Passion and ability: Mentoring in a Doctorate of Nursing Practice programme.


:This basic qualitative study sought to understand the experiences of Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) graduates with mentorship during their DNP project completion. Fourteen participants were recruited for telephonic, semi-structured interviews. Accessibility and availability of the mentor represents the dominant theme. Additional themes represented aspects of the mentor role related to the work involved in executing the project and the mentor's personal and professional attributes that promoted the professional socialisation of the graduates to the DNP role.


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  • Preparing and writing an undergraduate dissertation.

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  • Practice and effectiveness of "nursing case-based learning" course on nursing student's critical thinking ability: A comparative study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Case-based Learning was an effective and highly efficient teaching approach that was extensively applied in education systems across a variety of countries. Critical thinking ability is an important indicator for access the study ability for baccalaureate nursing education. OBJECTIVES:The study aimed to exp...

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  • International student nurses' experiences of clinical practice in the Finnish health care system.

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  • Back to the future: A practice led transition program from Assistant in Nursing to Enrolled Nurse.

    abstract::Continuing professional development is an essential element in professional nursing practice. In our Hospital and Health service, a gap in existing nursing pathways was identified for Assistants in Nursing (AINs), who wished to further their career in nursing and progress to Enrolled Nurse (EN). There is also little i...

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  • Interprofessional education in practice: Evaluation of a work integrated aged care program.

    abstract::Health professional clinical education is commonly conducted in single discipline modes, thus limiting student collaboration skills. Aged care residential facilities, due to the chronic and complex health care needs of residents, provide an ideal placement to provide a collaborative experience. Interprofessional educa...

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  • Academic success of undergraduate nursing students.

    abstract::Defining students' academic success can be challenging when perceptions about the qualities that define it differ. Little is known about these perceptions when it comes to nursing students and particularly when English is a second language (ESL). Larger numbers of international and ESL students are gaining entrance in...

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  • A survey of student nurses' and midwives' experiences of learning to use electronic health record systems in practice.

    abstract:AIM:The study aimed to investigate student nurses' and midwives' experiences of learning to use electronic health records (EHR) in practice. BACKGROUND:Good record keeping and documentation are integral to nursing and midwifery practice. As EHRs become more widespread, student nurses and midwives need opportunities to...

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  • Nurses' needs when collaborating with other healthcare professionals in palliative dementia care.

    abstract::Adequate interprofessional collaboration is essential to provide high quality palliative dementia care across different settings. Within interprofessional collaboration, nurses are the frontline healthcare professionals (HCPs), who interact closely with people with dementia, their loved ones, and other HCPs. A survey ...

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  • A collaborative approach to developing "learning synergy" in primary health care.

    abstract::Supporting and enhancing clinical learning for pre registration nursing students continues to be a challenge for nurse educators. The drive of recent and contemporary nurse education policy in the United Kingdom (UK) has re-emphasised the need for nurse educators to be instrumental in the support and development of cl...

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  • Designing quality course management systems that foster intra-professional education.

    abstract::This paper draws on the experiences of the author in designing and implementing quality course management policies and procedures for vocational and higher educational programs, both overseas and in Australia. In particular, the paper focuses on those programs of study that require practicums within the curriculum. Wh...

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  • Preparing student nurses to be healthy role models: A qualitative study.

    abstract::There are national and international expectations for nurses to be healthy role models. This study aimed to investigate student nurses', nurse educators' and registered nurses' experiences and perceptions about being healthy role models and to explore whether nurse education prepares students to become healthy role mo...

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  • Academic-related stress among graduate students in nursing in a Jamaican school of nursing.

    abstract::Graduate students perceive their education as highly stressful, have consistently rated their stress levels as above average and have consistently scored above average on stress scales. The consequences of stress include negative academic outcomes, reduction in cognitive ability, impaired coping and incompletion of gr...

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  • Practice learning teams: a partnership approach to supporting students' clinical learning.

    abstract::The importance of clinical learning for students has been acknowledged by both government and nursing regulatory bodies who have called for partnerships and collaborative structures to be developed to facilitate the provision of good quality structured support for all learners in practice placements [Department of Hea...

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  • The flip side of traditional nursing education: A literature review.

    abstract::The flipped classroom (FC) andragogy purports an improvement of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. This literature review explores fourteen research studies and discusses outcome measures reported on the effectiveness of using this teaching modality. Students described the learning activities du...

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    authors: Ward M,Knowlton MC,Laney CW

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  • The experiences of patients receiving care from nursing students at a Dedicated Education Unit: A phenomenological study.

    abstract::The purpose of this study is to describe how patients perceive being cared for by student nurses, in a clinical context in the form of a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU). The study has been performed with a Reflective Lifeworld Research (RLR) approach grounded in phenomenology. Lifeworld interviews were conducted with p...

    journal_title:Nurse education in practice

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    authors: Eskilsson C,Carlsson G,Ekebergh M,Hörberg U

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  • A partnership model for the teaching nursing home project in Taiwan.

    abstract::The purpose of this article is to describe the structure of a partnership model for a teaching nursing home program in Taiwan. Benner's model of "from novice to expert" was applied to the design of this program. Processes of developing this program began with nursing home administrators and faculty from a University i...

    journal_title:Nurse education in practice

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  • Student preferences and perceptions of learning from vSIM for Nursing™.

    abstract::This study explored BSN students' perceptions of learning with vSim for Nursing™. Using a mixed methods design with 99 students, key points of learning were medication administration and respiratory interventions. Qualitative data demonstrated learning of assessment, prioritization, and emergency management. The top s...

    journal_title:Nurse education in practice

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    authors: Foronda CL,Swoboda SM,Henry MN,Kamau E,Sullivan N,Hudson KW

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  • Reflecting on reflection: students' evaluation of their moving and handling education.

    abstract::This paper discusses the value of introducing the component of reflection into a nursing programme for the teaching and learning of moving and handling. Twenty-five students who had just completed a Common Foundation Programme, of a Diploma in Higher Education (Nursing) course, were asked to evaluate the usefulness of...

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  • Development of evidence based practice in academic service partnerships: Experiences of working life representatives from social and health care sectors.

    abstract::Learning about how to develop and lead the implementation of evidence based practice (EBP) in services is an important part of the education of developers and managers for the social and health care sectors. In order to develop this teaching and to support the development of EBP in services, a Teaching Development Eff...

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  • Vicarious learning: a review of the literature.

    abstract::Experiential learning theory stresses the primacy of personal experience and the literature suggests that direct clinical experience is required in order for learning to take place. However, raw or first hand experience may not be the only mechanisms by which students engage in experiential learning. There is a growin...

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    authors: Roberts D

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  • Interprofessional communication in healthcare: An integrative review.

    abstract::The link between miscommunication and poor patient outcomes has been well documented. To understand the current state of knowledge regarding interprofessional communication, an integrative review was performed. The review suggested that nurses and physicians are trained differently and they exhibit differences in comm...

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    authors: Foronda C,MacWilliams B,McArthur E

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  • 'Putting it together': unfolding case studies and high-fidelity simulation in the first-year of an undergraduate nursing curriculum.

    abstract::The use of simulation as a teaching strategy in undergraduate nursing education is gaining increasing credibility and popularity. This article describes a study undertaken to evaluate first-year undergraduate nursing students' level of satisfaction with a new model of teaching clinical skills using unfolding case stud...

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  • Supporting nurse mentor development: An exploration of developmental constellations in nursing mentorship practice.

    abstract::Supervised practice as a mentor is currently an integral component of nurse mentor education. However, workplace education literature tends to focus on dyadic mentor-student relationships rather than developmental relationships between colleagues. This paper explores the supportive relationships of nurses undertaking ...

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  • Regulation and current status of patient safety content in pre-registration nurse education in 27 countries: Findings from the Rationing - Missed nursing care (RANCARE) COST Action project.

    abstract::Patient safety, as a contemporary health care concern, must remain a priority for nurse educators. This on-line consultation, carried out within the RANCARE COST Action project, determined to establish how patient safety teaching is incorporated into pre-registration education of nurses across 27 countries. How nursin...

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