microRNA-589-5p modulates the expression of hemocyanin as part of the anti-WSSV immune response in Litopenaeus vannamei.


:The respiratory glycoprotein, hemocyanin (HMC) has multiple immune-related functions, including antiviral activity. In this study, in silico methods were used to predict seven miRNAs targeting Litopenaeus vannamei HMC (LvHMC), out of which miR-589-5p was selected for further investigation because of its role in immune response. Transcript levels of miR-589-5p were ubiquitously distributed in all shrimp tissues examined, and significantly induced in hemocytes and hepatopancreas upon challenge with white-spot syndrome virus (WSSV) as well as by marine bacterial pathogens, which suggest that miR-589-5p is involved in shrimp immune response to pathogens. Morever, using Drosophila S2 cells stably overexpressing EGFP-LvHMC, flow cytometry and dual luciferase reporter assays, miR-589-5p was shown to significantly inhibit the in vitro expression of LvHMC. In addition, in vivo knockdown of miR-589-5p using antagomir-589-5p resulted in significant down-regulation in LvHMC expression, while overexpression of miR-589-5p using agomir-589-5p decreased the level of LvHMC expression in shrimp hemocytes and hepatopancreas. Further, the increased expression of miR-589-5p resulted in high shrimp mortality following WSSV challenge, coupled with an increase in the number of WSSV copies in hemocytes and hepatopancreas. These results suggest that miR-589-5p is involved in shrimp immune response to WSSV by negatively regulating the expression of LvHMC.


Dev Comp Immunol


Bao S,Zheng Z,Aweya JJ,Yao D,Li S,Sun C,Hong Y,Zhang Y




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