lecture: the application of problem based learning methods to atypical contexts.

    abstract::Problem based learning is a teaching and learning strategy that uses a problematic stimulus as a means of motivating and directing students to develop and acquire knowledge. Problem based learning is a strategy that is typically used with small groups attending a series of sessions. This article describes the principl...

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